2017 Family Interviews.

interview-bb-2017I totally blanked and forgot to do these interviews with my kids two weeks ago for New Years – but we’re trapped inside seemingly forever because of majorly icy road conditions and I thought I’d do them now. Better late than never right?

I asked the kids specifically to use their best hand writing so they wouldn’t be too difficult to read. You might think this is excellent handwriting for a 7 year old but for my 7 year old this is indicative that she doesn’t listen to me.

Answers of note:

  • The coolest thing she learned last year was to print her letters neatly… not that she did here.
  • She doesn’t really say anything in a typical way. “Valentines gives” means “giving Valentines to all of my friends.
  • Her list of best friends is apparently only a small sampling – she verbally listed off at least six more names so if you are a mom of one of BB’s friends and you are reading this, don’t worry, she totally named your kid, too – she just ran out of room.
  • Disney princesses basically run my daughter’s life so it’s not surprising that her two current faves, Moana and Elena of Avalor were her top picks for changing her name.
  • Clearly I’m the superior parent because she loves everything about me but only “how special her father’s kisses are.” He’s good for nothing else.
  • Her favorite game is the game she last remembers playing – a board game called Shopping $pree that I won for her at a White Elephant party. So major thanks to Cheryl who brought it.



Here’s big brother’s interview. I promise he doesn’t look nearly this evil in real life. I don’t know why he wanted to scar the internet with this terrifying self portrait.

Things of note:

  • This is actually really good handwriting for him. I thanked him profusely for putting in the effort to make it readable.
  • Where his sister will go into massive detail on every answer, MM only has time for the most basic responses. Typical boy.
  • He must really like the name James, it’s the same answer he gave last year.
  • I don’t think it’s fair that my husband gets to be the video games parent and I’m only good for my cooking.
  • I think Blue Dog Lego Running Pants would be a fun, irreverent band name.
  • Can you tell our family is really into Moana? Seriously, the whole family was hooked. Like ‘Bought the Soundtrack‘ hooked. If you haven’t seen it yet, make that a priority.
  • I find it interesting that his favorite restaurant doesn’t serve tacos or pizza.
  • Final note: I was surprised by how different their career ideas were this year compared to last. If I end up with a teacher and engineer for kids, I think I can count myself lucky but who knows maybe next year it will be ice cream taster and career vagabond.


Here’s a link to last year’s interviews along with a free printable in case you want to use the same template to interview your kids!