What would your vision board look like?

I was reading this post at the Picmonkey Blog about how to make a digital vision board and immediately became intrigued and set to work making my own:


Have you made a vision board before? What things are on it? Mine is filled with pictures and phrases that visualize a life of travel, yoga, writing more and maybe a new Subaru?

My mantra for 2017 is about saying no more often so that I can say yes to the things I love – or to put it more simply “less is more” – these are some of the “more” things that I’d love to embrace along with more game nights with friends, movie marathons with the kids and date nights with my hubby.

Those three things are easily tangible and clearly within my grasp – but the things on my vision board are goals that feel a little harder, that will require a little more planning, motivation, mindfulness and lottery winnings. Hence, vision board material.

What things would be on your vision board?