2016 New Years Interviews (Free Printable)

I’m feeling slackerly late in sharing this year’s Family Interviews, which the kids filled out New Years Eve weekend and I then proceeded to take eleventy million pictures of said interviews to share them but was all meh about the quality and I really wanted to scan them but I wanted a new scanner because #firstworldproblems and I somehow got it in my mind that I absolutely had to have the new scanner before sharing these because god forbid I scan them with my old scanner that I don’t like but is technically functional. But then I GOT the new scanner and did so many happy dances because it’s all the things. So now I’m sharing the interviews. Short story long.


DSC_7327BB’s handwriting is getting good enough that I didn’t mind letting her do this herself. Also it’s adorable to read the words they spell incorrectly and swoon over the ones that they totally nail. She says she liked learning to stay in the lines last year and she’s looking forward to playing Little Big Planet more this year. She likes that her parents love her and thinks we should visit grammy for vacation this year. Her favorite gift for Christmas was “all of them” which she says she explained clearly in her interview. When she grows up she wants to be a rock star. Because of course she does.


DSC_7299MM wrote his interview mostly in cursive in handwriting so tiny that it made me question whether it might be time for me to get bifocals (let’s not think about that right now). Basically we can gleam from this interview that he’s super tight best buds with Caleb, he’s really into the Old Testament, he likes the idea of changing his name to James, he also likes Little Big Planet, he wants to go to England for vacation because apparently we are independently wealthy (awesome), he wants to be a robot creator when he grows up and is good at creating his own fun fonts. He likes wolves and has no opinion on clothing.

Like my interview template? You can totes steal it here:newyearsinterview

Here are last year’s interviews if you are feeling nostalgic.

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    Love this! What a wonderful idea! Might have to do one of my own. =)


  2. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    I love these. We do something similar each year for Christopher’s birthday.