Family Interviews 2014

Way back in 2009, in my hay days of blogging as they say, I stumbled upon the idea of interviewing the kids once a year about some of their favorite things – the idea being that over the years you can marvel at how they’ve grown. Last year I also got the idea to have them draw a little picture or self portrait in the blank space to the right of the interview.

Here is this year’s interview with BB, age four


Most of this was no big surprise – she is obsessed with all things Sofia and Frozen and still absolutely adores her Rapunzel doll who is a wild mass of crazy hair with a cute toddler sized doll underneath.

I loved her response for favorite animal – giraffes because they are nice and smooth. And rather than say her favorite color, she wanted to tell me what her best color is. I’m not certain of the distinction there, but she was very insistent. She was pretty insistent about all of her answers and usually repeated them multiple times while I wrote down her responses, like “juice, mommy, my favorite drink is JUICE, OKAY????”

I don’t think she actually knows where New York is, she didn’t seem to understand the concept of “vacation” and I ended up naming lots of places and that was the one she latched onto. I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to New York though, so, you know…


And here is MM’s 2014 interview, age seven20140102_082633

One of MM’s favorite gifts this year from Christmas was a Doctor Who mini figure set that included all eleven doctors. He has only seen about eight of the eleven doctors in action but was very excited about getting to play with ALL of them.

One of his new favorite shows is Marvels Avengers Assembles, not to be confused with Agents of SHIELD. Dan didn’t realize that both shows exsisted and nearly put on SHIELD for MM a couple months ago before I stopped him and said NO not that one!! I don’t think he would have been traumatized, but it definitely isn’t a children’s cartoon.

I’m really not surprised that both kids said Christmas was their favorite holiday – especially when we’re just a couple weeks past a wildly successful and exciting Christmas. Really, how many kids do you think would give a different answer? Although, looking back both kids named different holidays last year.

I was a little surprised that both kids said Frozen was their favorite movie, but to be fair it was probably a favorite for the whole family. MM adored Olaf the Snowman and of course BB was enamored with the Queen and Princess sisters.

MM also discovered flattery this year! I think this was the first year that he gave an answer to the “what do you love about mommy / daddy?” questions that didn’t revolve around what we do for him. Imagine that!


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  1. mjaj74 Avatar

    This is a fabulous tradition. I love that your seven year old loves Dr. Who!