What do your clothes say about you?

I was folding my daughter’s laundry last night and chuckling to myself over the absolute cuteness and chaos of the various patterns of leggings she has amassed lately.

Being a terribly fashionable seven year old diva, she has a lot of opinions about her wardrobe these days and other than financing her endeavors, I don’t have an awful lot of involvement over her outfit selections these days. She’s a spunky risk taker with a love for vibrant colors and sparkly patterns.

16114083_10101111748668966_3215905868438196703_nIn some ways I feel like this description doesn’t just describe her fashion sense, it describes her whole personality. Everything about my daughter is sparkly and colorful. She’s a vibrant person from her headband to her tippy toes. She laughs hard, dances always and can’t even brush her teeth without singing. She makes her own rules and lives by her own ideals – for better or worse some days!

I snapped a picture of her leggings and posted it on Instagram and Facebook, and then kept folding but I also kept thing…. If her wardrobe could be considered an extension of her personality – is the same true for the rest of the family? Does my husband have a plaid / khaki personality? Is my ten year old essentially a pile of t-shirts and running pants on the bedroom floor? What does my wardrobe say about me?


Curiosity piqued, I went upstairs and took a picture of the blouses in my closet. If legging are the defining statement of my daughter’s wardrobe, my tops are definitely mine. And while the colors are more muted (I’m going through a black and gray season and I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or more permanent – time will tell), I’m also really proud of this little wardrobe of mine. I’ve been working hard to curate a closet of clothes I love, even going so far as to find hangers that I love so they can have the luxe treatment while they wait for their day in rotation.

It’s true, I love a black t-shirt and the colors that sneak into my wardrobe are somewhat rare these days but I also see a closet full of shirts that are buttery soft and well fitting. They are carefully selected team players that don’t shout for attention but spend their day taking care of the not unimportant task of making me feel comfortable and well cared for while I take care of the people around me.

What do you think your wardrobe says about you?

2 responses to “What do your clothes say about you?”

  1. Kate Unger Avatar
    Kate Unger

    Interesting! I think my wardrobe would say that I am practical and prefer function over fashion. 🙂 And perhaps that I am cheap because all of my clothes are pretty old. Ha!

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    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Nothing wrong with that!