Movie Madness: Twilight (the Cliff Note’s version?)

Has anyone seen the Veggie Tales dvd, Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry? In the beginning of the movie Larry goes to his book club where they are talking about Huckleberry Finn. It is discovered that the whole group has been reading the “Norm’s Notes” version of the books for their club and to be honestContinue reading “Movie Madness: Twilight (the Cliff Note’s version?)”

Romance Reading Challenge 2009

I’ve decided to take the Romance Reading Challenge @ The Bookworm in 2009 – I’ve been seeing a lot of fun challenged in the blogosphere and would love to join all of them, but I don’t like committing to things and then abandoning them, at least, not constnantly. But this one looks fun and easyContinue reading “Romance Reading Challenge 2009”

Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer

Patrice over @ Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just awarded me with not one but TWO awesome bloggy awards – she must ❤ me like well a person who really ❤ ‘s another person, huh? Thanks Patrice, I ❤ you, too. So, who wants to check out my newest bling? Seeing as thereContinue reading “Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer”

Children's Classics: Caldecott Winners: Where The Wild Things Are

This month’s Children’s Classics carnival theme is Caldecott Medal Winners, which are awarded primarily based on the art within the book. I actually never knew that and I think it’s a really cool distinction, as opposed to most literary awards. Are there any children’s books you favor for their pictures especially? I took a glanceContinue reading “Children's Classics: Caldecott Winners: Where The Wild Things Are”

Novel Update & Words Of Encouragement From The Professionals

My word count right now is 10,021 and I’m feeling a mixture between proud, because I’m not sure I’ve ever done this well with a NaNoWriMo as far as consistency, and concern that my novel is complete utter crud. I mean I like bits and pieces, but as a whole, it’s probably terrible. But IContinue reading “Novel Update & Words Of Encouragement From The Professionals”

Has Anybody Seen My Willpower?

Conversation with husband last night (who was using his laptop the whole time): Me: I decided I’m finally going to read Mayflower. I’ve had it for years now and have never read it. DH: Uh huh. Me: Why go to the library for new books when I have books here that I’ve never read? DH:Continue reading “Has Anybody Seen My Willpower?”

Lessons From ‘The Well of Lost Plots’ by Jasper Fforde

It took me a full month to finish reading The Well of Lost Plots, book three in a Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. Usually I fly through books, so the fact that this one took me so long might mean it wasn’t very good. Might. I assure you, this wasn’t the case. The truthContinue reading “Lessons From ‘The Well of Lost Plots’ by Jasper Fforde”

What’s On Your Nightstand: October

Last month I said that I planned to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Well Of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde, In The Hand Of The Goddess by Tamora Pierce and Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. When I wrote last month’s What’s On Your Nightstand almost none of the books were actually in my possession.Continue reading “What’s On Your Nightstand: October”