Book Review: Second Wind by Cami Ostman

If you’re looking for an inspiring memoir filled with world travel, self discovery and even a little romance – Second Wind by Cami Ostman definitely delivers! As you can probably tell from the cover image, it’s a story about a woman who decides to run a marathon on all seven continents – no easy feat!Continue reading “Book Review: Second Wind by Cami Ostman”

I am not a perfect person, but I'm working on it.

After about an hour in the grocery store this morning, I made my way over to the check out aisle. I was feeling pretty good about my purchases, knowing I’d made a few indulgences but overall had kept myself in check and stuck to the priorities – and gotten some pretty healthy, nutritious things for myContinue reading “I am not a perfect person, but I'm working on it.”

Aloha Friday: I Think I'll Go For a Walk Outside Now…

This week we’ve started a habit of walking every night after dinner as a family. If the weather is good, we’re doing a mile and a half, bad weather, just a half mile. This used to be normal, we used to walk farther, but the weather grew colder, we grew lazier and we fell outContinue reading “Aloha Friday: I Think I'll Go For a Walk Outside Now…”

Asking Myself Important Questions

One of my regular meme suppliers, Jen @ Stuff Jen Says, just posted her answers to 7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before The Year Ends which she found at Dumb Little Man Tips For Life. Since there are never enough memes in my life and this one seemed all poignant and relevant and lessContinue reading “Asking Myself Important Questions”

learning to ride a bike (again)

Dan has been adamant about me learning to ride a bike again, especially after we picked up a bike trailer on the cheap not long ago. Now that Dan and the kids could go on joy rides together, it only made sense that I find a way to join them. But I wasn’t about toContinue reading “learning to ride a bike (again)”

Book Review: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Michelle May

Grade: B+ I have a love / hate relationship with health and diet books which tends to lean more towards the hate side. I am of the opinion that most “fad” diets are just that, a fad, and probably unhealthy in the long run. I think that’s an idea which is gaining popularity, thank goodness,Continue reading “Book Review: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Michelle May”

End The Late Night Binges: A New Trick To Help You Put Back The Chips

Last night my husband and I came up with a pretty genius diet motivation idea. Say it’s 8-9pm, the kids are asleep and you are getting ready to settle down and watch tv with your spouse, partner or cocker spaniel. You’ve been pretty well behaved all day, watching your portions and not snacking too much.Continue reading “End The Late Night Binges: A New Trick To Help You Put Back The Chips”

Slimming Down to Valentines Day

I’ve been kind of blatantly ignoring my diet for awhile now. Other than working out a few times a week and trying not to go completely crazy on foodie indulgences… I’m kind of just covering my ears and praying. The good news is, thanks to nursing and the small amount of effort I put in,Continue reading “Slimming Down to Valentines Day”