Spring Break in Florida in Photographs.

It’s Thursday so I must be linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This week’s prompts are: 1. Write a blog post that ends with the line: maybe next time. 2. Book review! 3. Create a recipe that incorporates hard boiled eggs. 4. Tell us about the last time you saw a movie. 5. ShareContinue reading “Spring Break in Florida in Photographs.”

VACATION PLANNING? I have binders full of vacations.

Nothing to see here: just a girl and her midliners making a vacation binder full of budget estimates, itineraries and park maps. Raise your hand if you are a binder kind of girl? Page dividers? Multicolored midliners for further clarification? Spreadsheets??? Oh baby, right? On a related note: Who here has been to Universal StudiosContinue reading “VACATION PLANNING? I have binders full of vacations.”

The Las Vegas Vaycay: Best and Worst

Friends, we drove from Wisconsin to Massachusetts, visited family for two days, flew to Las Vegas without the kids (who were left safely in the care of Grammy & Papa) where we stayed for four days, flew back to Massachusetts and then two days later we drove back to Wisconsin again. This trip was amazingContinue reading “The Las Vegas Vaycay: Best and Worst”

5 Nights in the Woods: The Highs and Lows.

We just got back from the longest camping trip our family has ever taken so obviously I have a lot of things I want to tell you and a lot of pictures to share but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with all the things so I’ll attempt brevity here. You might be askingContinue reading “5 Nights in the Woods: The Highs and Lows.”

Look at me, way up high, suddenly here am I…

I’m flying! Something about looking out over the world from high above feels so freeing. I could not stop clicking that camera button over the course of the four flights we took this weekend. So many beautiful views worth savoring.  Each picture gives me that sensation of weightlessness and renewal. Too good not to share. IContinue reading “Look at me, way up high, suddenly here am I…”

Summer Vacation 2015: Cheers & Jeers

We drove from Wisconsin to Hershey Park in one day – by the skin of our teeth, arriving at the hotel at 11:45pm. Then we drove from Pennyslvania to Massachusetts, visited as many family members and friends as we could before driving back to Wisconsin again four days later. Like any road trip vacation, there wereContinue reading “Summer Vacation 2015: Cheers & Jeers”

Spring Break: Geeking out at the Wisconsin Dells

We went on vacation this week. Our kids have spring break a few weeks before the rest of the town. A fringe benefit to private education is having Spring Break all to ourselves I guess. That and the stellar education and lack of common core. Whatev. We stayed at the Mount Olympus Hotel Rome. I’mContinue reading “Spring Break: Geeking out at the Wisconsin Dells”

Road Trip Tips: 8 tips to reduce vacation stress and have a blast!

This summer our family took a three week road trip up and down the East Coast and camped at half the stops along the way. This vacation was hugely daunting to me and I’ll admit, I was terrified that it was going to be a disaster – but we had a great time and survivedContinue reading “Road Trip Tips: 8 tips to reduce vacation stress and have a blast!”