Road Trip Diary: The St Louis Galleria in Missouri

When we last left off on my recap of our Epic Family Road Trip, we were visiting Metropolis Illinois, home of Super Man. That morning we had visited the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Some would consider that a pretty full day of travel but we had one more stop to make that nightContinue reading “Road Trip Diary: The St Louis Galleria in Missouri”

Visiting Metropolis: Home of Superman

I owe a major thank you to the friend who said, “Oh if you are driving through Southern Illinois, make sure you stop in Metropolis.” You mean like Superman, Metropolis? Like that’s a real place? She assured me it was quite real and gave me the skinny that I’m going to give you now. MetropolisContinue reading “Visiting Metropolis: Home of Superman”

Road Trip Diary: Lost River Cave, Bowling Green KY

Did you think I was done recapping our summer road trip? Believe it or not, there are still more stories to tell! We got busy last month with the start of a new school year and that whole me getting a job thing, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you guys aboutContinue reading “Road Trip Diary: Lost River Cave, Bowling Green KY”

D.C. in 4 Hours: Walking the National Mall

We only had about four hours to spend exploring Washington D.C. and we were traveling by foot the entire time. According to my pedometer, we put in over 10,000 steps in D.C. mostly just walking the National Mall. We fully intend to come back to D.C. and stay for a weekend at least so thatContinue reading “D.C. in 4 Hours: Walking the National Mall”

tbt: 3 Things you have to do in Amish Country, Pennsylvania

While we were in Pennsylvania indulging in all things chocolate and roller coasters, we had to stop by Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster AKA Amish Country. Dan’s parents have been doing this Hershey Trip for years and Amish Country is always a required stop. While you are there, there are three very important things you haveContinue reading “tbt: 3 Things you have to do in Amish Country, Pennsylvania”

Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA

After driving through Ohio and New York and spending a week in Massachusetts, most people would consider that an awesome family vacation. We would call that JUST THE BEGINNING. Having seen most of our friends and family and eaten at all of the places that make it feel like home, we packed up and left forContinue reading “Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA”

Road Trip Diary: A Week in Massachusetts

As we embarked on our third day on the road and got closer and closer to Massachusetts, we were struck by how the landscape gradually started to remind us of home. A lot of that day’s driving involved comparing the differences between Massachusetts and Wisconsin – not just the personality differences between the people orContinue reading “Road Trip Diary: A Week in Massachusetts”