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My Top 6 Picks for the Next Doctor Who


News is spreading throughout the Geek Kingdom of Whoville that Peter Capaldi has announced that he’ll only do one more season of Doctor Who. This shouldn’t surprise us as three seems to be the magic number for most actors who pick up the helm of the TARDIS. The Internet is, of course, doing what the Internet does best – churning out lots of speculations about who will steer the TARDIS next.

In years past, this has been a difficult prospect for me – it’s hard to accept an entirely new personality in the same role you’ve been knowing and loving for years. But I’m starting to get the hang of it and I have a few suggestions of my own. I tried to narrow this down to three people but failed miserably so you’ll have to settle for this list of 6 people that I think are worthy of the blue box.

Richard Ayoade


Ayoade seems to actually be in the running already and this mystified me for a hot second but honestly I am loving the whole idea the more that I think of it. I absolutely loved him on The IT Crowd and I think his quirky, Dork Chic kind of throwback classic vibe would be perfect for The Doctor. We seem to oscillate towards brooding and comedic on Doctor Who and I think the show could use a comedic breath of fresh air. He’d be great at this.

Eddie Redmayne


There is no doubt that Redmayne would have the acting chops to handle one of the most beloved roles of all time. He’s funny and charming and British, obviously. He has that lanky nearly awkward thing going which I find important in my Doctor and he’s not bad to look at. I think the biggest problem with Redmayne is that he’s possibly too Big Hollywood right now and perhaps far too busy.

Craig Ferguson


Is it cheating if we had his bandmate as The Doctor already? Is that too keeping it in the family? I don’t care because Scottish Doctors are my favorite variety and I need more Craig Ferguson in my life anyway. If he wants to come take over my favorite tv show, I won’t hate him for it. If you want your Doctor to be sarcastic and irreverent and just a little bit creepy, Craig is your guy. And maybe he could sneak Geoff into the TARDIS while he’s there?

Stephen Merchant


I know he’s technically more of a writer than an actor but I love him and I think he’d be pretty fantastic. If he doesn’t want to be the lead, maybe we could just get him to do a long guest spot on the show? Merchant was co-writer for The Office in the UK and the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2.

Richard Hammond


Okay, I know. Weird choice. He’s also not really an actor – but Richard Hammond is my very favorite thing about Top Gear The Grand Tour and I’ve always thought he’d make an excellent Doctor. He is super funny and has a penchant for getting into trouble, likes fast cars and if he can put up with Jeremy Clarkson, I think he can handle some Daleks and The Master.

Kelly Macdonald


Lastly, obviously, I have to mention a female actor worthy of the TARDIS. Because it’s time, of course. I’m not sure that the show is ready for a female Doctor, but if they are then Macdonald has my vote. She’s been a gutsy princess in Brave, a witty writer dreaming of travel in The Decoy Bride (alongside David Tennant) not to mention Trainspotting, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Nanny McPhee and Boardwalk Empire. She’s funny, clever, has mad acting chops and most importantly – she’s Scottish.

Your turn! Who would you like to see as the next Doctor Who?

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What’s Saving My Life Right Now.


This is a rough time of year for a lot of people. It’s cold and gray and we get weirdly amped up and excited when the sun deigns to honor us with its presence even for a minute. I’m tip toeing through parking lots trying not to fall on ice and plans are  getting cancelled left and right due to winter weather blah. I’m sure you can relate.

Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy has made it a tradition to share a list of things saving her life right now on February 2, the halfway point of winter when we are all very much in thick of it and totally over it. Positive thinking can be a miraculous thing.

Here’s my list of life saving little things worth being thankful for:

Crock Pot Oatmeal. I don’t know why having it premade makes it so much easier than, say, microwave oatmeal. Technically I have to microwave both after the second day. But my brain is convinced it’s easier so I am much more likely to go through the effort of making myself breakfast when there are half a dozen little containers pre-measured and ready to go. I use our smaller crock pot or there would likely be at least a dozen servings.

Also crock pot liners. Because cleaning crusted on oatmeal out of a crock pot is one of the most soul sucking chores known to man. Also a big fan of precut parchment paper by the way. Hurray for not needing to cut in a straight line.

Chopped Salads. I thought I didn’t like salad, but I really just don’t like munching on giant leaves. Chopped salads are my life line – and all the grocery stores have them! I’m sure there are terribly clever moms out there making their salads from scratch but I’m not there yet. It’s a season of convenience for me right now. #knowthyself

Hello Fresh meal deliveries. Speaking of a season of convenience. I’ve been in the world’s most mundane recipe rut so I’m trying out this service for a bit to get some new, healthy, fresh food focused recipes into our repertoire and bellies. The recipes so far have been super yummy and I kind of love having all the guess work and decision making taken out of the equation for a couple meals a week. Follow this link for $40 off your first box.

Heated mattress pad. Because winters in Wisconsin are no joke. See also space heater under my desk and heated seats in my car. Also:

Thermal under layers. Cuddle Duds are like the super hero of my wardrobe these days – they keep me much warmer but have very little bulk.

TIVO. I told you guys about how we cut our cable bill in half recently. Still loving our TIVO and Hulu subscription and I love how TIVO keeps everything organized.

Friends so great they might as well be family. We’re at a good place right now – we have a handful of amazing friends that make Wisconsin feel more and more like home every day. And when our friends are married to people that our spouse also likes – and maybe our kids all get along, too? Bliss.

What about you? What’s saving your life right now?



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Outside My Window: The snow has been falling all night and all day – resulting in our first actual snow day of the year. Last week we had a “the roads are, like, icy” day which isn’t really as fun.

I’m Hearing: My daughter watching The Jetsons Movie (streaming on Netflix) while the dog barks at all the people out snow blowing their driveways. My ten year old boy child is next door frolicking in the white fluffy with his BFF.

28818314I’m Reading: Roseblood by A.G. Howard which came in my last Owl Crate. The timing for this one is kind of incredible because it’s kind of a modern day spin on The Phantom of the Opera, which the hubster and I are going to see next weekend. I decided the timing was too good to put off reading it and luckily it’s supremely compelling so far. YA / Fantasy readers should dig right into this one nicely.

I’m Watching: The Mary Tyler Moore Show for the first time in my life, speaking of timely. I can’t believe it took me this long to watch it consider I was already a Dick Van Dyke Show fan. And I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around her passing. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s incredibly funny and just good tv. Also you can totally watch all the episodes on Hulu. Streaming television for the win! I’m also finally catching up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I have so many feels about this season.

I’m Thinking About: After school programs and summer camps and future vacations when the weather starts playing nice again. BB just finished up her ballet semester and we’re planning to put her in gymnastics in the spring. Despite being totally full plate life, I’m also looking into robotics clubs for MM, probably just a summer camp for now because life.

This summer I’m hoping to jam every last outing I can into our annual summer trip and super excited to visit new nephews and catch up with all the peeps that have the nerve to live so far away from me. I’m also debating whether to book a campground yet for our annual summer camping trip – something about snow days makes the wander lust me in kick into overdrive.

I’m Cooking: taco salad tonight thanks to my amazing hubby who is stopping at the grocery store. Tomorrow I’ll be trying one of the meals from the Hello Fresh meal delivery service that I started trying. First up will be a tortellini with kale and parmesan dish, then this weekend we’re trying Shawarma Meatballs with Bulgur and Sumac Veggies. I don’t know what that means yet but I’m excited to find out.

I’m Looking Forward To: Our last Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby this weekend. It’s the end of an era and that’s really hard to believe. Next month he’ll be crossing over the Boy Scouts. I’m also looking forward to the previously mentioned date night coming up.

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What’s in my purse?


Carrie Willard wrote a post last week about the things in her purse and I kept meaning to snap a picture and join in the fun and then life got busy and I forgot, until today! Better late than never, right?

Here are the things I found in my purse minus a not terribly exciting receipt or two.

  1. MONEY STUFF Obviously, my wallet and checkbook. I love my checkbook case which I found on etsy a million moons ago – it’s the blue rectangle with a mustache on it.
  2. DRUG STORE The bag next to them with the glasses on the cover is actually where I store my Lactaid and allergy pills. Other medicinal objects found included Advil, tums, kids’ Dramamine for my drama queen, cherry chap stick (oh la la) and hand lotion. All the necessities for motherhood these days.
  3. SUNNIES Obviously I never go anywhere without my sunnies. The case I keep them in isn’t in the photograph, but they are prescription sunglasses, so they live in a hard case in my purse.
  4. SELF DEFENSE There is a small flashlight attached to the strap of my purse that my husband bought me to ward off predators because he doesn’t trust me with pepper spray. His theory is that the insanely bright flashlight will startle an attacker and draw attention to myself. I showed a friend how bright it was when I was telling them about it and they shrieked, so…
  5. PENS I found three pens (all Pilot G2s, my fave) and a highlighter so I am prepared for note taking situations in multiple colors.
  6. BOOK LIGHT In addition to my sunglasses, I also keep my book light in the hard plastic case so that I can read in the dark if necessary. I suppose the flashlight would also do the trick but the book light can be clipped to my book and won’t wake the dead.
  7. BOOK (OBVY) My aunt gave me a book of poems by Emily Dickinson in the photo above and I stuck it in my purse so I can read it during school pick up, etc. It’s really cool – all the poem were found on envelopes and scraps of paper, hence the title.
  8. MULTI TOOL I literally do not remember putting that Leatherman in my purse but it was a good idea – my husband always has one with him and I have moments of jealousy about all the things he can open, cut and fix while on the go. Apparently I can do those things, too, and I just didn’t remember.
  9. RIBBON I bought that spool of red ribbon for my women’s group so that I can tie a red ribbon on my bag to help new members find me at public events. It was a little bit of a failed experiment for me as the ribbon kept coming loose and eventually I took it off and always forget to put a new one on for events. I’m trying buttons now instead.
  10. What’s missing? I was surprised that there were no journals in my purse at all when I took this picture. I’ve since remedied this problem.

What’s in your purse?

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What Would The First Lady Say? 10 Quotes for Moving Forward.


Is anyone else just exhausted with the world right now? I’m not going to get political because ugh my heart is just not hearing it right now and I think that you can already find those kinds of words on literally every corner of the internet right now.

But if you are running low on motivation and momentum and just need to hear something to pick you back up again so you can log onto Facebook without hurting somebody, keep scrolling. I’ve often found that many of the first ladies of our country’s history are the real rock stars in the White House.

I’ve found myself turning to them a lot these past few months – they are a wellspring of motivation and as I dug into the internet this morning I found loads of amazing quotes from First Ladies over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

Michelle Obama

To get yourself off the floor and moving forward.


Eleanor Roosevelt

For when you are feeling down on yourself or feeling the need to defend your opinions.


Martha Washington

For when you can’t seem to find that happy anywhere!


Abigail Adams

When you find yourself in discussion with people you don’t agree with.


Laura Bush

Because we are more united than the Media wants us to believe.


Rosalynn Carter

For when you want to know what you can do to make a difference.