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Once a book worm, always a book worm? Or even better – once a book worm, grows up to be a bad ass book dragon. Here’s what I’m reading right now and what I’ve read so far this year. More or less.

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What I’ve Read Lately: March 21, 2022

Remember a million years ago when I blogged regularly and you guys could expect to see what I was up to on a regular basis? I freely admit, this blog has been seeing less and less action for awhile now, especially since I started teaching my seventh grader full time – but I still love…

Top 5 of 2021

Continuing my tradition of sporadically remembering that I have a blog and showing up four times a year with random bits of updates… The year is almost over! I’m pretty sure the past year has been roughly 678 days at least and that the coming year is both welcomed and terrifying. Before we ring our…

Reflecting on a year of pandemic homeschooling

We’re a month into summer vacation and I’m starting to getting nostalgic for the year behind us and excited for the year ahead. What better time to share some of our highlights from the past year. What started out as a last minute fix to the problem of “I don’t want my sixth grade to…

READ: Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade Published Oct 2020 416 pages Read this if you love: fanfic, steamy open door romances, cosplay, chick lit with heavier undertones I have mixed opinions on this book so bear with me while I try to explain myself. I found the overall plot of the story super intriguing. It’s got…


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