Let's Get Real For a Moment, Shall We?

I wanna be real here for just a minute and actually talk about my day – no meme, no contests, no shameless self promotion – just some good old fashioned cathartic blogging about the fact that I feel like a harpie madwoman – like I can literally hear ghetto fabulous men in the back of my mind yelling, “Who let the [crazy angry woman with some reference to a female dog]’s out!!” And while part of me is thinking, “Stop being fresh, young man,” most of me is thinking, “Seriously, somebody sedate me before I inhale a sheet cake and start throwing knives.”

(gentlemen, you can feel free to avert your eyes here on out)

Okay, yes, that special visitor is here – can that make up for my inexcusable behavior of today? The boys are, admittedly a little psychotic today, but I’m sure I’m not helping their moods with constant yells of “Get off of that!” “Sit right!” “Eat your  sandwich or GO TO BED!” e. t. c. Like I am hearing myself in my mind and thinking, “chillax woman,” but. I. can’t. I can’t relax – I’m tired and grumpy and I’m nauseous – to the point where I ate one half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and couldn’t finish it I was so disgusted, but then yelled at the boys for not finishing their own sandwiches (but seriously, what’s their excuse? Did their aunt flo come today, too? I’m guessing NO!).

So to add to those shenanigans, I was not exactly feeling calm and rational all day while discovering nifty little things like:

  • my husband’s car, which is worth in my mind, about $500, needs $800 in repairs in order to pass inspection. Seriously? I am holding onto the edge of my seat right now thinking, “If I lose the White Mountains to this, someone’s going down…”
  • Good news! We miscalculated a few checks about to clear and one of our accounts was over drawn. What really angers me here is we had plenty of money in the bank, just not in the appropriate account. Seriously? WHY IS MONEY THIS COMPLICATED?? DO YOU THINK I DON’T WANT TO PAY MY BILLS? SERIOUSLY? JUST TRANSFER THE F’ING MONEY AND LEAVE ME ALONE…

Ahem, I mean. Yeah, I got a little testy with that one, and let dh deal with it rather than trying to risk doing math in my delicate condition. The thing that kills me is that we make plenty of money and history has proven we’ve always had enough money to pay our bills without breaking the bank – so why do I have a money related aneurysm at least once a month? I’m thinking Flo is to blame, because seriously – we have no debt people – our credit cards are always paid in full, we live within our means, and I’m married to a freaking engineer!! We’re good! So why the monthly cardiac arrest??

In short, I’m grumpy and the boys are napping early so I can grumble to myself in peace. With all that off my chest, we can go back to our regularly scheduled program of witty pondering of the daily lives of clever mothers like you and me, and anyone else who reads this. The ranting stops now (for today), because I’m getting sick of myself. Expect any other posts written today to be much, much cheerier in nature.

Wikipedia + Meme = Family Fun Birthday Extravaganza

My husband so enjoyed my Wikipedia Meme about the day I was born that he looked up his own info and boy were there some neat things that happened on his birthday (November 21)! I was so impressed, I decided to repost the whole meme using all three of our family birthdays, so we can always have these great little tidbits at our disposal – might make for some interesting home made birthday cards! (i.e. “Happy Birthday Husband – and also, Happy World Television Day!”)

So let’s see what great things happened on each of our respective days of birth, shall we? This time I’m not going to limit by number, simply show the most interesting things from each date:

dh (November 21)

Famous Events

Famous Births

Holidays & Observances

MLM (April 7)

Famous Events

Famous Births

Holidays and Observances

ME (December 24)

Famous Events

Famous Births

Holidays and Observances


I’d like you all to meet the newest member of our family, TomTom:

TomTom 01

…to the newest member of our family. Meet TomTom – who coincidentally seems to be a female (around the age of 30-35 I’d venture to guess) – I guess naming girls after boys is becoming trendy (i.e. Joey, Sam, Peter, Paul and … ) Where was I?

Oh yes – TomTom – comes to us all the way from Springfield, Ma – after a long and treacherous journey with the US Post Office, he(she) has finally arrived and assures us that he(she) will surely be a fine addition to our family as he(she) features such marvelous attributes as:

– being able to speak over a dozen languages, and write even more – he(she) will be very helpful for those long trips to Belize or Papua New Guinea. Or Taco Bell.

– at 4.7″ x 3.2″ x .09″ and 6.6 ounces, he(she) is highly portable, making them the most fit, space efficient member in the family – our son finally has competition in this area!

– with dozens of points of interest at his(her) finger tips, TomTom clearly gets around and is armed and ready with the information needed to broaden our horizons for years to come.

– a “Help! me” menu allows him(her) to quickly find help from local hospitals to roadside assistance, TomTom is dedicated to keeping their family safe at all times.

These features and more go above and beyond proving how helpful he(she) will be as a member of our family as he(she) navigates us to our coming hopes, dreams, and the White Mountains this September. To quote Ty Pennington, “Welcome home, TomTom. Welcome home.”

7 Things About: My Little Monkey

Kindly borrowed from Scamp’s Place:

1. Link your tagger and list the rules on the blog.
2. Share 7 facts about your kiddos on your blog…random, weird, funny…whatever you want!
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post
4. Don’t forget to let the tagged people know!

7 things about my My Little Monkey:

1. Whenever he “learns” a new sound he tries to fit it in anywhere possible. Example: When he discovered the “ch” sound not only did he finally implement it into the word “cheerios” he also began a game that involved picking up a toy, saying, “no-CHHHH” then picking up another, again saying, “no-CHHHH” and on and on and on… I thought he was making a mental checklist at first, until the “CH” sound began cropping up everywhere. Right now he’s learned to blow raspberries, which makes for humorous conversation to be sure.

2. At the sandbox on Sunday I taught MLM about burying things in sand, and then “finding” them again – he was amazed and went on to do it for awhile – one time he not only found the toy he’d buried, but another toy as well and it was kind of like Christmas – so I’m currently envisioning a career in archaelogy – which I explained to him was basically getting paid to play in a huge sandbox all day. He was impressed.

3. Since he was a wee little babe, he has always sucked on his first two fingers, rather than a thumb like most kids – at two years old, the habit has stuck. My father claims he’ll be a scotch drinker (I’m pretty sure he’s just kidding) – I think it’s just cute. When he needs to “comfort” himself, in go the fingers, usually with a blanket or stuffed animal crammed precariously in between for good measure. It’s pretty hilarious to watch him maneuvering the whole thing.

4. He is obsessed with fuzz – He can find bits of it anywhere – from a blanket, our carpet, stuffed animals – if he’s really strapped for good fuzz, I’ve actually caught him examining the older of our stuffed animals for one with loose seams or an unnoticed hole, and removing bits of stuffing for extra soft  fuzz – he then carried the fuzz around with him everywhere, as a makeshift blanket that is ultra portable.

5. I’m pretty sure he learned to talk watching Curious George, because while some of his word skills are pretty good, he often cops out with grunting equivalents thereof – I’m torn between motherly concern and being in awe over how much George and My Little Monkey can get across through grunting and some good charades skills.

6. He has finally picked up the ultimate guy skill of quoting movies while he watches them and then later for good measure – it makes watching Elmo’s World much more amusing, to watch him try to quote every line in time. Later I can recite the entire show and it cracks him up. He also finally sings along to songs with us – we’ve been encouraging it for months and months but he’s finally catching on to how much fun it can be. We’re very proud.

7. MLM loves to stick his fingers in his food and see if he can pick it up while on finger – think putting raspberries on your fingers a la Amelie – he does it with olives, and attempts it with everything else – I think he judges his food based on its ability to stick to his finger-edness.

Okay and now with the tagging – this is tough, let’s see:

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Happy Blogging!

Meme-tastic: Famous People

Thanks to trishmilburn.com for creating this fun little meme:

Famous People: Which famous person in each of the following categories would you like to meet?

Author: I’ve been thinking about this all day, because I love a lot of authors, but in the end, my answer is the first name that popped into my head – Janet Evanovich – I love her work, I admire her writing style and I am in awe of the name she’s made for herself. She is my writing idol.

Movie Actor: Johnny Depp – he is just amazing – I don’t know many actors who can so completely lose themselves to their characters and truly become someone else once on screen. He is incredible.

TV Actor: Katie Holmes – I of course loved her in Dawson’s Creek but I’ve also loved all her movies, and since marrying Tom and becoming a mother she has grown to intrigue me even more – I have many things I’d love to talk to her about and would love an opportunity in general to see if the real Katie is the same person I see in my mind, if that makes sense.

Musician/Singer: John Mayer – I know, I know, he’s so trendy and popular it almost feels like a cop out to type his name here, but I’d love to talk to him about politics, environmentalism and hell even his relationship with Jen Aniston (if he’d even talk about it – hehe). I love his blog, he is such a crazy, creative genius. He was the musician who first got me into my little trend of listening to music with a message, instead of just the typical love song. I also would like to meet Jack Johnson and David Archuleta.

Historical Figure: Queen Catherine of Aragon and Queen Elizabeth I

Fictional Book Character: It’s a tie between Scarlett O’Hara which might prove disappointing but I’d still love it … and Stephanie Plum which would likely prove awesome

Fictional Movie or TV Character: Loralie or Rory Gilmore – they are kind of a package pair – I don’t think I could meet one without the other anyway. And I think hanging with the Gilmore Girls would be a lot of fun! Second choice would be Sydney Bristow from Alias.

Monday Morning Meme: July 7th

monday morning button

July 7th Questions:

1. What is your blog about? How long have you been blogging? Why did you begin blogging? Is it the same reason that you continue to blog today? How has your blog changed over the time you’ve had it? In six words, sum up your blog.

This blog is about a lot of things – I write about things that matter to me – which is usually my family, frequently books, and sometimes the rest of this big, big world. I’ve been seriously blogging since March of 2008 but have kept an online journal since 1997.

I started this blog because I felt like aside from my online diary, I never wrote anything. I have a degree in English: Writing and Communications and several years experience in journalism and I felt disappointed in myself for not utilizing it at all. I am happy with my role of SAHM and wasn’t looking for a career, just a “something” – At first I was going to write solely about “important topics” like politics, war, the environment etc. but felt a bit stifled by that – I care about those things, but they aren’t my life. And I think it’s important to write what you know – then I started hearing about blogs like Dooce and A Girl. and thought, “I could do that.” So I decided to give it a try, and if it was well received, maybe eventually try putting up ads or something as a way of possibly bringing in a small income (why not, right?).

Since March, I think I’ve changed the layout of my blog at least a dozen times, I’ve implemented a set of basic daily themes for posts due to chronic writer’s block, and discovered the wide world of group blogging memes which has truly taken my blog by storm, although so far I’m still in the early stages of the blogging world, with I’m assuming not nearly as much traffic as the rest of the Mommy Blogs out there. I’m still fiddling with the idea of making my own style sheet for the blog which is currently using a pretty basic wordpress.com theme which is nice, but not really truly how I see the blog looking in the long run.

In short: “I blog about what I love.”

2. When you go for a haircut, do you do something drastic? Or are you more of a ‘just a trim’ sort of person? Do you color your hair? If so, how often? Tell us about your best, and worst, hairstyle. What sort of hairsyle do you think looks good on you now?

Typically when I get a haircut, I try to make it a big one – not necessarily color, but I like drastic changes – I’ll wait months for a cut just to get the satisfaction of lopping it all off in one big cutting spree. The best hair cut I’ve had is probably my current cut – very mom bob but with a Katie Holmes / Posh Spice flair which is oh so trendy right now. My worst cut was in the 4th grade I think – I was feeling down on my looks and wanted something that felt feminine and sophisticated – the stylist said, “How about a pixie cut?” which sounded very pretty – pixies are pretty and all – but the idiot gave me, I sh*t you not, a rat tail, and I was mortified. I remember even being called “sir” by a lunch lady that year…

Somehow in spite of this I have no fear of a bad hair cut anymore – now that I’m blessed with a feminine physique I figure there is little chance of being mistaken for a man and more importantly I’ve learned something key: hair grows – all the time. Nothing is permanent – if I don’t like this cut, it will be different in a week or two and then I can have it cut all over again if I really want, or embrace it and go with my new look for all it’s worth.

These days I prefer shorter hair on myself – about chin length, no longer than shoulder length – the longer my hair gets, the harder it is to maintain – I have very “knotty” hair that can become a bear to brush if it gets too long. On that some note, if it gets cut too short I can get some pretty unforgiving bed head.

3. Tell us about your 4th of July celebration. Show us some pictures (if you have them). What did your family do? Did you go and see a big fireworks display? Or did you stay home and have a (semi) quiet family fireworks celebration? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how patriotic would you say you are? Do you routinely talk about our country’s issues within your family unit? Do you and your significant other see eye-to-eye on political issues? International friends: tell us how you celebrate your country’s birthday/new year/significant annual event.

Sorry no pictures of this year’s 4th yet – we saw no fireworks as our kid goes to sleep long before that would start and neither hubby or I are big fireworks fans. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being really patriotic) I guess I’d say I’m a 5 – I don’t always agree with our government, and I think that as a country we are in some ways still young, still figuring it out. I think the ideas we were founded on are wonderful but I question sometimes whether or not we are living up to the original expectations laid down. I am willing to guess there are other countries out there I would be happy to live in, but as my family is here in this country, this is where I’m content to stay at least for now. The truth is, I am not well enough informed to speak truly ill or truly well of our country, and I don’t think most people are. I think for the most part, my husband and I see awfully eye to eye on most political issues, the difference being he is probably more well informed than I am and also better educated in general.

Back to the 4th of July celebrations this year: We did the typical family thing for my family anyway – my hometown’s 60th annual parade at 2pm and then the annual family cookout at my aunt’s and uncle’s. The morning was a bit dismally gray and rainy but it cleared up by a little after noon and stayed dry throughout the parade which was for the 3rd year in a row somewhat of a disappointment to be honest.

When I was a kid and even a teenager I loved this parade – all the floats were really superb and I loved being with the whole family and getting candy – when I had a kid I was very excited to share this with him but times change and lately the parade feels more like a very long, drawn out advertising scheme for local businesses with too many lags between floats, way too many people and cars to contend with in such a small town, and terrible music, pretty awful announcing and poor sound quality. It was actually boring and for my husband, infuriating as I have dragged him for the 3rd year in a row with the promise of the previous year being a “fluke” or bad circumstances. Next year I might not even go.

The cookout was good – family was wonderful to see, the kids had a blast. Now if only we didn’t live 45 minutes away and have a 2 year old with a 7pm bed  time (a 2 year old who hadn’t napped all day and was becoming a clumsy bear). We actually left before dinner was even served, never mind the desserts, which are always stellar. So, we had a good time, but a bit disappointing all in all, and looking back it bothers me how little the actual point of Independence Day is acknowledged or thought of.

This has always been my favorite holiday and lately I’m changing my mind. I guess in time, our kids will get older and we’ll define our holidays for ourselves and thus create new favorites. For now, I’m just waiting, riding it out, and not really enjoying some holidays anymore…

4. If you only had enough time each day to read one section of the newspaper, which section would you read? Why this particular section?

I’ll be honest – I don’t read newspapers. This is a horrible thing to say coming from a former managing editor of my school paper,  but in general I prefer to read my news online and I think most people of my generation probably feel the same. My biggest problem is there aren’t a lot of papers that deliver the kind of news which interests me and I don’t have any desire to pay for a subscription at this time, but that may eventually change.

If a paper were being delivered to me, the one section I’d read if I had to choose would be the local section for local news which isn’t always easy to aquire online and also for local events coming up. I really like being involved in a community and plan to be even more involved as my kids get older. I want to settle down in a small close knit neighborhood where everything is in moderate walking distance and a community that really gets together to get things done and have a good time. A Stars Hollow if you will. I’d read their paper.

The Day I Was Born…

I found this meme on Far From Perfect‘s blog – a birthday meme! It’s perfect in it’s unexpected randomness because my birthday is 5 months from now. But I don’t think that matters, do you?

Sooo here’s how it works:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth date only -without the year.

December 24th – which according to Wikipedia, “is the 358th day of the year (359th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 7 days remaining until the end of the year.” One little week away from the next year! Wow! Anyway, moving on…

2. List 3 events that occurred that day:

There were a TON to choose from so I tried to keep to things either really cool or upbeat in nature, skipping things that involved slaughtering and war for instance.

* 563 – The Byzantine church Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is dedicated for the second time after being destroyed by earthquakes.

* 1777Kiritimati, also called Christmas Island, is discovered by James Cook.

* 1968 – Apollo Program: The crew of Apollo 8 enters into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. They performed 10 lunar orbits and broadcast live TV pictures that became the famous Christmas Eve Broadcast, one of the most watched programs in history.

3. List 2 important birthdays:

1973Stephenie Meyer, Author – now that is just freaking cool!

* 1880Johnny Gruelle, American cartoonist, children’s book writer and creator of Raggedy Ann (d. 1939)

4. List 1 death:

* 1863William Makepeace Thackeray, British writer (b. 1811)

5. List a holiday or observance:

*You obviously probably are aware that it’s Christmas Eve, so I posted the entire blurb on holidays and observances on that date from Wikipedia so you might learn something you didn’t know:

Thursday 13: Letter of the Day Is "A"

Thirteen Things about Jen, aka, mamablogsalot

This is my first thursday thirteen and I see that my friend, the junk drawer, does hers by alphabet, and that seemed like a pretty good idea to me, so this week’s thursday thirteen will feature the letter “A” (for apple, anomaly, and alcohol)

1.  Well if you haven’t heard, I’m an avid reader. Seriously, I’ve read 31 books so far this year (since January) and still have loads and loads more books on my list of “to read” – I’m an addict you could say.

2.  I have become recently obsessed with the ABC’s when I realized that somehow my son had learned almost all the letters by. his. self. Seriously, I didn’t even teach him, at least not initially, but when I realized how quickly he picked it up and how well, I’ve become an ABC-holic, introducing it everywhere in every form I can think of.

3. Speaking of apples, I don’t really like them – I like the sugary syrupy kind found in apple pie or apple tart, but eating an actual apple? I’m incredibly picky. For one thing – I won’t eat it whole, it has to be cored and cut in manageable pieces. And I don’t like red apples at all, unless they are in a pie. I prefer granny smith or golden delicious. And if it starts to brown, I will lose interest. Which all seems like a waste of a perfectly good apple, and thus I don’t really eat them.

4. I don’t really like alcohol either. I kind of like drinking, but never really enjoy the drink which seems retarded. There are a few small exceptions that I do sometimes enjoy like a white russian, buttershots or a Mike’s or Smirnoff of some variety, but sometimes I think even then I’m only drinking as an act of quiet rebellion – I am allowed to drink now being a grown up and so i do, because it’s more interesting than simply having a coke.

5. I think I will always be an academic. I love to learn and dreadfully miss college not for the drinking or dating or silliness, but for the homework, projects, papers and lessons learned constantly. I can’t wait for MLM to start school so I can be privy to all his classes and homework and projects and papers…

6. I am only recently learning to accept who I am and who I’m not. I am not thin, I am not graceful, I am not crafty. I am honest, and moody and obsessive with things like books, jobs, and friends. I grow attachments easily and let go of things just as easily, to flitter on to something else. But some of those bigger attachments are harder to break and often break me in the process. It’s who I am.

7. I’ve learned to adjust quickly to change due to the fact that I have moved a lot. My father and I seemed to move every two years or so and even in college and beyond I have always seemed to move around a lot. I lived in 5 different places during my 4 years of college and since graduating in 2005 I have moved three times. And I know I’m not done. My son also adjusts remarkably well to change and new locations, which I’m very proud of but I hope that we can stay in one basic place while he’s in school. I think stability is just as important and it’s something I never had much of growing up in the way of a permanent landscape and a home to call my own.

8. I love to accessorize – I can never have too many shoes, hats, handbags, and layers. I do not however wear a lot of jewelry – just my wedding rings and a watch, which I feel naked without.

9. I have frequently worried that I am not affectionate enough and then sometimes worry that I might be too affectionate, trying to make up for that fact. I grew up without a mother and so I’ve had to define motherly ways for myself as I grew up without a good example (although I grew up with great examples of grandmothers and aunts to give them credit, they were wonderful). I have a tendency to push things away and then pull them back with all my might.

10. I could never be an activist, but I do have a lot of ideals that my heart strives for. My problem is that I see things too broadly to narrow my field of vision to small causes. I want world peace, not just the immediate relief of one area, and I’d end up giving myself to everything until there was nothing left.

11. I am terrified of abandonment – I worry constantly that people will learn something they don’t like about me and book it, as far away as possible. I know why I have these fears but it doesn’t seem to make them go away. All I can really do is keep those fears safely at bay and try to live my life. But I know that I worry way too much what others think of me because of that and I’m a bit of a doormat sometimes because of it. And then I sometimes go out of my way to be the opposite, giving my life more of a yin yang effect – more of the pushing and pulling you could say.

12. I accumulate a lot stuff. I love stuff and like to keep lots of it around.That may be why my bedroom is the disaster that it is, along with the rest of my sloppy life.

13. I’m not really sure how to act my age. At 25 it seems most people my age are maybe just beginning to think about settling down and many are still swinging the high life that is their twenties. Yet in my set of friends, we’ve been thinking about marriage and family for years and most of us have a little 2 year old we call our son or daughter. We have children from the ages of 6 to weeks old, which I think is weird for our age, but to us only feels normal and natural.

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It's Real Life: Where the Magic Happens

If you want to participate in all the fun fabulousness that is It’s Real Life, head over to Farm Fresh – you can click the big image to the left and join in on the good times!

So without further adieu, I present to you: Where the Magic Happens

the gate is openingI said you couldn’t pay me. That I’m not stupid and it will never happen – well let me clarify – I am not accepting money for what I am about to show you, although if anyone wants to hand me that thousand dollars I mentioned, again, I won’t refuse you. I present to you, nonetheless, my bedroom, aka, where the magic happens. I’d like you to join me in ohhing and aahhing over every moment. Last week the gate was closed, off limits. Today, the gate is opening:

So first on the list was underneath the bed. I was just as surprised as you are in this, as I had no idea whatsover what would be under there. And given the state of the majority of my room, I knew I could find absolutely anything under there. So imagine my surprise…

underneath the bed

Just about nothing! Almost everything you see here is literally on the other side of the bed. The sole contents underneath the entire queen sized bed are a piece of cardboard, one slipper and a plastic bag. I am still in shock that it could be that clean and happy to know where that slipper ended up.

Okay, so that wasn’t so bad. But what’s on top of my dresser had me humming and hawing – do people want to see my deodorant and spare change? Probably not, but one thing on my dresser I think we’ll all enjoy seeing, and he’s never been shown here at all, surprisingly. So here is the most important thing on my dresser, our pet hamster, Freddy:

freddy the hamster Isn’t he just adorable? He’s named after the hamster in the book I, Freddy by Dietlof Reiche, for those of you who don’t normally read children’s books for your own sheer enjoyment, Freddy is a remarkable hamster who learns to read and eventually write, too, via a computer – it’s a pretty cute book and my hamster, I think, is pretty cute, too. Say hello Freddy!

[everyone can assume Freddy said hello – in truth, he’s not much of a social butterfly – pretty shy and a bit of a lone ranger type, but we love him anyway.]

in my dresser

What’s in my dresser you ask? Well clothes obviously. I’d like to tell you they are tidy, neatly folded clothes, but I’d be lying – they are half hearted, once folded articles of clothing that eventally just get shoved here and there. But it’s real life, so here you go. You can see here one of my favorite sweaters, a black silk tank top on top of a tan blouse, next to a grey tee shirt that I recently bought at Target for next to nothing – fun, huh? Yeah in the dresser doesn’t seem to be a great photo op to me…

the nightstand And now for the night stand – one of my favorite parts of my room despite the slight disarray (you should see the floor around it – it isn’t even decent for photograph, never mind real life or no.

I love the warm yellow glow of my lamp, love even more the yellow vase in the background with my, yes fake, orange flower display, that always looks gorgeous and never asks me for water. You can see next to the bed the book I just finished reading yesterday (and a few runners up beneath), my night light which turns on when husband looks REALLY sleepy and grumpy, a box of tissues and some q-tips for the inevitable nighttime annoyances that pop up, a child lock with no purpose whatsoever, a change jar, some lotion, and a box of I don’t remember, I think it was for sunburns… And of course my trash can – it’s a full sized kitchen trashcan, because apparently I produce a lot of trash.


Apparently we only have one actual picture hanging in our bedroom – this surprised me, I was sure I’d find more (how do I so barely know my own bedroom?). This painting was in my bedroom at my parent’s house, I rescued it from the house that was on our property before my dad built the current house (long story) and just love it – I don’t know it’s back story – where it came from and what it’s all about and I think that’s what I love most about it.

I also love the colors, the feelings of calm and chaos all at once, and admitting here and now that I am not an art critic by any means and have no idea what I’m talking about.

love 01

One of the things that I love about my bedroom, and this was a sad stretch for me, is the sheer quantity of books – this is one of two bookshelves in our bedroom (the other is in my closet but hidden by a mirror with no good place to hang…) and probably only equals one third of my book collection. I love to read. In no uncertain terms. It is my passion.

love 02

So my favorite bit of calm in the chaos of my bedroom is the comforting sight of books, books and more books. It may be a mess, it may be a disaster, but it is filled with my favorite things: my books and at night, my husband. So it’s home. Oh and my absolute favorite display of book-age, is this invisible bookshelf from the Container Store (one of my favorite places to dream about being organized) – we have a half dozen of these throughout the apartment, but this one is really fabulous in its display:

love 03

hateOkay, now I’ve gotten my jollies showing you all that I love, here’s one small example of why I hate my bedroom. Keep in mind, when I say small, I mean small – as in, just one example of chaos, sheer utter chaos that grows inside my bedroom like a nasty unforgiving mold of stuff.

At the top of the “pile” is an “oven” my husband and I made for my son out of  the cardboard box that our pots and pans set (a wonderful gift from my father) came in – it was a great project and well received by all the kiddos who came across is, but then my son went all Sylvia Plath and climbed inside, which didn’t hurt him but the oven is temporarily out of commission – dh says he can fix it, easily, but that was weeks ago. Maybe this post will inspire him to jump on that?

All the totes are simply assortments of our stuff that have no room for a “home” in our small, small apartment – or maybe we just have too much stuff – regardless, those are some of the things we cannot say goodbye or hello to just yet. Further down you will see the cute chairs we got for MLM and his friends – the table survived, but the chairs didn’t even last one day before he managed to break thim with all 29 pounds of his body weight. Let’s see, there’s the big container on wheels thing for MLM’s mega bloks that he cannot seem to “play nicely” with; one of the three assortments of “toys” that I divided into three piles to try and pare down the mess that was becoming the rest of our apartment but then found I had no good place to put piles 2 and 3, so they ended up in the pile we call our bedroom… and yeah, you get the idea. So, let’s move on, shall we? Forget about the disaster if you can, remember the books, the good good books, and now let’s look at what makes this bedroom unique to me and mine.

uniquely mine I’m just gonna make a wild guess and say probably not many of you keep a giant full grown man sized bicycle in your bedrooms, hanging in suspension from the wall. And just to add the absurdity, you can see how often it’s used given that we felt no fear in keeping our old iMac right underneath it – no danger of breakage there folks. I’m being mean – if I didn’t make dh so late every morning maybe he’d ride it so often and I honestly don’t mind the bike at all, I just find it amusing to see it there – doesn’t it look completely safe and not at all intimidating – it really sets the mood, people – I know, tmi. Moving on.

You said hello to my hamster, now say hello to Mr. Egg Shaped iMac – the poor little trooper who kept me in Mac until big beautiful arrived. He was a brave soul, we pushed him to the limit people and asked too much of him time and time again, but he rarely complained – just puttered along, adhering to our every whim, while silently. begging. to. be. put. to. sleep.

May he rest in piece. (get it? cause he’s made of pieces of computer parts – oh I crack me up! – get it? egg shaped? hahahaha…) … Yeah.

pajamas on parade

So, last up on order is a pic of what I wear to sleep, which is coincidentally, often what I wear during the day, after sleep. I had dh help me in taking this picture so you could really see me in all my sad real life glory. Please don’t judge. If I make it small enough, maybe I’ll look smaller?No, I don’t wear the bandana to bed – but I do put it on in the morning when I give up on hair for the day…

So that’s real life folks. Hope you enjoyed it – tune in next week to god only knows what horrors…