WW: Memorable Moments From A 70th Birthday Celebration

These are some favorite pictures from my grandmother’s 70th birthday party last week. We’re on the road today, headed for “Dream State” so this post was scheduled in advance. For more wordless fun check out Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom!

WW: MM’s first 3rd Birthday Party

This was the “friends” party with all his little buddies. We gave him Madagascar for his birthday this year and I made a ‘Madagascar’ themed cake using those little miniature zoo animals that you can buy at Target for like $2.00 for a pack of 20 animals or something like that. I was actually veryContinue reading “WW: MM’s first 3rd Birthday Party”

What’s Your Angle?

Those geniuses at 5 Minutes For Mom just started a new series called 5 Minutes For Photography. Their first article is about the angles we use when taking pictures. I think most photographers start out just taking out the camera and taking the shot, without much thought beyond capturing that moment. I can still rememberContinue reading “What’s Your Angle?”

Tackle it Tuesday: De-Cluttering the Chaos

So I don’t think I’ve ever done a Tackle it Tuesday for the simple reason that I sadly don’t seem to tackle very much – at least not much worth blogging about. But there has been this little issue that has been driving me a little insane for oh say 2 years now. My son,Continue reading “Tackle it Tuesday: De-Cluttering the Chaos”