*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Hanae's Birth Story

Ready for another second born birth story? This one comes from Sue @ My Musings. Her daughter Hanae was born via a scheduled second c-section, which is exactly what I am having today for Baby Blueberry’s birth (unless something crazy happens between Friday July 17th and now). Anyway – I’ll hand the proverbial mic over to Sue now and stop blabbering…

First of all Congrats to Jen, Daniel & MM on the birth of little baby, BB.  I’m so excited for all of you!  Second – thanks for letting me guest post.

My c-section was scheduled for the 2nd of May and about a week before that I started to re-arrange furniture including the living room with it’s couches & 350 pound tv, my bedroom with it’s sturdy military dorm style furniture & also my son’s room.  No surprise when 2 days before my c-section I woke up in the middle of the night in labor!  I can still remember that drive and grumbling that only this baby would put me into labor!

When we got to the hospital a woman who was in labor with twins had arrived first so I got to have something that stopped my labor and waited until about 10:30 when they took me back.  Oh, I forgot to mention that in the military you get whomever you get.  I was able to arrange with the head of the surgical ob section to perform my c-section and he even cleared his schedule when I went into labor.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Michael Stitely for coming in!

It did take longer with this section than the first because of all the scar tissue and it did worry me to the point that I had a panic attack on the table and had to be put out after my darling little daughter made her appearance.  When Dr. Stitely announced it was “a Hanae,” I asked him if he was sure –  I really thought I was having a boy!  She ended up being very healthy and active. She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and she was 21 inches.  Of course Hanae being Hanae, she couldn’t just lose the normal ounces that most babies lose while in the hospital.  She actually lost almost a full pound after birth because she pooped 18 times within 24 hours!

At this point our family is complete but I will never forget that wonderful day when my sweet baby girl decided to appear especially since it was 5 years and one week to the day from her big brother’s birth!

Hanae's Birth Story by Sue @ My Musings

Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us Sue! I cannot wait to share the story of Baby Blueberry’s birth with all of you, but in the meantime our week of guest posts continues. Next up, tomorrow is a Wordless Wednesday special from Amanda @ Funkepunkemonke

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Carter's Birth Story

Our next guest post today is from the infamous McMommy of The McMommy Chronicles. This is the birth story of her second son, Carter – it’s a bit long but it’s worth every character – enjoy!

And Carter Makes Four

My due date was drawing closer and closer. With each weekly visit to the doctor, the nurse would do this whole dramatic thing every time she took my blood pressure and she would FREAK ME OUT. She would say “Ohhhh. The doctor is NOT going to like this! This is stroke level! You are going to the hospital today! This can’t be right. I’m going to take it again. Now just calm down and I’ll take it again.”

Uh, calm down? Lady, you just said “stroke level” to me.

But my doctor never seemed ruffled by the numbers. He would say things like “Take it easy today. Put your feet up and rest. We’ll recheck in a couple of days.” Then it turned into, “Come in tomorrow and we will recheck. And talk about a possible induction.”

I have to admit, I was so scared of an induced birth. I wanted everything to happen exactly as Matty’s birth happened….water breaking, off to the hospital, wonderful epidural, and healthy adorable baby in my arms a couple hours later. The “not knowing” when it was going to happen seemed so much better to me than the anticipation of knowing what was ahead of me and exactly what day it would happen.

So at my recheck the next day, the doctor said “The choice is ultimately yours. We can wait through the weekend, see if anything happens. Or we can induce tonight and I will personally be there to deliver the baby. (If I waited and went into labor over the weekend, he was not on call and someone else from the group would deliver the baby.) You’ll be home by Sunday.”

There were so many things going through my head in regards to pros and cons of inducing that night. But do you want to know what ultimately made me do it? The fact that I couldn’t deal with one more blood pressure check from that nurse! My heart couldn’t take one more scare from her. Plus it just made plain good sense to me that if we did it this way, we could prepare better for leaving my sick little Matty (yes, he had a bad cold) with my parents (sorting out medications and dosages, etc.)

We were to check into the hospital at midnight. Staying up that late was pure torture for us. And I remember us in the car driving to the hospital and suddenly I felt really really scared. Because I KNEW what was ahead. Even though I had such a good experience with Matty’s labor and delivery, there was no denying the pain that was waiting for me in the hours to come. Ugh.

We got settled in our room and the nurse explained to me how this induction would work. They would give me Cytotec (not sure about that spelling…it’s like the new version of cervidil) every so many hours throughout the night. By the morning, they would probably start the Pitocin. And so on and so forth. She offered me a pill to help me sleep but I declined. (I think McDaddy was already sleeping in the recliner at this point!)

I started to doze off and awoke to the taste of blood in my mouth. I thought I must be mistaken, until I coughed and blood came out. TALK ABOUT SCARED! I frantically buzzed the nurse and it was then I realized that I was having a nose bleed and because of the way my head was positioned, the blood was going down the back of my throat rather than out the front of my nose. The nurse changed my gown and got all the blood cleaned up and we were left in peace again to try and sleep.

Only I couldn’t sleep because now my throat was killing me. Yes, I had caught Matty’s sickness. The nurse brought me tylenol and was even kind enough to leave me the cup of water. (technically I wasn’t supposed to have food or water. Just those infamous ice chips!!)

Around 6am, I was definitely dealing with strong contractions and they were coming pretty often and steady. My night nurse came to check in once more before she signed off and told me that with the contractions I was having, she wasn’t going to need to do a third Cytotec. She also doubted they would ever need to start Pitocin. She said “I’d be willing to bet you have this baby by 10am.”

10am?? That’s crazy. A little optimistic, I thought.

By 7am, I was on the phone to my mom, telling her and my sister to come over to the hospital quickly. I felt like these contractions were especially strong and moving much more quickly than I remembered with Matty.

By 8am, I felt it was time for the epidural.

9am–the anesthesiologist arrived to administer the epidural. She looked eighteen years old. Hardly like a doctor. For all I knew, she could have just left the on-call room with McDreamy. And now she’s coming at my back with a huge needle and telling me to hold very still.

A searing pain goes up my spine, up my neck, and ends at the base of my skull.

I think I screamed. That was NOT supposed to happen, I knew that much.

She muttered something about it not “working” and then had to do it a second time. Now I was having contractions AND dealing with an idiot working on my spine, people. McMommy was about to lose it.

They then laid me back and all I knew is that I started losing feeling in my feet, and it crept up to my legs, then kept moving up and up until it felt like it reached my chest. I was flipping out. I couldn’t move AT ALL. My epidural was NOT like this for Matty’s. Last time, my legs just felt really, really heavy….but I had the control to move them when asked, etc.

That was not the case now. I felt paralyzed. And freaked out. I was so scared that it was still going to move up and up and soon I wouldn’t be able to breathe or talk. I just kept holding McDaddy’s and my mom’s hands and keeping eye contact with them. Oh, and I do remember yelling at Dr. Idiot saying “YOU PARALYZED ME. YOU SCREWED UP. YOU GAVE ME A SPINAL LIKE I’M GETTING A C-SECTION. YOU SCREWED UP!!” And then I told my mom to get the doctor away from me, I didn’t even want to see her face. I wanted her out of my room and I wanted a new doc.

The nurses kept watching my oxygen levels and were trying to talk me through it….telling me Dr. Idiot didn’t even give me the bolus shot so this would wear off in an hour.

My sweet mother was very calming for me, even though I saw the panic in her eyes. She just held on to my hand and kept counting down the time for me. She would say things like “Ok, it’s been 10 minutes. Ten minutes are down, only 50 minutes to go.” The nurse kept doing tests on me, asking me to wiggle my right foot, etc. Nothing was happening. I remember Daniel looking nervous. My poor sister, who hasn’t had any children yet so this was her first experience in a labor and delivery room, was seeing all this firsthand. And not liking it.

Finally, as it drew closer to 10am, I could slowly feel my body again. It was such a huge relief, you have no idea. But ohhhhhhhhh….I could also feel the contractions again and they were off the charts bad.

The nurse asked me if I wanted to consider getting another epidural. Can you believe it?

I was squeezing McDaddy’s hand so tightly and screaming from the pain of these contractions. (As a side note, McDaddy’s hands were so black and blue afterwards, I couldn’t believe I was the one who did that to him. I never would have believed that I had that strength.)

After that terrible experience with Dr. Idiot and the first epidural, I briefly entertained the idea if I could keep on going without pain relief. Then the next contraction hit (they were one on top of one another now) and I realized I couldn’t do it. It was terrible. But I demanded Dr. Idiot come nowhere near my room….I wanted a different, dare I say, more experienced anesthesiologist.

They bring in a man who I’ll call Dr. Williams, because he looked exactly like Robin Williams. But right away, I knew he was good. He spoke with me about what they think happened with the first epidural and what the plan of action was to administer a new one (which technically would be my third of the day. Remember Dr. Idiot shot one UP to my skull, then she paralyzed me with the second.)

Time was now 10:10am. They asked everyone to leave the room so he could start prepping me for the new epidural. I begged them to let my mom stay (McDaddy doesn’t handle needles well.) With all the drama of the first experience, they allowed her stay with me.

10:15am–I’m prepped for him to start the procedure but the contractions are not stopping at all for breaks and I’m in incredible pain. Dr. Williams tells my nurse to do one more “progress check” to see where I’m at.

She checks me and declares I’m at 9 1/2.

9 and 1/2? I remember saying “Good! We still have time! Hurry up and give me the medicine so it can start working!”

I remember seeing the nurse and Dr. Williams look at each other…..as if to say “Who’s going to be the one to tell her?”

The nurse then says, “Uh, you know what? You are gonna do this! You are ready to start pushing! Let’s have this baby!”

McMommy: “Sure thing. Just give me the epidural first.”

Dr. Williams: “Well, McMommy. If I did that, it will take about 30 minutes for it to kick in. And you might have already had the baby already.”

McMommy: “No. No baby until I get that epidural. START IT NOW!”

Nurse: “I’ve called the doctor. He’s walking over now. Let’s start some practice pushes. You are going to do this just fine.”

I started bawling….this time not from the excruciating pain, but from the realization that I was going to have to have this baby with no epidural.

What happened next was a whirlwind. I remember doing one practice push and the nurse stopped me because…without getting too graphic here…the baby was ready to make his entrance into the world.

I remember screaming for her to find a doctor, ANY doctor, because I couldn’t hold it one more second.

I remember my doctor breezing into the room, dressed in his scrubs, telling me exactly how to push.

I remember thinking to myself the pain was exactly as horrible and excruciating as you would imagine it to be with no epidural.

I remember everyone around me, shouting, cheering me on, telling me I was doing it. My mom was crying, and McDaddy might have been too.

10:23am…almost to the minute my original night nurse predicted….Carter Christopher was born! 8lbs, 12oz. 20 and 3/4 in.

I remember the doctor telling me to open my eyes, to look at my baby. I opened them and saw a 3 month old. HE. WAS. HUGE.


I remember all the pain was immediately gone as soon as Carter was delivered. All gone. It was the strangest feeling ever. To have such intense physical pain and it could stop so suddenly.

I remember everyone fussing over how big he was. The nurse said “His feet barely fit on the birth certificate!”

I especially remember the doctor saying “It’s a good thing you didn’t wait through the weekend! He would have been over 9lbs by then!”

There was quite a bit of hustle and bustle in the room and then everyone left and it was quiet. Carter was on my chest and I was finally at peace.

And guess what? I felt fantastic.

I didn’t remember feeling this way afterwards with Matty. I remembered feeling nauseous, and shaky, and weak.

This time around? I asked the nurse to bring me a menu and I ordered a grilled cheese and french fries and apple juice.

Carter was perfect. Like my Matty two and half years before him, little baby Carter was absolutely perfect. I was a mom of two. We were now a family of four.

And after that labor and delivery, a family of four is just how we want it to stay…..

Here is a little montage I made as a gift to MYSELF to celebrate our first year with Carter. No one loves a montage more than me. 🙂

And Carter Makes Four.

Thank you so much McMommy for sharing this birth story! I have one more birth story scheduled for you guys today – check back later for another second born birth story from Sue @ My Musings

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Natalie's Birth Story.

As you read this I am likely in some stage of preparing for, enduring or recovering from the birth of our new little baby, Baby Blueberry. I’m so excited to meet my new little one – and to introduce her to all of you – but in the meantime, Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? is back again to share Natalie’s birth story – another “second child” just like Baby Blueberry!

What an eventful week leading up to her birth.

You can read the progression of the “induction” that wasn’t to be here, then here and finally here.

Friday (10/10) night, while at our friends’ house, after all of the drama, I started losing my mucous plug and having contractions. So, I sat down, put my feet up and drank tons of water. The contractions went away. I kept losing more “plug” all weekend.

Saturday (10/11), Matt and David stayed with the kids and watched football while Marty and I went double stroller shopping and made a trip to Ikea. There was a lot of walking involved.

Sunday (10/12), I was dreading going to church. We had told many people about the impending induction, so I knew they were going to be surprised to see us. Everybody asked how much longer, said we looked ready, and everything else. I asked Matt to field all baby related questions. I was D-O-N-E!

Sunday after Isabelle’s nap, we went and walked the neighborhood. And walked and walked and walked. I was determined to get The Sequel out! We came home, had some dinner, and put Isabelle to bed.

I went upstairs and took a long bath. I even lit some candles for myself and just relaxed. Then, I came downstairs to sit with Matt. I was still in just my towel after my bath (I was so hot and uncomfortable in clothes at this point). I was downstairs for about and hour.

I got up and went to the kitchen for something…I’m not sure what, and I felt a trickle run down my leg. I thought I was peeing on myself, but then, it wouldn’t stop. There I was at 9:30pm standing in my kitchen over a puddle of amniotic fluid. My lovely hubby cleaned it up for me.

We then called the doctor’s office to see what to do. I wasn’t having contractions, just the water breaking to indicate I was in labor. The water kept leaking and leaking every time I moved.

Starting at 9:41pm, I started to have contractions that were around 3-7 minutes apart. At 10:00, the nurse called and said I should head to the hospital because I had tested positive for Strep B and needed to make sure I got all of the necessary antibiotics.

We didn’t want to rush in. My platelets at the last test were only 91,000 and I knew if they were still low, I couldn’t get an epidural. And, I also knew that I was likely going to have to have pitocin because my body doesn’t make progress with my contractions. We were both a little nervous about this combination.

So, we took our time, got all of our bags and everything in the car, woke Izzy up and drove her over to the Montes’.

During this time, my contractions weren’t really regular, but I knew they were coming.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30pm where the nurses proceeded to ask me if I was being induced because I didn’t look like I was in labor.

At 11:49pm we were in a room and ready to be hooked up to the monitor. We answered the myriad of questions and filled out several forms (while having more regular contractions).

Monday (10/13) morning, at 1:00am, my IV was started with antibiotics and fluids. They also drew lab work to check my platelets. They checked me and I wasn’t dilated at all. The nurse even ordered an ultrasound to make sure Natalie was head down (because she said she couldn’t feel it). This was extra surprising because all of the midwives and doctors for the passed two weeks said I was dilated to 1 cm and they could feel her head.

Contractions continue, but they still aren’t regular. I would get into a pattern, and then they would stop, or shorten, or lengthen. Good news, my platelets were 111,000 so we could get an epidural. We had to move quickly or the anesthesiologist would want to check them again.

The midwife says we should start pitocin.

At 3:45am, the ultrasound is performed and Natalie is in fact head down. Nurse Jenny wanted to start the pitocin and I asked very strongly that I get the epidural first. She says she’ll start the pitocin slowly, and I ask again. She says okay (reluctantly) because I’m having regular contractions (whew…that was a close one…Matt was very proud of me)!

At 4:15am, I get my epidural. It was perfect. I didn’t go completely numb. My legs were just heavy and tingly, but I could still move them.

At 4:19am, the pitocin was started and continued to be fine tuned for perfect contractions.

I tried to nap…Matt was out. At 6:30 nurse Jenny came and checked my progress and I was 3cm. I thought, that’s pretty good, maybe we’ll have a baby by dinner time.

Matt woke up around 7:30 am and we both brushed our teeth. He headed out to grab some breakfast. Then he came back because he forgot his wallet.

Then, he was off again. Around this time, I really started feeling pressure. I told the new nurse, Lanese, and she checked me. Sure enough , I was completely dilated at 7:55am. I was shocked. I called Matt and told him he needed to get his breakfast to go.

He came back to the room and they were getting it all set up for me to push. The midwife came in, told me to do a practice push and then said to stop. “We’re going to have a baby very soon.”

It was so fast we didn’t even think to get the camera out. I started pushing at 8:10am. There were three rounds of contractions (during one of which I had to stop because she had her hand up in front of her head) and six minutes later at 8:16am, Natalie Grace arrived.

It certainly was a very different birth than Isabelle and so much easier and faster. We couldn’t believe how fast she came.

Welcome to the world sweet Natalie!
Thank you again to Krystyn for sharing TWO great birth stories! Be sure to check back later today for another great birth story from the infamous McMommy

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* KK's Birth Story

I’ve got another great birth story to share with you guys today in celebration Baby Blueberry Birth Week. This one comes from Jen @ Our Daily Big Top and it’s the birth story of her oldest son, KK (King Kong). Ready?

8 years ago…

It was Monday.I was 38 weeks pregnant.

I finished packing my hospital bag over the weekend. I was ahead of schedule. My due date was March 12.

I was at work. It was about 10:30. I finished a conference call.

Co-workers stopped by to chat. Email, IMs and conversations. A different kind of multi-tasking back then.

You read the books on what happens when you go into labor. But nothing, nothing prepares you for your water breaking when you’re not expecting it too. And at work! I kid you not. I did not read about that in the what to expect book.

Thank goodness the girl who sat in the next cube was also preggers. I IM’d her because this was not something I wanted to talk about in cubical country. Everyone hears you.

She told me that I needed to get myself to the hospital asap and that my baby was going to be born soon.

For realz? I was truly in disbelief.

It wasn’t time. This was not part of the schedule.

I called my doctor’s office and sure enough they told me to get myself to the hospital.

I called G. He was at home waiting for a plumber to fix a leak. A sign!

He was just as stunned and unprepared to hear the news. Meet me at the hospital and don’t forget my bag and pillow and camera.

My manager was so thoughtful. He got news of what was going on and offered me a ride to the hospital. I said I would be fine and besides did I really want my business all over the front seat of his car? No way jose!

Since I wasn’t having contractions I took my time. Packed up my laptop and sent out the “out of office, please contact so & so in my absence” email. I was pretty stealth. Only a handful of people knew what was going on.

I literally waddled to my car. Five flights down and about a 30 second walk to my car. I was quite a sight.

During my drive, I scarfed down an apple because I knew once I was admitted food was not an option. Ice chips don’t count.

20 minutes later, I walked myself to the admissions desk.

They got me into an L&D room. I put on the obligatory hospital gown and the nurse made sure that in fact my water had broke.

I heard “you’re going to have a baby” at 12:30pm.


They started me on pitocin and we waited.

And waited.

And wondered if the baby was a boy or girl. What he/she would look like? Was it going to be painful?

I watched Days of Our Lives for the first time since college. Daytime tv was about all one can do when strapped to IVs and such. This was before wi-fi and blogs. How awesome would that have been to pass the time reading your blogs? Maybe I wouldn’t have needed an epidural.

Who am I kidding? I wanted an epidural the minute I walked into the hospital.

Fast forward a couple of hours.

I watched G eat dinner. In his defense I told him to eat. The guy faints easily.

Relief in the form of an epidural arrived.

Another couple of hours passed.

11:59 pm: no baby.

My first born was going to make me wait until the next day.

12:53 am to be exact.

It was painful, it was tough, it required a lot of people. I remember lots of people (of no relation to me) in the room.

He was worth it.

6 lbs, 6 oz and 19 inches. Our baby. Our baby boy.

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes and a full head of hair.

Nothing prepares you for this first moment.

Welcome love.

Thank you Jen for sharing your story of KK’s birth! Check back tomorrow for more birth stories – this time the stories of second children like our little Baby Blueberry – so fitting for the day my newest little one is scheduled to enter into our lives!

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Isabelle's Birth Story

Our next birth story is from Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? It tells the lengthy story of her first daughter, Isabelle’s birth. Krystyn comments that this story is “quite detailed and not for the faint at heart!” So consider yourself warned. 😉

I went to work on Thursday 10-12, but left early in the afternoon. I knew the contractions were more than Braxton-Hicks. I came home and slept for a bit and tried to eat. I called Matt, and he wanted to time them. I started to lose my mucus plug at about 5:00pm. He got home about 6:30pm and we went for a walk and started timing them. The contractions were 1.5-2 minutes apart and lasted anywhere from 30-45 seconds. Hubby was freaking out a bit, and called the midwife. They said come on in.

We got to the hospital and they admitted me around 8:30pm. They hooked me up to the monitor and started measuring and the contractions were consistent. They came and checked me and I was a dimple!!! What, what are all these contractions doing? They told me to drink lots of fluids, got an IV and started walking around. They wanted to see if it was false labor or not. The contractions continued in intensity, and we walked around and drank a ton. Still at about 1am, I was just a dimple! At this point they gave me a sleeping pill and told me I would wake up at about 3 in active labor.

Well, woke up before then, and still nothing. The midwife came in later that morning, and “made me 1cm” (yeah, thanks for telling me it is going to hurt like crazy, and that you are even going to do it!). Still nothing after that, just a lot of contractions and bloody show.

Cut to new midwife some time in the afternoon. She decides this is too long and we need to start doing something. At about 1:30pm, I get an epidural, followed by pitocin and breaking my water. Isabelle had decided to poo in me, so I had to have fluids going into my uterus to flush things out.

Apparently, I have a finicky uterus because they were constantly tuning the pitocin so my contractions would be most productive and easily spaced.

Finally, at 11pm on Friday, 10-13, I was ready to push. After pushing for almost an hour, the midwife decided that the dreaded episiotomy was in order. At 12:29am on the 14th (just 30 minutes after her due date had passed), Isabelle finally made her appearance! Matt screamed out “It’s a girl” as we had decided to be surprised by her sex.

Unfortunately, because of the meconium, I didn’t get to hold her immediately like I wanted. They had to clean her up and suction her before I really got to see her. Because of the previous flushing, though, she didn’t have any meconium in her lungs, so I was extremely grateful. I did snap some pictures from the bed while they were waiting for the placenta to come out.

I finally got to hold my little girl.
Our happy family of three (me sooo bloated from the IVs for a day and a half.)
Thank you Krystyn for sharing Isabelle’s birth story with me in celebration of Baby Blueberry’s birth tomorrow! Check back tomorrow for her second daughter Natalie’s birth story as the Baby Blueberry Birth Week continues!

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Her Big Brother's Birth Story

Tomorrow morning MM will become a big brother. By tomorrow night I will have experienced my second “delivery” and soon I will have two birth stories to share with the world. To celebrate the birth of little Baby Blueberry, or BB, I’ve planned a week’s worth of guest posts for you with a myriad of fabulous guest posters – you’ll see a bunch of great birth stories, a Wordless Wednesday style collage, 13 semi-fabulous tips for mothering more than one and more – there might even be a surprise appearance from my fabulous husband.

Today I’m featuring the birth stories of first borns and I thought I’d kick things off by sharing MM’s birth story, which up until now I’ve only outlined in memeish form – which you can see here. I’m going to try and do him a bit more justice now and write it out as a real post, but we’ll see how that goes…

MM’s Story

MM was one week late when the doctors decided to go for an induction. After experiencing his birth and becoming a bit more well informed, I sometimes wish we’d simply waited another week, but at the time I was tired of being pregnant and trusted my doctor (who I now like to refer to as Dr. Evil or Do Not Let Her Be Your OBGYN EVER) – and when she suggested an induction date of April 7, I couldn’t pass it up – you see four and seven are my lucky numbers – and that had to count for something, right?

So at 6:00 am we arrived to be induced – then after spending about two hours doing paperwork (how is there always more paperwork?) and waiting around, they came in to give me some petocin. I began dilating, though it was a slow process and I never got terribly far in that process… Around 10am they gave me something – maybe more petocin, maybe something else, to be honest I’m not sure but I bet my husband or mother-in-law could tell you – they weren’t drugged up at the time after all. At some point after that I went into what we call “labor” – something resembling serious contractions and my eyes rolling into the back of my head permanently. She (Dr. Evil) broke my water (by force) sometime in the afternoon.

Then I spent the evening being all in labor except not so much, as I never progressed past 2 or 4 cm or something – they gave me pretty much every drug the hospital had in stock that day, trying to move things along, ease the pain of this, and make up for that but by midnight it seemed pretty clear that not much was happening – except of course for MM trying desperately to come out – when his heart rate dropped they immediately called for a c-section – at which point I think I thought, “Hurray” as I simultaneously puked everywhere. Or that might have happened later, I’m not sure. Did I mention the drugs?

MM was delivered 10 minutes before midnight, if he’d waited any longer to drop his heart rate we would have missed the 4/7 Lucky Numbers Birth Date – so that was kind of sweet of him I guess? I remember that the operating room was hotter than hell – hot enough that my husband got light headed shortly after MM was “born” and had to be moved to a wheel chair for a little while – although I like to think that he was making me feel better or trying to share in my pain or something – either way we all got wheeled out of the operating room and into the recovery room, where I stayed for like a week. I can’t remember exactly how many days I was in the hospital but it was somewhere between four and ten probably. Over that course of time I had lots of visitors, far more than I ever expected to show up – never mind the continuous comings and goings of nurses and doctors who helped me and didn’t help me and bugged me and ignored me in turn until were finally allowed to leave.

There were some nurses who were extremely helpful and kind, unfortunately I don’t remember a single thing about them – what I remember is the anti-nursing nazis who seemed to decide, “If she ain’t figured it out yet, she never will – give the kid a bottle.” Thanks nurses.

Learning to breastfeed was a long, arduous adventure made worse by the length of my labor and recovery. I was barely conscious when they delivered MM and I opted to let them give him the first feeding but specifically requested to have the next one. This of course didn’t happen. I don’t think they handed him back to me for a feeding until about 4 or 5 meals in – and being a nursing newbie I had my own sea of troubles, i.e. I had no idea what I was doing and unfortunately neither did MM. It would take months to figure that out. Anyway…

My son had the pointiest head in like history or something for all his efforts which is really too bad because most kids born by cesarean have nice perfect round heads – but MM wanted to try a little bit of everything for his birth so he got the cone head to prove it, minus the movie deal.

And that’s how our little MM was born. Check back later today for the first guest posts of the week from Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious? and Jen @ Our Daily Big Top!