*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Her Big Brother's Birth Story

Tomorrow morning MM will become a big brother. By tomorrow night I will have experienced my second “delivery” and soon I will have two birth stories to share with the world. To celebrate the birth of little Baby Blueberry, or BB, I’ve planned a week’s worth of guest posts for you with a myriad of fabulous guest posters – you’ll see a bunch of great birth stories, a Wordless Wednesday style collage, 13 semi-fabulous tips for mothering more than one and more – there might even be a surprise appearance from my fabulous husband.

Today I’m featuring the birth stories of first borns and I thought I’d kick things off by sharing MM’s birth story, which up until now I’ve only outlined in memeish form – which you can see here. I’m going to try and do him a bit more justice now and write it out as a real post, but we’ll see how that goes…

MM’s Story

MM was one week late when the doctors decided to go for an induction. After experiencing his birth and becoming a bit more well informed, I sometimes wish we’d simply waited another week, but at the time I was tired of being pregnant and trusted my doctor (who I now like to refer to as Dr. Evil or Do Not Let Her Be Your OBGYN EVER) – and when she suggested an induction date of April 7, I couldn’t pass it up – you see four and seven are my lucky numbers – and that had to count for something, right?

So at 6:00 am we arrived to be induced – then after spending about two hours doing paperwork (how is there always more paperwork?) and waiting around, they came in to give me some petocin. I began dilating, though it was a slow process and I never got terribly far in that process… Around 10am they gave me something – maybe more petocin, maybe something else, to be honest I’m not sure but I bet my husband or mother-in-law could tell you – they weren’t drugged up at the time after all. At some point after that I went into what we call “labor” – something resembling serious contractions and my eyes rolling into the back of my head permanently. She (Dr. Evil) broke my water (by force) sometime in the afternoon.

Then I spent the evening being all in labor except not so much, as I never progressed past 2 or 4 cm or something – they gave me pretty much every drug the hospital had in stock that day, trying to move things along, ease the pain of this, and make up for that but by midnight it seemed pretty clear that not much was happening – except of course for MM trying desperately to come out – when his heart rate dropped they immediately called for a c-section – at which point I think I thought, “Hurray” as I simultaneously puked everywhere. Or that might have happened later, I’m not sure. Did I mention the drugs?

MM was delivered 10 minutes before midnight, if he’d waited any longer to drop his heart rate we would have missed the 4/7 Lucky Numbers Birth Date – so that was kind of sweet of him I guess? I remember that the operating room was hotter than hell – hot enough that my husband got light headed shortly after MM was “born” and had to be moved to a wheel chair for a little while – although I like to think that he was making me feel better or trying to share in my pain or something – either way we all got wheeled out of the operating room and into the recovery room, where I stayed for like a week. I can’t remember exactly how many days I was in the hospital but it was somewhere between four and ten probably. Over that course of time I had lots of visitors, far more than I ever expected to show up – never mind the continuous comings and goings of nurses and doctors who helped me and didn’t help me and bugged me and ignored me in turn until were finally allowed to leave.

There were some nurses who were extremely helpful and kind, unfortunately I don’t remember a single thing about them – what I remember is the anti-nursing nazis who seemed to decide, “If she ain’t figured it out yet, she never will – give the kid a bottle.” Thanks nurses.

Learning to breastfeed was a long, arduous adventure made worse by the length of my labor and recovery. I was barely conscious when they delivered MM and I opted to let them give him the first feeding but specifically requested to have the next one. This of course didn’t happen. I don’t think they handed him back to me for a feeding until about 4 or 5 meals in – and being a nursing newbie I had my own sea of troubles, i.e. I had no idea what I was doing and unfortunately neither did MM. It would take months to figure that out. Anyway…

My son had the pointiest head in like history or something for all his efforts which is really too bad because most kids born by cesarean have nice perfect round heads – but MM wanted to try a little bit of everything for his birth so he got the cone head to prove it, minus the movie deal.

And that’s how our little MM was born. Check back later today for the first guest posts of the week from Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious? and Jen @ Our Daily Big Top!

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  1. five. - mommablogsalot.com Avatar

    […] to think it all started like this… little MM – one week […]


  2. Jen Avatar

    I hope your labor is going much smoother this time around. Can’t wait to hear all about B.B.!!


  3. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Aw, Jen. So familiar w/ that story. Only I had 6 different drs being @ a military hospital & when the water finally broke & the meconium came out not one could think of flushing my uterus. So we had a very sick little boy who got to take a military life flight helicopter to a local German hospital. Yep, one month in the NICU later & I finally got to take my baby home.

    Way to go on persevering to breastfeed. I’m extremely impressed & this is from someone who didn’t do anything the first day & then pumped for the next 45 days so that my baby could get my milk. He did end up nursing in the end but like you guys, it was a struggle @ first.


  4. Shelley Avatar

    They really encouraged me to try VBAC with my second. This was 1995, so I don’t know if things are different now. But they didn’t let me contract very long before deciding that the contractions weren’t doing anything, and they wouldn’t turn up the pitocin any higher for fear of a uterine rupture.

    I forgot to say…good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear how it went, and of course whether the little blueberry is a boy or a girl!


  5. Krystyn Avatar

    I hope all went well this morning!


  6. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Babies always keep us guessing. Sorry you had a rough experience – I always had the best L&D nurses that it makes me want to go back to school to become one.

    I can totally see MM in his baby pic. I’m guessing from the yellow and green that you didn’t know the sex of the baby?


  7. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Shelley : That is very similar! They definitely gave me the option for either a VBAC or a planned c-section. I’d initially been planning a VBAC but when we heard the statistics of uterine rupture during a VBAC (1 in 100) my husband and I decided we weren’t very fond of those odds and I also learned that my mother (who has had 7 children) had a lot of induced and unsuccessful births until finally going the planned c-section route herself. We figured we’d play it safe and hope for an easier birth this time around! 🙂


  8. Shelley Avatar

    I just had to comment on this, because the birth of your first child sounds almost exactly like the birth of my first child, even though she is 17 now!
    I was a week late, and I started having contractions, finally, on the evening of 4/6, but in 1992! We went to the hospital at about 4 in the morning on 4/7, and honestly I think if I hadn’t already been a week overdue, they would have sent me home to wait. But they didn’t…at about 10am, the doctor broke my water to try and move things along. After that, horribly painful contractions for about 30 minutes until my epidural got there. Then things seemed to stop. Hubby and I watched TV and played cards all day, and into the night. Then I had the same thing happen as you, the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically, and they took me right in for a c-section. The only difference? My daughter was born at 21 minutes AFTER midnight, so her birthday is April 8th! How weird is that?

    Second daughter was a VBAC that did not work, ended up with a c-section anyway, and the third one was a planned c-section. Did they ask you about VBAC for your second, or did they just automatically plan a C?