File this under: Things found while cleaning the house.

Sometimes I’m cleaning up around the house and I find stuff like this lying around and I’m torn between “Geez, does anyone even clean up after themselves…” and “Wait? What? What even is this?” and sometimes “Are my children brilliant and way more funny and interesting than I am?” and then “Do you think I’mContinue reading “File this under: Things found while cleaning the house.”

5 Things I’d Want On a Desert Island

We’ve been having the world’s weirdest warm snap that I’m not even complaining about. But when it’s 65 degrees in Wisconsin in February, it bears mentioning, you know? Anyway, being t-shirt weather outside has me dreaming of summer when I won’t be looking behind my back for another cold snap. And thinking about summer can leadContinue reading “5 Things I’d Want On a Desert Island”

sweetened condensed daybook: now without pictures!

Today… Outside my window: it’s a bit cold and dreary. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and lay on the ground down like yesterday’s news. Or something. I don’t know, shut up. This weekend we: had dinner and birthday cake for Dan with friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. It wasContinue reading “sweetened condensed daybook: now without pictures!”