Twinsies or Nah? Mila Kunis & Valerie Harper


You know when you notice that two celebrities look really similar and then you cannot unsee the similarities? I’ve got a major case of the Time Travel Twinsies right now and I need to get this off my chest so that I can think about something else. Mila Kunis and Valerie Harper circa the 1970s – serious twinsies!!

I’ve been binge watching old episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu and noticed that Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda, was the spitting image of Mila Kunis. It’s not even just looks though, her voice and mannerisms were giving me major That 70s Show flashbacks to the point where I looked up Harper online to see if there was any chance they were mother and daughter or cousins or anything. The internet assures me this isn’t the case.

Similarities worth noting, apart from their facial features:

  • Both girls starred in tv shows that take place in the 1970s.
  • They are both known for being loud, talkative, spunky girls in said sitcoms.
  • They both play girls that you kind of like in spite of yourself. Flawed, funny, fearless women.

What do you think? Could Valerie / Mila be the female Doctor Who, traveling across time in awesome bell bottoms and floral prints, starring in beloved tv shows and dating handsome men?

Twinsies or Nah?


5 Things I’d Want On a Desert Island


We’ve been having the world’s weirdest warm snap that I’m not even complaining about. But when it’s 65 degrees in Wisconsin in February, it bears mentioning, you know? Anyway, being t-shirt weather outside has me dreaming of summer when I won’t be looking behind my back for another cold snap. And thinking about summer can lead to thinking about relaxing on an island, or being deserted on one.

I was reading this list of 50 blog post ideas at Wear Daisy Went and one of the prompts was Desert island beauty products. That list would be really short for me – sunscreen and a hat. But the whole concept of “what things would you hope you had if stranded on a desert island” is an oldie and a goodie so I thought I’d play along in a more generic sense. Here are 5 things I’d want on me if I somehow tripped and fell on a desert island, minus children and husband because obviously I’d want company if possible.

  1. A good book. At first I was thinking my kindle with loads of books on it, but on the off chance that I’m stranded long enough for batteries to die, I’d better rely on something a little longer lasting. And it needs to be a favorite that is always enjoyable to pick up even when you have already read it. Something like Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter comes to mind.
  2. A journal and something to write with. I’m going to be pretty bored and have fairly unlimited writing time so something to write on would be ideal. I can wax poetic about Island Life and all the deep thoughts that come to me when I have too much time on my hands like “if a blogger screams on an island but no one is around to comment, did she really make a sound?” and “what good is prime shipping if you are stranded on a desert island?”
  3. One of those water bottles that can filter ocean water to make it drinkable. That’s gotta be a thing, right? It makes sense to stay hydrated while working on my tan. Add to this list of sensible items the aforementioned hat and sunscreen.
  4. Also a Swiss army knife seems like it could be useful. I can go all Girl Scouts of America and make my own shelter out of bamboo and leaves and sticks and stuff. I can crack open coconuts and carve my initials into all the trees so that everyone knows I was there. Posterity, you know.
  5. A deck of playing cards. Solitaire for the win, you know? In a pinch I could pretend the coconuts are friends and totally own them in a game of Poker.

Frivolous add-ons: good sunglasses, a cell phone so I can play some games until my battery dies (I assume there won’t be cell service otherwise I’d have called for help or posted my dilemma on Facebook), a magical button that makes Starbucks iced coffee appear in my hand, pizza delivery, cabana service, a camera (so I can photograph my magic button coffee and pictures of the sunset)

What 5 items would you want on a desert island?

Daybook: November 29

tuckered out


Outside my window: the wind is blowing through the trees, making the tarp on our patio dance in the breeze (hey that rhymed). It’s been cold lately and the wind hasn’t been helping at all.

This weekend we: mostly spent catching up from our week out of town. Laundry, errands and a lot of meals on paper plates. We also spent some time catching up on our DVR which is filled to the brim with fun shows we missed.

MM and Godwin the Elf

We also: said hello to a special visitor, Godwin who came to spend time with MM and BB before Christmas. He’s a little mischevious but overall, fairly well behaved so I don’t mind his  presence. He’s made fast friends with Ferb and they’ve been having lots of slumber party fun together.

slumber party fun with Godwin and Ferb

This morning we found him trying on MM’s new socks which I guess I forgot to put away before we went to bed last night.


I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle and I’m about halfway through it. I got a lot more time with it over our vacation since I didn’t bring any hard copy books and devoted my time to e-reading. I’m planning to avoid picking up any other books until I finish.

I have written: about 43,000 words which is both good and bad. I’m impressed that I made it this far but with only 2 days left until NaNoWriMo is over I’m definitely feeling the pressure and have no idea if I’ll finish on time.

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One last picture to share before I go:here’s a bonus shot from our vacation, little BB with her meme!

BB and here meme

Isn’t that coat and hat adorable? Dan’s parents got them for her and we are just swooning every time we see her in them!

sweetened condensed daybook: now without pictures!


Outside my window: it’s a bit cold and dreary. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and lay on the ground down like yesterday’s news. Or something. I don’t know, shut up.

This weekend we: had dinner and birthday cake for Dan with friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. It was heavenly and also much fun.

We also: did other stuff that was pretty cool.

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle and making fairly good progress with it as I am currently sans-physical books. Expect a review of The Lace Reader soon as I finished it just before the weekend.

I have written: only about 36,000 words and I’m now currently quite stuck in my plot and hoping to figure out what happens next soon.

You should: imagine that this post contains lots of exciting stories and pictures. I promise my next daybook entry will do just that!

Other links you should click: probably anything besides this blog really would be a step up today.

One last picture thought to share before I go: sorry no new pictures at the moment (now stop throwing rocks, silly, you don’t want to break your computer screen do you?) but I think if you close your eyes and picture a rather generic adorable picture of Little BB getting into mischief, your imagination should prove sufficient, don’t you think?

Daybook: November 15th

MM using his new mickey mote - review at coming soon!


Outside my window: the weather is pretty mild for the moment. Yesterday was one of those awful gray and dreary days complete with some bitter cold sleet that was not at all welcomed in my opinion. We haven’t had any snow yet though and for that I am grateful. We’ve got highs predicted in the 50’s for the next couple days which isn’t so bad.

This weekend we: mostly spent getting some errands done. I gave Dan a much needed haircut Sunday afternoon and we bought a birthday present for my SIL who’s birthday is actually today! Happy Birthday Katie! I also got two beautiful new sweaters at New York & Company (mine are in black and bronze). I have been having really great luck there for clothes lately. It involves spending a bit more money than I like but I end up getting better quality clothes that look really good as opposed to cheap clothing that looks okay. So maybe I need to continue on this path of better quality / smaller quantity of clothing. And the advantage to having lost so much weight since last winter is that now I need some new clothes.

watching Toy Story 3

We also: watched Toy Story 3 with MM on Saturday which we finally got on Netflix. Like everyone else in the universe we really liked it a lot. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely add it to your list of things to do soon. Dan and I also watched the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe – love him! I like that every Robin Hood movie seems to have a slightly different angle and this one was really good – a bit darker which I’m fond of, although Men in Tights might still be my favorite Robin Hood to date (majorly tied with the BBC series which was amazing).

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle still and The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry which is the next book club pick for the meeting on December 1st. At first I was only sort of luke warm with The Lace Reader but it is quickly growing on me and getting harder and harder to put down. I think what really helped was the emerging possible love plot. I am all about love stories – add to that all of the Salem MA history and descriptions and I’m hooked.

I have written: about 25,000 words so far for National Novel Writing Month. Things seem to be progressing pretty well and I’m hoping to write a lot this week as I don’t anticipate having a lot of writing time the week of Thanksgiving. I’d been stuck on a certain plot point for awhile but once I figured it out it quickly opened up plenty of new material which is very, very good. I also have a working title for the book: tentatively titled Fly Away (or possibly Black Bird?)

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One last picture to share before I go: Surprise! It’s BB of course. Here’s a shot of her climbing on daddy’s chair at the kitchen table. A favorite activity of hers that still makes me nervous every time.

BB is ready for a snack!

Aloha : Mommy Time

Last night was Bunco night – a true lifesaver these days as we’ve been cooped up sans car more than I like, making us all a bit batty. Mommy was truly, truly in need of a night out without the kids and it was heavenly. We ate junk food, played a fun game, I got to talk to new friends and old – and I won back $4 of the $5 we put in to play. Not bad!

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

When was the last time you went out with friends, no kids and no spouse along?

What is your favorite thing to do when you do get a Mom’s Night Out?

aloha friday @ an island life

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Daybook: November 1st

the trick or treat gang


Outside my window: it’s another cloudy, cool day. tells me it is in the 40’s right now with a high of 55 predicted. Last night we trick or treated in 45 degree weather but when the sun began to set, it got pretty cold. By the time we got home and realized we’d left windows open, I was an absolute (wimpy) Popsicle!

trick or treat!

Last night: was obviously Halloween. The kiddos wore their Mickey and Minne costumes and we went around our friend’s neighborhood were MM got the world’s hugest loot of Halloween candy. We will be in candy heaven for awhile now, I think. We’ve already divvied up the candy, letting MM keep a few of his predicted favorites and Dan and I did the same, sending the rest of it to Dan’s office to let coworkers have a go at.

mostly minnie

The kids costumes were on the understated side and once jackets and hats started to happen, I’m not sure anyone could really tell what they were but they still had a blast. BB really had only a mild interest in wearing her Minnie Ears but she sure looked cute! I tried to make sure that most of their costumes were made of individual pieces that could be reworn in their regular wardrobe. Next year I will add to that demand that they be much, much warmer.

she and I

We also: spent a bit of time bumming around the apartment on Saturday, letting Dan get some knitting projects done while I spent sometime online planning possible sabbatical vacations. Every 5 years his employer gives employees a 5 week sabbatical (my details might not be exactly right but you get the idea). If said employee travels to a country he’s never been to, they help pay for the airfare. Pretty cool, huh? After a lot of humming and hawing we are toying with the idea of saving his first sabbatical to take a trip to Europe for our 10 year anniversary (in 6 years). We guess that our kids might opt to spend 2 weeks with their grandparents while we take a trip to Madrid, Paris, Venice and Athens (1 week each in 2 cities, 1 or 2 days in the other 2). All of this of course is still just hypothetical and depending on our budget, etc. but it does sound like a fantastic anniversary trip, doesn’t it?

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle still and also The Sweet Potato Queens Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit by Jill Conner Browne. I’m getting  through the paper books much quicker than the electronic ones, but that’s the way I figured it would go – especially with a Sweet Potato Queens book – love them and they are such light, quick reads. After SPQ I plan to probably start reading The Lace Reader, the next book club pick.

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  • I love this fantastic DIY Childs Activity Table at Our Family Unit. I really like the idea of designing something for your specific needs and aesthetic. I spent some time last night imaging the perfect storage / table ideas for our house (you know the one we’re supposedly buying this Spring).
  • Blissfully Domestic has a great post on taking self portraits – something I always struggle with but am slowly getting the hang of.
  • Got 2 minutes? Live Laugh Eat has two great pumpkiny microwavy recipes that you need to check out!

One last picture to share before I go: Underneath her Minnie Dress, BB wore a black turtleneck and thick black stockings. She looked like a ninja for sure – or maybe a Parisian art student. Add cat ears and some face paint, and she could have been a cat, too! Very versatile!

ninja baby

Aloha Friday: best of the year

I was looking at my 365 project the other day and noticed that we are now more than 300 days into 2010! Time has really flown by for us this year, with our little kiddos getting steadily bigger and life happening a mile a minute!

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

What’s the best thing that’s happened so far this year? What are you most looking forward to in the next 64 days or so?

aloha friday @ an island life

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Daybook: October 25th

an afternoon latte and homemade biscotti - click picture for recipe at Annie's Eats


Outside my window: it’s a pretty typical fall day, cloudy with colorful trees still lining the horizon. Thunderstorms are predicted for tonight, hopefully I won’t have to drive through any on the way to or from MM’s first soccer practice this afternoon.

This weekend we: purchased the finishing touches for our Halloween costumes and Dan sewed everything which needed sewing (not much). Luckily we got our errands out of the way quickly because Sunday Dan was sick with some sort of evil cold and towards the end of the night I seemed to get it also. I don’t have it quite as bad as he did, no sore throat or anything this morning, but I still feel absolutely exhausted. Hopefully my energy will perk up tonight.

creme brulee

We also:did a lot of baking before the Energy Suck Cold kicked in. Saturday Dan made creme brulee and Sunday morning I made homemade biscotti, pictured at the top of the post, using this recipe that I found at Annie’s Eats.

Little Women by Louisa May AlcottI am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle. I’m about 5% through so it might take me awhile to get through it and I’m sure I’ll be picking up a physical book at some point also (Wednesday night is book club so I’m hoping to pick up the November book soon).

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One last picture to share before I go: check out this awesome action shot of MM jumping into a pile of leaves outside our apartment.

jumping in leaves

Daybook: October 11th

taking a walk with a balloon


Outside my window: we seem to be having an Indian Summer with temperatures in the 80’s, bright blue skies and t-shirts coming back out of the closet while all my pretty fall sweaters wait impatiently for cooler weather.

This weekend we: celebrated the third birthday of one of MM’s good friends. The weather was so lovely we took the party outdoors and we all had a blast relaxing together and enjoying the celebration of the day.

her first car

Miss Blueberry had her first driving experience in a classic red Cozy Coupe and really surprised me when she instantly seemed to know what she was doing – this girl is going places!

We also: did a little baking this weekend, which I blogged about here. I made one of my favorite cookie recipes but added a little peppermint extract and it was amazing! I was very pleased with how they came out and plan to make them again for sure.

peppermint chocolate chocolate chip cookies

The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel FrederickI am reading: The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick which I’m enjoying so far. It’s a much lighter read than what I’ve been picking up lately, no sci-fi twists or heady love stories, but I’m enjoying the change of pace and love all of the references to great literature like Little Women, a favorite of mine.

I never got a chance to blog about: our trip to the park Friday afternoon with some of our WI besties. We drove out to a park we’d never been to before and the boys had a little nature hunt and art project and of course some good old fashioned playground fun. I got some adorable pictures of all of the kids – making my 365 picture for that day a tough choice!

MM and his friend Little Bear at the playground

that beautiful girl of mine

hard at work on their art project

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One Two last pictures to share before I go: I know it’s kind of been all BB all the time lately, but seriously? Two last pictures and then I promise to take a picture of my son soon, okay?


I cannot deal with all this cuteness