Daybook: November 29

tuckered out


Outside my window: the wind is blowing through the trees, making the tarp on our patio dance in the breeze (hey that rhymed). It’s been cold lately and the wind hasn’t been helping at all.

This weekend we: mostly spent catching up from our week out of town. Laundry, errands and a lot of meals on paper plates. We also spent some time catching up on our DVR which is filled to the brim with fun shows we missed.

MM and Godwin the Elf

We also: said hello to a special visitor, Godwin who came to spend time with MM and BB before Christmas. He’s a little mischevious but overall, fairly well behaved so I don’t mind his  presence. He’s made fast friends with Ferb and they’ve been having lots of slumber party fun together.

slumber party fun with Godwin and Ferb

This morning we found him trying on MM’s new socks which I guess I forgot to put away before we went to bed last night.


I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle and I’m about halfway through it. I got a lot more time with it over our vacation since I didn’t bring any hard copy books and devoted my time to e-reading. I’m planning to avoid picking up any other books until I finish.

I have written: about 43,000 words which is both good and bad. I’m impressed that I made it this far but with only 2 days left until NaNoWriMo is over I’m definitely feeling the pressure and have no idea if I’ll finish on time.

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One last picture to share before I go:here’s a bonus shot from our vacation, little BB with her meme!

BB and here meme

Isn’t that coat and hat adorable? Dan’s parents got them for her and we are just swooning every time we see her in them!

2 responses to “Daybook: November 29”

  1. Sues2u2 Avatar

    I love it (yeah, I’m odd) of little kids just falling where they are & being Done. You know that they’ve had a wonderful time & are now just exhausted.

    And, yes, BB’s new jacket is too cute. She looks like a little angel.


  2. jen@odbt Avatar

    Sounds like you had a great trip. Was wondering where you were 🙂 The pic of BB napping is how I felt after Thanksgiving dinner! Our elf arrives on the 1st…hopefully he’ll influence my kiddos to behave and be nicer to each other.