You Know I <3 a Good Greenie Blog

I’m not the greenest girl on the blog (get it like block but it’s a blog) but I mean well and I’m always looking for new easy ways to get my green on. I shop with reusable bags, reuse gift wrap all the time, and try to find new lives for old things. So whenContinue reading “You Know I ❤ a Good Greenie Blog”

Eww!! Germy McGerm Germs!!

So, what do we think about air sanitizers and disinfectants? I keep seeing these commercials on tv where Oust is all like “We are so much better than Lysol because…” and then Lysol comes on five minutes later to say, “We are like SO much better than Oust because…” and when I’m not thinking, “WhenContinue reading “Eww!! Germy McGerm Germs!!”