You Know I <3 a Good Greenie Blog

I’m not the greenest girl on the blog (get it like block but it’s a blog) but I mean well and I’m always looking for new easy ways to get my green on. I shop with reusable bags, reuse gift wrap all the time, and try to find new lives for old things.

So when Bzz Agents posted a frogpond for Ideal Bite, this awesome new website / blog that claims to be “a sassier shade of green” I was all about it / all over it. Their website was adorable and easy to navigate and their blog was RSS friendly. And their posts are clever and full of useful information that’s easily accessible – they are all about the, “Hey I can do that” attitude.

So if you’re looking for easy ways to get greener and like a sassy ‘tude, definitely check them out. And if you like being one of those always in the know people, finding out about the new great before the rest, and being able to become a part of a very cool word of mouth movement, be sure to check out BzzAgents, too. They are like one of my favorite things.

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