Weekend Diversions: The Blogiversary Special

In honor of my 1 Year Blogiversary, this week’s Weekend Diversions will all be somewhat blogging themed. They aren’t quite as divertive as usual, but they are cool. And it’s my party, I  can do what I want to.

First order of business is to avoid being productive and see which celebrities are on Twitter now. Some of my favorite celebs to follow are @danecook, @MarthaStewart, @johncmayer, @TheEllenShow and @jimmyfallon. But Blissfully Domestic just did a post listing even more great celebs now on Twitter like: @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), @MrsKutcher (Demi Moore), @BritneySpears, @MishaBarton, @TheRue (Rumer Willis), @LilyRoseAllen, @JaneFonda, @FranDrescher, @iamdiddy (P. Diddy), @BrodyJenner, @RyanSeacrest, @MCHammer, @ElijahWood, @Jamie_Oliver, @Michael_Phelps, @LukeWilson, @TinaFey, @JimmyKimmel and of course @PerezHilton. That should keep you happily diverted for awhile… When you’re done updating your following list (you are following @mommablogsalot, right?) we’ll continue. ::waits::

Wasn’t that fun? But now you’ve been sitting on your arse twittering for god knows how long, eating god knows how many delicious snacks (I’m drooling just imagining it, and I have a very good imagination when it comes to snacks). Time to burn some of those blogging calories with the ProBlogger’s 10 Ways To Get Fit While Blogging. I’ll give you a sampling to get you started, but then you’ll have to click that link for the rest:

1. Cyber Squats – Who says you have to sit when you’re online? Set your chair aside for a few minutes and instead do squats as you write your next blog post, comment, or when you cruise around the Web. I’m squatting as I write this post – ouch!

2. RSS Raises – As you’re sitting at your desk, straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you. Do this as you catch up on your favorite blogs on your RSS reader.”

Alright now that you’re feeling toned and fabulous and probably thinking about jumping on Twitter to see if @johncmayer has updated recently, let me entice you with… money. Yeah it’s a low blow I know, but seriously the ProBlogger is at it again with New Blogger Jobs Available. So now you can call all this bloggy diversion the most worthwhile activity you engage in, because when you aren’t being entertained or sharpening your writing skills, you’re getting in a stellar workout and making money, too! So be sure you check out that article, too before moving on to my last diversion which sounds suspiciously like work except with a huge payoff…

Another gem from Blissfully Domestic this week: Free College Tuition (if they’re willing to work for it). How cool is this? Apparently the new campus trend is offering students free tuition and/or room and board in exchange for their manual labor. Sound too good to be true? I was actually very impressed with the deals they were offering – things like working 10, 20 hours a week will get your kids free tuition in some of these schools and one college of engineering is simply offering free tuition to it’s students. Seriously. I know you’re checking that article out right now for links to your kid’s future college dreams. Your welcome.

That’s actually all for this week – sorry no funny videos (try YouTube) or games (okay there is this one) but I’m suspecting this was worth your time anyway. Stay tuned for more blogiversary celebrations, coming to an RSS feeder near you…

Playing Favorites: Top 10 Moments in Mommablogsalot History

Auds @ Barking Mad is giving away a $250 Target Gift Card and all you have to do to be eligible to win is post 5-10 of your favorite posts from your blog. How could I not? Especially since I seem to love my blog like crazy. I found about 20-25 posts that I LOVE (am I a narcissist or what?). But I managed to narrow it down to 10 after long moments of soul searching and these are the results of that search, my 10 favorite posts, ranging from serious to seriously silly, in my opinion, they are the cream of my crop. Or something.

Favorite Book Reviews:

Favorite John Mayer-Related Ramblings:

Favorite Attempts at Proving that I think about important things, too: One Religious / One Political:

Favorite Parenting Post:

Favorite Walking Down Memory Lane Post:

Favorite Sad, Mourning Post That Turned into a Grey’s Anatomy Advertisement:

Now I am sure you have written WAY better posts than that! So if you like Target and you’re not a total tool, you’d better follow suit, and write up an entry of your own to enter in Auds’ Favorite Posts Contest

No Kidding, John, You’re MORE Than Okay

Just read John’s latest blog post – you should, too, especially if you’ve never checked it out before. It’s always been a very interesting read – anyway this latest post is about celebrity gossip and Don Rickles, who according to John is the best in the industry when it comes to insulting someone with flair and true entertainment value, and living to tell about it. It’s a very interesting read that I think any of us bloggers who may occasionally make a snarky comment or two (who, me?) aught to keep in mind.

So go read his words on the subject, because per usual they are better than mine will be. And the next time I make a snarky comment about someone remind me to end with a wink and a smile for John.

A Surprising Discovery

I’m surprised. I can’t believe none of you ever mentioned how insanely hot Jack Johnson is. Here I’ve been all John Mayer obsessed for so long I guess I never bothered to LOOK at Jack Johnson, I mean except for this:

Yeah I’ve seen that – he looks like a tool (forgive me for saying so, but it’s true and it’s awfully sneaky and unfair of him to be covering up like that so that I remained up until this moment unaware that he really looks like this:

I had to wait for Curious George to let me know. The movie ended and we are still waiting for dh to get home (should be any minute now, you know right about when I post something indecent about my thoughts about Jack Johnson now) and MM was all, “I want George,” and I was all, “We just watched George,” but he was insistent and rather than start the movie over again I turned to the special features which I’ve ignored up until now and played the Upside Down music video and this gorgeous hunk jumps into the water after slipping on a banana peel that George so sneakily left on the ground and I’m all, “Who is that hottie, because that can’t be Jack Johnson… can it?”

But I googled and it so clearly IS Jack Johnson and now I’m like, “How could I not have known this? I’ve been deceived all this time – I never knew he looked just as hot as his music sounds amazing – I could have started a fan club. Or at least joined one.” And you should have told me, blogland – I put my trust in you to keep me abreast of these things. Never once have I seen Mr. Jack Johnson on the Friday Eye Candy list – ladies, I expect more than that from you – how have you been leaving him out?

Point is – you ladies need to keep a better eye on all the potential hotness so that we don’t miss out on any more of this. I’m now plotting getting tickets to a Jack Johnson concert because I didn’t know there was such a huge advantage to seeing him live – and if I keep it on the low down, dh won’t suspect a thing…

Calling All Jens: I Want YOU (Who Wouldn’t?)

I have noticed more than once since starting this blog that there are a LOT of Jens in blogland – we go by a wide array of variations, like all Jen’s – there are Jennifers, Jens, Jenns, Jennis, Jennies, Jennys and probably more. Some of my favorite bloggers are Jens which should really come as no surprise, because let’s face it, Jen’s rock. We are known for being awesome, am I right?

But I got to thinking that all of us Jens – we could take over the world if we joined forces – or at least one very random blog post. So I’m calling you out, Jens of Blogland – I want to know just how many of you there are!

If you are a Jen and reading this, COMMENT and let me know.

And ask all your Jen friends to comment, too, possibly by posting this badge on your own blog and proclaiming your Jen-ness to the Blogworld. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Let’s start a movement. Let’s see how many Jens we can find out here in the Blogiverse and then all meet up here on this post for a Jen Party – Bring Your Own Jens.

We can all wear “Hello my name is Jen” name tags (just print the one at the top of this post and tape it to your shirt – don’t worry, we’re all doing it, too) and talk about how many famous Jen’s there are in history and Hollywood and how we may or may not be just like them… Like Jennifer Aniston (would you date a famous musician ten years your junior?), J Lo (would you J Lo your name? Why or why not?), Jenny McCarthy (have you written humorous yet touching books about your children and made even more millions from it?), Gweneviere (a variation of our multifaceted name – have you ever had an affair with your husband or boyfriend’s best friend?)…

Are you a Jen? Do you like your name or loathe it? How many Jen’s were in your classes growing up? Did your Spanish teacher ever make you change your name for class because there were too many Jennifers? Are you super strict about what variation of Jen you go by? One N or two? If you are a Jenny/i/ie do you prefer the ie, i or the y? Why? Would you name your daughter Jen? How many Jens do you know? Comment here and tell me all about yourself and your Jen-ness.

ps: Does anybody else think of this snippet from Across The Universe anytime you see or hear the phrase “I want you”? Just me? Do all Jens inherently love this movie? We really should.

Memo To Jen & John: Let’s Call A Truce?

I get it. You like each other. The reconciliation is real or whatever. There will be no J’Natalie. Fine.

Truth be told, I like you two together – you are a cute, smart, talented couple and if you wanted to, you could make beautiful babies together. I think I was just bitter because it wasn’t my idea. I wanted a McGosling to call my own. I’m sorry.

I respect both of you too much to be petty and interfere in your affairs – I think I can trust you two to make your own decisions and I want the very best for you both, I really do.

But if you guys are off again tomorrow, I might not be feeling so tactful and peaceful and go with the flowy. I might raise a pirate flag instead. Got it?

You’ve been warned.

John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped

So are John and Jen back together or do they (or the media) just like messing with me? John, you were supposed to call JNatalie who is SINGLE now, as in, on the market, available to take your calls. Instead, you call your ex, which is worse than drunk dialing, just so you know. We all know this never ends well. I mean if you’re just being nice because your ex crashed your birthday party, whatever, but I know about the dinner date last weekend. There are support groups for this you know. And rules.

Don’t Date Your Ex. It’s stupid. I know it can be scary turning old, but didn’t anyone tell you that thirties is young now? It’s like the new 20. With today’s technology even 40 isn’t old. I know 50 year olds who look like what I thought 30 looked like ten years ago (you know when I was fifteen). What’s my point?

You’re supposed to be dating JNatalie!

Geez. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jessica, okay?

An URGENTish Open Letter To John Mayer,

In case you weren’t reading the People Mag headlines on your Google RSS Reader this morning like I was, or in case she didn’t call you herself to tell you, JNatalie is officially On The Market (I’m assuming you haven’t snatched her up yet or that would have probably been in the headline, right?) as she and her folk-rocker boyfriend whom I’ve never heard of have BROKEN UP.

Notice, if you will, that her ex was a musician – that totally gives you an in – and I mean, maybe she’s a little tired of the folk rock thing and you can be all, “Baby, I’m gonna pour you a bowl of Count Chocula and sing you some POP music while I pull some of the oat pieces out, so it tastes like there’s just mooooore marshmallow, baby JNatalie, cause that’s how much I care about you girl, girl I would change up the marshmallow to oat ratio for you!”

And how could she say no to that? I know any man who can talk about breakfast cereals and ratios in the same sentence is a worthy partner indeed. I’ve tried to sneak it into my husband’s conversations (to little avail) for sure and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for him.

And John did you hear about the charity compilation she curated on iTunes, Big Change: Songs for FINCA? That’s right, she’s into charities and music and HELPING people. I don’t think we need to put this up to vote anymore, John, this girl:

She’s The One. I can FEEL it.

So please put me out of my “misery” and “call her” or whatever it is you famous people do to hook up.

But WHEN you hook up and you’re all wedding bells and fireworks together, don’t alert the media – because it seems to me that media and romance are like the kiss of  death for you young stars. So, just, email me or whatever at mommablogsalot @ gmail.com and let me know so that I can get to work planning your wedding and I promise I won’t tell anybody who doesn’t read this blog, mkay?

Impatiently Waiting,


It's My Blog and I Can Meme If I Want To

Stole this meme from Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone, who was tagged by BookMomma @ Hot Wheel Hacienda. I suppose maybe I’ve done enough memes in my short blogging career but this one actually looked remotely different from all the rest, so you know I had to jump on that.

1. What is your favorite quotable line from a movie?

Photo by mrkumm @ flickr
Photo by mrkumm @ flickr

Lets see I think the movies I probably quote the most are Biodome [“free mahi mahi, free mahi mahi, if you will”], Princess Bride [“Inconcievable!” among others], and Roman Holiday. The one I quote most frequently varies by the season. Right now we’re big on quoting Roman Holiday by being uber mockingly polite. It goes something like this.

“Thank you.”

“No thank you.”


::hilarious laughter::

::blank stares from onlookers not in the know::

2. Who is the most famous person you’ve talked to?

Well I’m not sure how famous they are, but I’ve met the band Dispatch – kinda popular with the college crowd, at least they were. I’ve also met several local musicians who I think are star-worthy: Jonah Cohen and Rebecca Loebe being my two favorites.

Jonah @ The Roxy Theatre
Jonah Cohen @ The Roxy Theatre
Rebecca Loebe photo by Kelly Davidson

3. How many bags of potato chips (crisps) are consumed at your house per month?

Well for the most part we stick to things like Trader Joes cheese puffs or tortilla chips with the occasional weak moment that finds us buying Doritos or Wachusett Sour Cream and Onion heaven potato chips. I’d guess we go through approximately 1 and a half bags a week. Times four that’s about 6 bags a week. Is that bad?

4. What foreign dish do you prepare from scratch and serve?

My enchilda pizza is mostly from scratch – I mean, I don’t like make my own tortillas or taco seasoning, but I slice my own vegetables, cook my own meat, assemble myself, bake myself, etc. Does that count? It’s delicious by the way. If that helps to make it count as “home made” anyway…

5. What is your favourite section of the supermarket?

Um the delicious tasty bakery. I may have mentioned I have a bit of a sweet tooth – that’s the section I sneak into at the end of the grocery trip, especially if I’ve behaved a lot in other sections. Ready made cakes, pies, cheesecake, cookies, muffins and breads… oh so hard to resist.

6. What was your high school’s team mascot and colours?

I went to two high schools – the first’s mascot was The Trojan, and the colors were purple and white. A lot of jokes about “school spirit” were made. Trust me. Second school’s mascot was a Mountaineer, colors were green and white – a mountaineer as far as I can tell is an old man with a stick. Very few “school spirit” jokes made about that other than, “Hey you punk kid, get off my lawn!”

So let’s see… who to tag (not that I was tagged, but hey, what does that really matter)… About whom would I want to know the answers to these questions… I think I’ll try to tag 6 people just to make this all even Steven…

– edit –

How did I manage to publish this and completely forget to actually tag people? Am I a moron or a mother? Or both? Well…

Patrice @ Not a Girl, Not a Woman – I know your busy with school and frat parties and all, but a meme, that should be easy for you lady! Make it work!

McMommy @ The McMommy Chronicles – I’m thinking filling this meme out is the least she can do to thank me for voting for her for the Hottest Female Blogger. Am I right?

Jenni @ Jiggity Jigg – I know you’re all busy being sassy, smart and savvy, but I’m hoping you’ll make time for some super survey sensationalism in your spare time. 🙂

Dooce – Yeah I totally just tagged the infamous Dooce to a meme. I’m just curious to see if she’ll ever actually read a blog this wee little, and if she did, if she’d actually fill this out. Consider it an experiment, if you will, I know John Mayer has not yet responded to my blog post concerning his romantic affairs, so clearly mega star musicians are not reading my blog – but maybe just maybe, a fellow mommy will hook a sister up and make my wildest bloggy dreams come true?

Susie @ Raising the Boys – Woman, you need to post more. At least do us the honor of a meme for pete’s sake!

Jen @ Stuff Jen Says – You know you want to. Please? It’ll only take several minutes… And then if Dooce fills it out, too, you can be all like, “Yeah dooce and I… we meme together.”