No Kidding, John, You’re MORE Than Okay

Just read John’s latest blog post – you should, too, especially if you’ve never checked it out before. It’s always been a very interesting read – anyway this latest post is about celebrity gossip and Don Rickles, who according to John is the best in the industry when it comes to insulting someone with flair and true entertainment value, and living to tell about it. It’s a very interesting read that I think any of us bloggers who may occasionally make a snarky comment or two (who, me?) aught to keep in mind.

So go read his words on the subject, because per usual they are better than mine will be. And the next time I make a snarky comment about someone remind me to end with a wink and a smile for John.

5 thoughts on “No Kidding, John, You’re MORE Than Okay

  1. I used to read his blog a year or so ago and then he deleted it for awhile. I do enjoy his sense of humor and musings.

    This latest one made me feel a little bad for any of the stuff I’ve ever said about him or any other celebrity. I could never be a truly snarky blogger. It just isn’t in me.


  2. @ Jean : Yeah I don’t know – the cake thing was random – his posts are a mix of random and genius, but then again, the same could be said for a lot of bloggers! 🙂


  3. More than a little surprised by the cake baking too. I was pretty impressed w/ how they all came out too. Who knew that behind that pretty face lurked such a hunk? (ok, you did!)

    Of course Don Rickles is the best! And for clean, anybody can enjoy comedy the #1 of all time is Bill Cosby. His “Noah” gets me every time! Well that & “Chocolate Cake”!


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