Weekend Diversions: Grey’s Gossip, Gay Superheros and Gadget Lust

I’m giving you a little bit of everything today with nothing really related to the next thing. And I tried to make them all alliterative and stuff to SEEM related, but trust me, they’re not.

First up, if you know me, you know this has been front and center in my mind lately – Grey’s Anatomy, most specifically the whole Izzie / George thing – should they stay or should they go? First it’s just a silly little rumor which no one really takes seriously, then almost every member of the cast is confirming it, then almost every member of the cast is denying it as soon as Shonda does. Have they been forcibly silenced? Is all this gossip leaking on purpose to boost their known poor rankings this season? How do they have poor rankings in the midst of one of their most controversial, interesting seasons ever? I can hardly believe they aren’t getting enough viewers when almost everyone I know and don’t know has an opinion on the Denny thing – obviously they’ve watched if they know enough to complain.

I know people love to hate on Izzie, but you have to admit she’s one of the most interesting characters in the show and has had a lot of big arcs in this series. She’s also a gorgeous, successful level headed actress with a long career ahead of her. If she really wants to move on, I can’t necessarily blame her – but I also think that her character still has a lot of mileage left in her – and if Izzie leaves, it’s going to break Alex Karev who has finally become real and almost likable. Do the producers really want to do this to him again? Or will he leave, too? As for poor Georgie? Yeah I can see him leaving. His character has been all but silent for weeks and since it doesn’t look like there will be a George / Lexie hook up anymore, I’m really not sure where he could go from here. I liked the military angle, but if Shonda really has something even better planned, then I’m guessing I’ll be fine with it. Speaking of crazy – Sadie? Yeah I’m happy to see her go, but feel kind of weird about her whole character – I told my husband last night that Sadie on this show was kind of like forcibly hanging out with a drunk stranger. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and when they finally leave, nothing has changed on your end except having been uncomfortable and awkward for a few hours. Basically – what was that all about? Her role in Alias was way better, even though I hated her on that show, too.

Which characters story arcs your favorite this season? Least favorite? How do you feel about Izzie and George potentially leaving the show?


So in a completely unrelated change of tangents, apparently DC Comics is going to release their first ever gay superhero. And given their target audience, it should be unsurprising that by that I mean a lesbian. Yes apparently Batwoman will be a fan of the ladies – I support this, I mean, I think it’s about time and yet not even a little bit shocking really. I’m sure she’ll be a big hit with comic book fanboys everywhere.


Alright, and after that brief (awkward and uncomfortable?) intermission, have you seen the new Kindle 2? Apparently thinner than an iPhone it is admittedly drool worthy. But at $350 I still can’t see me ever justifying that kind of expense, especially considering you still have to buy the books you’ll be reading on it. Still, take a look at some of these pictures and day dream with me for a bit…

No Kidding, John, You’re MORE Than Okay

Just read John’s latest blog post – you should, too, especially if you’ve never checked it out before. It’s always been a very interesting read – anyway this latest post is about celebrity gossip and Don Rickles, who according to John is the best in the industry when it comes to insulting someone with flair and true entertainment value, and living to tell about it. It’s a very interesting read that I think any of us bloggers who may occasionally make a snarky comment or two (who, me?) aught to keep in mind.

So go read his words on the subject, because per usual they are better than mine will be. And the next time I make a snarky comment about someone remind me to end with a wink and a smile for John.

Memo To Jen & John: Let’s Call A Truce?

I get it. You like each other. The reconciliation is real or whatever. There will be no J’Natalie. Fine.

Truth be told, I like you two together – you are a cute, smart, talented couple and if you wanted to, you could make beautiful babies together. I think I was just bitter because it wasn’t my idea. I wanted a McGosling to call my own. I’m sorry.

I respect both of you too much to be petty and interfere in your affairs – I think I can trust you two to make your own decisions and I want the very best for you both, I really do.

But if you guys are off again tomorrow, I might not be feeling so tactful and peaceful and go with the flowy. I might raise a pirate flag instead. Got it?

You’ve been warned.

John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped

So are John and Jen back together or do they (or the media) just like messing with me? John, you were supposed to call JNatalie who is SINGLE now, as in, on the market, available to take your calls. Instead, you call your ex, which is worse than drunk dialing, just so you know. We all know this never ends well. I mean if you’re just being nice because your ex crashed your birthday party, whatever, but I know about the dinner date last weekend. There are support groups for this you know. And rules.

Don’t Date Your Ex. It’s stupid. I know it can be scary turning old, but didn’t anyone tell you that thirties is young now? It’s like the new 20. With today’s technology even 40 isn’t old. I know 50 year olds who look like what I thought 30 looked like ten years ago (you know when I was fifteen). What’s my point?

You’re supposed to be dating JNatalie!

Geez. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jessica, okay?