John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped

So are John and Jen back together or do they (or the media) just like messing with me? John, you were supposed to call JNatalie who is SINGLE now, as in, on the market, available to take your calls. Instead, you call your ex, which is worse than drunk dialing, just so you know. We all know this never ends well. I mean if you’re just being nice because your ex crashed your birthday party, whatever, but I know about the dinner date last weekend. There are support groups for this you know. And rules.

Don’t Date Your Ex. It’s stupid. I know it can be scary turning old, but didn’t anyone tell you that thirties is young now? It’s like the new 20. With today’s technology even 40 isn’t old. I know 50 year olds who look like what I thought 30 looked like ten years ago (you know when I was fifteen). What’s my point?

You’re supposed to be dating JNatalie!

Geez. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jessica, okay?

3 responses to “John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped”

  1. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : Awww thanks for cheering me up sweetie. Poor other Jen who isn’t us. We would never be that lame. 🙂 You know JNatalie would know better.


  2. Jen Avatar

    When I saw this story pop up in the People news I just rolled my eyes. Jen is such a sucker! He came right out and said he wasn’t interested in dating her anymore. I think the funny thing is that she is in a movie called “He’s Just Not That Into You” You would think she would be smarter about this. He must be really good in bed.


  3. Scrappy Girl Avatar

    Hey! Thanks for the comments on my blog…I had trouble linking your blog when you changed to a dot com. I am going to try it again cause you are one of my fave reads….thought I had lost ya though. Happy Thursday!