Playing Favorites: Top 10 Moments in Mommablogsalot History

Auds @ Barking Mad is giving away a $250 Target Gift Card and all you have to do to be eligible to win is post 5-10 of your favorite posts from your blog. How could I not? Especially since I seem to love my blog like crazy. I found about 20-25 posts that I LOVE (am I a narcissist or what?). But I managed to narrow it down to 10 after long moments of soul searching and these are the results of that search, my 10 favorite posts, ranging from serious to seriously silly, in my opinion, they are the cream of my crop. Or something.

Favorite Book Reviews:

Favorite John Mayer-Related Ramblings:

Favorite Attempts at Proving that I think about important things, too: One Religious / One Political:

Favorite Parenting Post:

Favorite Walking Down Memory Lane Post:

Favorite Sad, Mourning Post That Turned into a Grey’s Anatomy Advertisement:

Now I am sure you have written WAY better posts than that! So if you like Target and you’re not a total tool, you’d better follow suit, and write up an entry of your own to enter in Auds’ Favorite Posts Contest

Choices: Kitties or Puppies? Donkeys or Elephants? The Hot Chick or the Tiger Woods Guy?

I prepped my son all morning for the election – to put it in words his two year old mind could understand, I told him we were going to VOTE for donkeys or elephants. At various times in the day I asked him, “MM, will you vote for donkeys or elephants?” and his answer, like mine, seemed to vary from moment to moment. Like his mother, he wasn’t sure which one he liked better even as he approached the voting booth, although unlike his mother he seemed to be leaning in the direction of his favorite animal – the elephant, whose name is simply fun to say. Ap-oh-boos. Who could resist? I wish I had such an easy way to make my decisions. Still, in the end, I went with ye ole gut instinct and dh did the same and hopefully this time tomorrow morning the rest of America will have made up their minds, too.

The three of us (dh, MM and I) were decked out in our voting finest as I’d made sure we were all wearing an even mix of red and blue so as to throw off anyone who might be wondering, “Who will they vote for?” Gotta keep people on their toes. Everyone told us our child was ah-dorable and the voting process was over very quickly. I hear there were long lines in many polling locations, but ours was not one of them. We were in and out in minutes. The longest process was choosing between a list of three names I had never heard of somehow. That’s when it’s fun to play games like, “Oh this person lives on a street I recognize” or “That person has the coolest name I’ve ever seen.” Not that I would do that, but it would be funny if I did, right?

My biggest disappointment was that they didn’t offer us any kind of “I voted” sticker or button. How am I supposed to obtain my free coffee and ice cream without a sticker? My husband said I could make one myself but that seems dishonest to me. Whose to say I didn’t make the sticker but not actually vote. I’m thinking it needs to be official. This simply won’t do:

Anyone would see through this feeble attempt at getting stuff for free. So instead I made him take me to Borders where I got a Raspberry Mocha Kiss Latte delicious beverage. It was, indeed, delicious. And probably better than a free coffee with no raspberries, mocha or kisses. Anyway, lets not get into the whole blah blah blah of “I voted for this guy and anyone who didn’t is a pansy.” Instead, I will leave you with more funny videos. Cause we all know that’s WAY more interesting.

See more J’Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

See more J’Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

Wasn’t that fun? Make sure you vote for whatever dog, cat, donkey, elephant, hot chick or Tiger Woods guy you’re gunning for – I really don’t care WHO you vote for, so long as you VOTE. As a special prize for all of my readers who voted today, if you leave a comment on this post saying you voted (we’re going on trust here people, be honest) I won’t kill you if you put my I has Voted button on your blog. Special, huh?

Monday Morning With The Sick Kid

It’s time for another Monday Morning Meme, which is brought to you by Karen @ Write From Karen. This week’s questions are:

1. What’s your mood today? Why do you feel this way? Would you consider yourself to be a moody person overall? When has your “moodiness” gotten you into trouble? Tell us about that incident. Today I’m mostly just siiiiick. In fact, pretty much the whole family is. We woke up yesterday with this lingering suck just sucky enough to make us whine about it, but controlled enough that we kept on trucking, getting our errands done. Do you know how hard it is to pick out fabric for a quilt when you’d rather be hiding under the already made covers? Oh well. This morning I’m doing laundry and being sick. I don’t really have time for an actual mood, I’m just trying to keep it together, you know? I am definitely prone to moody – I have ups and downs and they are usually well defined. I don’t know of any story of my moodiness getting me into trouble but maybe I’m just too sick to think about it?

2. How do you feel about the dentist? On a scale of 1 (terrified) to 10 (he’s like a brother to you). And, if it’s a low number … is there a reason behind your fear / loathing? Tell us a dentist story (we all have them!) The dentist is pretty much a 3 in my book – to be avoided at all cost. I’m not afraid of him, just untrusting and wary. I know I’ll have to get over that pretty soon. But when you combine a lack of dental insurance with a sketchy at best dental history, I think it’s understandable. I’ve had a lot of cavities, a few too many root canals, and I’ve even had to have a tooth pulled because of a lack of communication between the dentist and my father (when I was too young to be the person told) about needing a permanent filling added at a later date. Oh and the root canal where the doctor drilled too deep. That was fun. I probably have all my details mixed up but seriously, I just don’t like them. My last dentist was completely unaware of how to properly use Novocaine and to add to that, he was also the opposite of gentle and kind of a jerk – even the dental hygienists didn’t like him and complained about him behind his back. There is a supposedly really good children’s dentist in the next town (Dr. Tony – read about him here) over and I’m planning to take my son there when the time comes (and I think it’s coming soon) because I’ve heard rave reviews.

3. If you could interview anyone, who would you interview, and what would the first question be? I’d interview John Mayer and my first question would be, “Don’t you read my blog?” My next question would be, “Why haven’t you called Natalie Portman yet?” or “Are you really dating Jennifer Aniston again, because I’m skeptical of the media at this point.”

4. What did you do over the weekend? Let’s see, we had “game night” if you can call it that, and ate lots of yummy pizza, artichoke dip, pumpkin bread & cookies. I bought some fabric and a cutting board, etc. so I can learn to quilt – that should be fun. I hope. I’m not the world’s craftiest person but I’m gonna try! We also bought my son Big Kid Underpants because I’m planning to start POTTY TRAINING this week. More on that later.

John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped

So are John and Jen back together or do they (or the media) just like messing with me? John, you were supposed to call JNatalie who is SINGLE now, as in, on the market, available to take your calls. Instead, you call your ex, which is worse than drunk dialing, just so you know. We all know this never ends well. I mean if you’re just being nice because your ex crashed your birthday party, whatever, but I know about the dinner date last weekend. There are support groups for this you know. And rules.

Don’t Date Your Ex. It’s stupid. I know it can be scary turning old, but didn’t anyone tell you that thirties is young now? It’s like the new 20. With today’s technology even 40 isn’t old. I know 50 year olds who look like what I thought 30 looked like ten years ago (you know when I was fifteen). What’s my point?

You’re supposed to be dating JNatalie!

Geez. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jessica, okay?

Thursday 13: Seattle Grace Style

For this week’s Thursday 13 I’d like to continue in the silly celebrity-obsessed mood that has taken me over since reading about JNatalie being On The Market again (even though I hadn’t been aware that she was off the market in the first place). But I won’t bulldoze you with more of that topic, instead, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy!

The new season is starting tonight and there have been speculations galore about what the new season will bring, but let’s talk about the 13 things that I’D personally like to see in this season’s two hour premiere:

  1. There are rumors that someone on the show will be pregnant, but nobody seems to know WHO – most fingers point to Callie being the obvious suspect, what with all of her hussying about last season, but I think it would be MORE fun if it were a pregnant MAN now that we know that’s possible. And if Callie wants to BE the pregnant man, I guess that would be okay, but don’t you think it would be more fun if somehow Dr. McSteamy himself got pregnant? Somehow??? It is a medical drama, it could happen!
  2. Alex and Izzie just HAVE to get back together. I’m so tired of Izzie lusting after the wrong men – George, seriously? It was cute for exactly one minute. And Denny was fun, but he’s dead and gone so unless she also wants to be dead and gone I say she OPEN HER EYES and admit that she’s hopelessly madly deeply in love with one adorable Alex. Seriously.
  3. I am happy with MerDer for the moment, so I say they can just be happy and lovey and that Derek cannot die in a car accident and that Rose can NOT ruin this for them. And they should move in together post haste.
  4. Hmm and what about Lexie? I see her eyeing one George and while personally I think they’d be GREAT together it doesn’t seem like the writers want to actually take that route, so if she can’t be with George, who SHOULD she be with? Not McSteamy, please. Any ideas? Speculation? Girl needs some FUN is all I’m saying.
  5. I really want the Chief and his Wifey to get back together and for good. They love each other, it’s adorable. They should be all lovey dovey and OHHHHH maybe somehow SHE could be the prego person? Then I wouldn’t mind it not being a man because they could be all, “How is that possible?” and the chief could be all “no way” and his wife could be all “YES WAY, BAM!” I’d love it.
  6. Speaking of marriages that need to be worked the frek out, can Bailey and her man please get some couple’s counseling and work this out? Because I’m just not feeling it. I know there is drama but I really want them to work their ish out. For the BABY, please?
  7. I’m kind of bummed that Pacey won’t be making an appearance now that he’s all Fringey (great show btw) – can one of my other boyfriends make an appearance? John Mayer, are you free? You could totally have an affair with Sandra Oh before you hook up with JNatalie, I give you permission.
  8. Speaking of S.Oh, Cristina needs a better arc this season – no more moping, and no more annoying as all get up competition with Scalpel Up Her But Hahn. Cristina is the bomb and she needs to come into her medical own and maybe get a boyfriend (but I hear that’s definitely happening anyway which is awesome) because there is life after Burke the Jerk.
  9. I think for some reason there should be another Seattle Grace Prom because appart from Denny dying that was FUN – the DRESSES – the high school drama – it was fun. Or how about a homecoming parade? Floats could suddenly start gliding down the aisles, but instead of being on those floatey things, they could be on hospital beds? Work with me, I think it’s brilliant.
  10. If Addison comes back, it has to be so she can be in the MerDer wedding. And she has to be elated and engaged herself to the Private Practice hottie guy whatshisname. And then she’ll go back with her gorgeous red hair and awesome bad assed self. I love her, but not when she’s making MerDer drama, mkay?
  11. Who else could randomly come back? McVet? I kind of liked him, maybe he could be Lexie’s new boy toy? I can actually totally see that, there would be weird drama but Mer is happy with Der so she’d get over it and it could be AWESOME.
  12. I wanna see more babies – we need another prenatal doc to replace Addison’s medical status. A neonatal specialist, is that was she was called? Maybe it could be a man though, that could be hot? The gorgeous pediatrician surgeon guy? He could be Cristina’s new man in the permanent sense after John goes off with JNatalie – maybe JNatalie could be on the show, too, and STEAL John from Cristina and then McPedi could help Cristina get over it in the on call room?
  13. Maybe Hahn and Callie could adopt a child together since Callie isn’t pregnant anymore in my imagination. Dakota Fanning perhaps? Or that adorable little boy from Finding Neverland and everything else.

For more Thursday 13 fun click here and if you do a T13 of your own be sure to link up!

An URGENTish Open Letter To John Mayer,

In case you weren’t reading the People Mag headlines on your Google RSS Reader this morning like I was, or in case she didn’t call you herself to tell you, JNatalie is officially On The Market (I’m assuming you haven’t snatched her up yet or that would have probably been in the headline, right?) as she and her folk-rocker boyfriend whom I’ve never heard of have BROKEN UP.

Notice, if you will, that her ex was a musician – that totally gives you an in – and I mean, maybe she’s a little tired of the folk rock thing and you can be all, “Baby, I’m gonna pour you a bowl of Count Chocula and sing you some POP music while I pull some of the oat pieces out, so it tastes like there’s just mooooore marshmallow, baby JNatalie, cause that’s how much I care about you girl, girl I would change up the marshmallow to oat ratio for you!”

And how could she say no to that? I know any man who can talk about breakfast cereals and ratios in the same sentence is a worthy partner indeed. I’ve tried to sneak it into my husband’s conversations (to little avail) for sure and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for him.

And John did you hear about the charity compilation she curated on iTunes, Big Change: Songs for FINCA? That’s right, she’s into charities and music and HELPING people. I don’t think we need to put this up to vote anymore, John, this girl:

She’s The One. I can FEEL it.

So please put me out of my “misery” and “call her” or whatever it is you famous people do to hook up.

But WHEN you hook up and you’re all wedding bells and fireworks together, don’t alert the media – because it seems to me that media and romance are like the kiss of  death for you young stars. So, just, email me or whatever at mommablogsalot @ and let me know so that I can get to work planning your wedding and I promise I won’t tell anybody who doesn’t read this blog, mkay?

Impatiently Waiting,