Thursday 13: Seattle Grace Style

For this week’s Thursday 13 I’d like to continue in the silly celebrity-obsessed mood that has taken me over since reading about JNatalie being On The Market again (even though I hadn’t been aware that she was off the market in the first place). But I won’t bulldoze you with more of that topic, instead, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy!

The new season is starting tonight and there have been speculations galore about what the new season will bring, but let’s talk about the 13 things that I’D personally like to see in this season’s two hour premiere:

  1. There are rumors that someone on the show will be pregnant, but nobody seems to know WHO – most fingers point to Callie being the obvious suspect, what with all of her hussying about last season, but I think it would be MORE fun if it were a pregnant MAN now that we know that’s possible. And if Callie wants to BE the pregnant man, I guess that would be okay, but don’t you think it would be more fun if somehow Dr. McSteamy himself got pregnant? Somehow??? It is a medical drama, it could happen!
  2. Alex and Izzie just HAVE to get back together. I’m so tired of Izzie lusting after the wrong men – George, seriously? It was cute for exactly one minute. And Denny was fun, but he’s dead and gone so unless she also wants to be dead and gone I say she OPEN HER EYES and admit that she’s hopelessly madly deeply in love with one adorable Alex. Seriously.
  3. I am happy with MerDer for the moment, so I say they can just be happy and lovey and that Derek cannot die in a car accident and that Rose can NOT ruin this for them. And they should move in together post haste.
  4. Hmm and what about Lexie? I see her eyeing one George and while personally I think they’d be GREAT together it doesn’t seem like the writers want to actually take that route, so if she can’t be with George, who SHOULD she be with? Not McSteamy, please. Any ideas? Speculation? Girl needs some FUN is all I’m saying.
  5. I really want the Chief and his Wifey to get back together and for good. They love each other, it’s adorable. They should be all lovey dovey and OHHHHH maybe somehow SHE could be the prego person? Then I wouldn’t mind it not being a man because they could be all, “How is that possible?” and the chief could be all “no way” and his wife could be all “YES WAY, BAM!” I’d love it.
  6. Speaking of marriages that need to be worked the frek out, can Bailey and her man please get some couple’s counseling and work this out? Because I’m just not feeling it. I know there is drama but I really want them to work their ish out. For the BABY, please?
  7. I’m kind of bummed that Pacey won’t be making an appearance now that he’s all Fringey (great show btw) – can one of my other boyfriends make an appearance? John Mayer, are you free? You could totally have an affair with Sandra Oh before you hook up with JNatalie, I give you permission.
  8. Speaking of S.Oh, Cristina needs a better arc this season – no more moping, and no more annoying as all get up competition with Scalpel Up Her But Hahn. Cristina is the bomb and she needs to come into her medical own and maybe get a boyfriend (but I hear that’s definitely happening anyway which is awesome) because there is life after Burke the Jerk.
  9. I think for some reason there should be another Seattle Grace Prom because appart from Denny dying that was FUN – the DRESSES – the high school drama – it was fun. Or how about a homecoming parade? Floats could suddenly start gliding down the aisles, but instead of being on those floatey things, they could be on hospital beds? Work with me, I think it’s brilliant.
  10. If Addison comes back, it has to be so she can be in the MerDer wedding. And she has to be elated and engaged herself to the Private Practice hottie guy whatshisname. And then she’ll go back with her gorgeous red hair and awesome bad assed self. I love her, but not when she’s making MerDer drama, mkay?
  11. Who else could randomly come back? McVet? I kind of liked him, maybe he could be Lexie’s new boy toy? I can actually totally see that, there would be weird drama but Mer is happy with Der so she’d get over it and it could be AWESOME.
  12. I wanna see more babies – we need another prenatal doc to replace Addison’s medical status. A neonatal specialist, is that was she was called? Maybe it could be a man though, that could be hot? The gorgeous pediatrician surgeon guy? He could be Cristina’s new man in the permanent sense after John goes off with JNatalie – maybe JNatalie could be on the show, too, and STEAL John from Cristina and then McPedi could help Cristina get over it in the on call room?
  13. Maybe Hahn and Callie could adopt a child together since Callie isn’t pregnant anymore in my imagination. Dakota Fanning perhaps? Or that adorable little boy from Finding Neverland and everything else.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Seattle Grace Style

  1. @ Christie : I guess the truth is, they weren’t going to work out. They were both crazy about each other but they didn’t seem to “speak the same love language” when push came to shove came to scalpel…

    But yeah I’m excited for her for moving on (at least according to spoilers).

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂


  2. I agree about Alex and Izzie. I hope that works out!

    I hadn’t heard that Cristina will be getting a new boyfriend, but yay! I do have to disagree about Burke being a jerk. I mean, yeah, it was uncool to leave Cristina at the altar, but man, she never did much to instill confidence in the guy. I’ve been watching reruns, all the way back to season one, and it is so clear all along that he was nuts about her. I think she felt the same, but she just never let it show. Hopefully she’s grown now.

    This was a fun TT! 🙂


  3. @ Judi : I feel your pain. I have like three nights where I’m forced to choose between two shows I already love and I hate it. It really makes me wish we had a DVR… I bet they are doing it on purpose to raise DVR sales… hmmm…


  4. The girls at work talk about it on Friday mornings, but I have never had the privilege. Maybe I’ll do some catching up like Mrs. Newlywed – oh, but wait, isn’t that on at the same time as Survivor?? Guess I’ll just have to watch the old seasons.


  5. @ Mrs. Newlywed : I recommend renting the old episodes, especially if you have netflix because then you can get like 3 discs at a time, but yeah after my recap you might already be caught up! lol

    Last year I rented the first two seasons before watching season 3 and I FELL IN LOVE. It’s an amazing show when you know what’s going on. 🙂

    I’m a little obsessed if it isn’t obvious – haha


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