At Least She Was Polite

A few weeks ago I went to a wedding for a person I don’t know. I mean, my husband knew her – she’s his cousin and so obviously we knew some of the family members in attendance like my in-laws and a couple grandparents. The wedding was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit bored since I didn’t know a single person in the ceremony. But a night out without MM is nice, right? So we went, despite my trepidation about the event and we didn’t have too terrible a time. We also didn’t bring a gift, because we are poor (probably poorer than the couple) and I didn’t KNOW them well enough to pick out a gift I knew they’d like.

Today I got a thank you card in the mail. Or at least, my husband and his OTHER wife, Jess did. This is what it said:

[DH] and Jess,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. It was incredibly thoughful. It will definitely help settle into our new house. It was great to see you at the wedding and hope you had tons of fun!

Thanks Again,

[Bride] & [Groom]

So, to begin with, the name. Okay. Whatever, Jennifer, Jessica, same difference. Maye I should ask my husband if there’s something he’s been meaning to tell me? It’d be good for a laugh anyway. But then she thanks us for a nondescript generous gift of some sort… that I certainly didn’t buy, pay for or give to her. Maybe Jessica sent it? MAYBE my in-laws knew we wouldn’t get them anything and sent something in our “name”? If so, maybe I should send them my thank you note? Clearly [bride] doesn’t know what the gift was either since she didn’t mention it in the letter apart from it being thoughtful and helpful in a new home.

But the important thing to take note of here, is that if you are invited to a wedding for a couple you don’t know, don’t bother buying them a gift, because not only will the couple not remember who you actually are, they won’t have any idea if you got them a gift or not when trying to weed through the pile of crock pots and dinettes that all their “thoughtful” friends and family may [or may not] have gotten them.

They were also kind enough to send us a little card with their new names and address on it – so we can send them Christmas cards of Jess and the family, no doubt.

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  3. Joy Avatar

    I don’t even have words… I’m between laughing and between incredulousness. WHA??? Maybe they had pre-written what they want to say in their thank-yous and just sent one to everyone yet missed your name up? WEIRD!


  4. Chelle Avatar

    That was sweet of her to send the thank you…but too bad she didn’t get your name right!

    And strange about the mystery gift…hmmm…


  5. Andrea Avatar

    Bah, make that 9-5-04. I don’t even remember my own wedding date.


  6. Andrea Avatar

    So I had to read this outloud to my DH because I couldn’t stop laughing and he had to know what’s going on. But he reminded me of something that happened at our wedding. We got a gift (from someone we barely know) and it was a beautiful picture frame. They were even kind enough to have it inscribed from a place like Things Remembered. The inscription?

    “Joseph & Andrea 9-5-05”

    Oh yes, they came to OUR wedding and didn’t even look at the invite long enough to realize I was marrying my DH and not my father!


  7. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jean : I can’t even remember if I sent thank you cards or not – I probably did and I’m sure I could have made a similar mistake, but really, being on this side of it, it’s soooooo baffling. Oh well. At least I got a laugh out of it.


  8. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    How odd and so thoughtful yet unthoughtful at the same time. At least she did send out thank yous, which is more than what I did. 😦