A distraction: Amish ninja chic.

The internet is justifiably a sad place today. In between doing all the things one does throughout the day, I’ve been reeling over the news that one of the greatest actors, comedians and humans of our time is no longer with us. I’ve read all the articles and felt all the feels and made a mental listContinue reading “A distraction: Amish ninja chic.”

Weekend Diversions: math that isn’t math, the telephone game minus the telephone & a fake apology

This weekend’s diversions are all about things that aren’t exactly what the seem, because they are actually better. Last things first, Jen posted this awesome video on her blog and I just had to share it here. Watch as Portia De Rossi apologizes for marrying Ellen… So next I thought we’d have some fun withContinue reading “Weekend Diversions: math that isn’t math, the telephone game minus the telephone & a fake apology”

When Facebook Meets Real Life

I love Facebook but this still made me laugh, because it really is kind of true of the annoying side effects… It reminds me of my husband’s reaction to Facebook when I convinced him to sign up – he got so annoyed he disabled EVERYTHING and quit a few hours later, grumbling about, “What theContinue reading “When Facebook Meets Real Life”

At Least She Was Polite

A few weeks ago I went to a wedding for a person I don’t know. I mean, my husband knew her – she’s his cousin and so obviously we knew some of the family members in attendance like my in-laws and a couple grandparents. The wedding was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling a bitContinue reading “At Least She Was Polite”

Sleep-Deprived Travelers Say The Darndest Things.

I go away for vacation and come home to 27 spam comments and over 500 new blog posts in my Google Reader. And you know, life, laundry and the purse full of reciepts to balance. Stuff. But I don’t want to talk about stuff. I want to talk about Funny Stuff. Funny Stuff that IContinue reading “Sleep-Deprived Travelers Say The Darndest Things.”