Calling All Jens: I Want YOU (Who Wouldn’t?)

I have noticed more than once since starting this blog that there are a LOT of Jens in blogland – we go by a wide array of variations, like all Jen’s – there are Jennifers, Jens, Jenns, Jennis, Jennies, Jennys and probably more. Some of my favorite bloggers are Jens which should really come as no surprise, because let’s face it, Jen’s rock. We are known for being awesome, am I right?

But I got to thinking that all of us Jens – we could take over the world if we joined forces – or at least one very random blog post. So I’m calling you out, Jens of Blogland – I want to know just how many of you there are!

If you are a Jen and reading this, COMMENT and let me know.

And ask all your Jen friends to comment, too, possibly by posting this badge on your own blog and proclaiming your Jen-ness to the Blogworld. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Let’s start a movement. Let’s see how many Jens we can find out here in the Blogiverse and then all meet up here on this post for a Jen Party – Bring Your Own Jens.

We can all wear “Hello my name is Jen” name tags (just print the one at the top of this post and tape it to your shirt – don’t worry, we’re all doing it, too) and talk about how many famous Jen’s there are in history and Hollywood and how we may or may not be just like them… Like Jennifer Aniston (would you date a famous musician ten years your junior?), J Lo (would you J Lo your name? Why or why not?), Jenny McCarthy (have you written humorous yet touching books about your children and made even more millions from it?), Gweneviere (a variation of our multifaceted name – have you ever had an affair with your husband or boyfriend’s best friend?)…

Are you a Jen? Do you like your name or loathe it? How many Jen’s were in your classes growing up? Did your Spanish teacher ever make you change your name for class because there were too many Jennifers? Are you super strict about what variation of Jen you go by? One N or two? If you are a Jenny/i/ie do you prefer the ie, i or the y? Why? Would you name your daughter Jen? How many Jens do you know? Comment here and tell me all about yourself and your Jen-ness.

ps: Does anybody else think of this snippet from Across The Universe anytime you see or hear the phrase “I want you”? Just me? Do all Jens inherently love this movie? We really should.

Memo To Jen & John: Let’s Call A Truce?

I get it. You like each other. The reconciliation is real or whatever. There will be no J’Natalie. Fine.

Truth be told, I like you two together – you are a cute, smart, talented couple and if you wanted to, you could make beautiful babies together. I think I was just bitter because it wasn’t my idea. I wanted a McGosling to call my own. I’m sorry.

I respect both of you too much to be petty and interfere in your affairs – I think I can trust you two to make your own decisions and I want the very best for you both, I really do.

But if you guys are off again tomorrow, I might not be feeling so tactful and peaceful and go with the flowy. I might raise a pirate flag instead. Got it?

You’ve been warned.

John Mayer: I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Want To Be Helped

So are John and Jen back together or do they (or the media) just like messing with me? John, you were supposed to call JNatalie who is SINGLE now, as in, on the market, available to take your calls. Instead, you call your ex, which is worse than drunk dialing, just so you know. We all know this never ends well. I mean if you’re just being nice because your ex crashed your birthday party, whatever, but I know about the dinner date last weekend. There are support groups for this you know. And rules.

Don’t Date Your Ex. It’s stupid. I know it can be scary turning old, but didn’t anyone tell you that thirties is young now? It’s like the new 20. With today’s technology even 40 isn’t old. I know 50 year olds who look like what I thought 30 looked like ten years ago (you know when I was fifteen). What’s my point?

You’re supposed to be dating JNatalie!

Geez. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jessica, okay?