It’s time for It’s Real Life! This week we’re dealing with ordinary – I’m going to show you a semi-ordinary Tuesday in our life. I say, semi because normally on Tuesdays I don’t take pictures of what I’m doing every thirty minutes or so and there were a few things slightly out of the norm but not necessarily because of the camera, so much as, in my ordinary days, sometimes I do extraordinary or even just different things. Okay? Let’s get started…

Oh and remember, it’s not fun if you don’t hover over each picture!

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12 responses to “It’s Real Life: A Day In The Life”

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  2. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jean : Break n/ Bake halloween swirl – it’s orange swirled chocolate chips. So easy!


  3. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jessica : lmfao @ the hanging from the ceiling comment. I almost woke the napping toddlers laughing at that!

    The DVD is 10 Minute Solutions: Kickboxing Bootcamp. I’m not a fan but if you are in shape you might like it. I tried it twice and then mailed it back before I broke the DVD in fury. Or something.


    Thanks! 🙂


  4. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    Maybe it’s just the color on my laptop but the chocolate chips have a reddish sparkly color to them. I thought maybe you had some nifty recipe for sparkly red cookies. 🙂

    I may have to do this meme real soon..because my life is just as exciting…


  5. Jessica Avatar

    Looks like a great day!

    What is that workout? Do you think it’s effective?

    We had almost that exact lunch today. So glad to see you in action. I’m glad someone else wondered the same thing about the pic in the kitchen. My thought was “good grief! Is someone hanging from the ceiling?”


  6. Tiaras & Tantrums Avatar

    HA – love this!! those cookies look yummy!! I have those in my fridge – I might have to make those today!!


  7. LifeAtTheCircus Avatar

    Great post.. I love how you just let the pictures speak for themselves… like the ultimate wordless wednesday… i was much more “talkative” and I struggle with being truly wordless on wednesday too. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your day with us!


  8. Joy Avatar

    Awesome tour of a day in your life!!!


  9. Jaden Avatar

    Yes, I agree, that pic of you is sooo neat! And those cookies look yummy…. mmm… I like this meme, maybe I’ll try it someday? I’d have to do a weekend though, because I’m at work all day. All my pics would be the same- me, looking dazed, on the internet at work. hah!


  10. Elizabeth, The Mommy...etc Avatar

    what a lovely life…i so get the 1 photo an hour…in between the posing all of our lives are chaotic, right? 😉 loved the photo journey!


  11. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Andrea : Oh sweetie, there is a reason I only post one photo an hour. Think about the other 59 minutes in each of those hours. And my house is clean? Did you not notice the fuzz and scraps of paper all over the carpet? And you didn’t notice that teeny load of laundry was after 4 other loads of laundry. MM’s clothes just take up less space. And I almost never bake cookies anymore – those were those premade cube cookies that you break apart and bake. Delicious but so cheating.

    Oh and he totally stood on a chair to get that shot just to exaggerate the height difference. Totally his idea, though, not mine. I just asked him to take my picture cooking. He then went on to turn it into a real photo shoot jumping around on chairs and doing lord knows what else. 🙂 I do love how it came out.


  12. Andrea - Red Knows How Avatar

    This is a jealous comment. Your life looks so perfect. Like you are the perfect little stay at home mom. Your house is clean, I mean damn you even baked cookies. Never once do you show your son throwing a temper tantrum. If I showed my day you’d see the complete opposite.

    By the way. I love the picture of you in the kitchen. How did you get that shot? Is Dan tall enough to take that? Did you make him step on a chair or something. It’s just a cool shot.