From The Monkey’s Mouth: An Intimate Interview With MM, Age 2

I kept seeing this fun idea for a New Years / Yearly Interview with your kids, a fun way to keep track of their favorites and see how they change over the ages. First I saw it @ Small Notebook, then again in a similar vein @ Blissfully Domestic and Let’s Explore. It looked reallyContinue reading “From The Monkey’s Mouth: An Intimate Interview With MM, Age 2”

I Didn’t Die

I know you were probably all about to call and have me listed as a Missing Person – since when do I go three weekdays without posting, right? So Monday night MM had the stomach bug, which lingered around until Wednesday night. For awhile Wednesday morning we thought he had Fifths Disease, but I’m prettyContinue reading “I Didn’t Die”

Tis The Season For A New Look

Let’s just accept the fact that I’ll be trying new looks on this blog constantly, especially now that I’m starting to learn my way around Gimp – this one is just for the holidays, but like my Christmas Tree, don’t be surprised if it lingers post-holidays until it’s pathetic that I’ve still got it upContinue reading “Tis The Season For A New Look”

Reading Into The Back Of The Cereal Box

Do you remember reading the back of the cereal box when you were a kid? Or maybe you still do? I know I read the back of any box – whether it be cereal, macaroni and cheese, or cake mix – heck there isn’t much I won’t read and I always love the little details.Continue reading “Reading Into The Back Of The Cereal Box”

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas bug has officially hit me – last night I want to jump from the roof tops singing Joy To The World – I settled for putting up the tree (by myself, because dh still didn’t want to put it up at all, but when he came home and saw it up and decoratedContinue reading “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

The Morning After: Thoughts On Obama’s Victory

For Talk To Me Tuesday this week, Tip Junkie wants to know what my favorite post was in 2008. I had a lot of fun traipsing down memory lane and had a lot of solid contenders, mostly of the funny, gossip hound variety (just search for John Mayer on my blog and you will getContinue reading “The Morning After: Thoughts On Obama’s Victory”

Now Your Feature Presentation: The Man & The Monkey

The Man And The Monkey: A Halloween Story Starring: Mommy as Professor Wiseman & MM as The Man In The Yellow Hat SB (super bestie) as Shrek MM’s Future Bride as Your Friendly Neighborhood UPS Woman and finally MM’s Future Sister-in-Law as Princess Jasmine Critics say: “Those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!” “YouContinue reading “Now Your Feature Presentation: The Man & The Monkey”

Has Anybody Seen My Willpower?

Conversation with husband last night (who was using his laptop the whole time): Me: I decided I’m finally going to read Mayflower. I’ve had it for years now and have never read it. DH: Uh huh. Me: Why go to the library for new books when I have books here that I’ve never read? DH:Continue reading “Has Anybody Seen My Willpower?”