I Didn’t Die

I know you were probably all about to call and have me listed as a Missing Person – since when do I go three weekdays without posting, right? So Monday night MM had the stomach bug, which lingered around until Wednesday night. For awhile Wednesday morning we thought he had Fifths Disease, but I’m pretty sure he was just dehydrated and a little wind blown from our trip to the doctor that morning. We went because MM woke up a complete zombie. He wouldn’t eat or drink or even talk. Just sat at the kitchen table like a lump and didn’t move for over an hour. Cause for concern, no? The doctor saw that his cheeks were flushed and that his arms and legs were pinker than his body which he thought was abnormal for the winter. But it never developed into a real Fifths Disease rash and by that night he was ALL BETTER.

But before you clap and cheer and say hurray, not an hour after he miraculously became a normal two year old boy, I got the pukes. I’m pregnant so at first I thought it might just be morning sickness, even though I haven’t had morning sickness in over a week probably – and I’ve never had it at night. Then I thought, “Well it could be stress induced – I’ve certainly had my fair share of stress the past couple of days, mixed with barely sleeping. But it only took a couple of hours of constant puking to confirm the worst – I’d caught the bug. My husband came home from work as quickly as he could, and tried to by sympathetic. But at 10pm he came down with it, too. Seriously. And let me tell you – I feel for poor MM because this bug knocked both dh and I off our feet – we were wrecked. I’ve never had anything this bad – it was awful. 36 hours at least of pure awful. The zombie thing? I totally get it now.

So I woke up this morning feeling remarkable all things considered but HUNGRY. And I’m not sure how strong my stomach is so I’ve just been scarfing down toast and tea (breakfast of nauseous pregnant mother champions) like my life depends on it (and after not eating for over 24 hours, it pretty much does). And I thought I’d post now and let you know I’m still here and although not feeling my best, I’m okay. I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be completely mended, but I am cancelling all my Saturday plans because I’m worried I might still be contagious or that that much activity might do me in. So no book club. No fun double dates. Just rest and missing out. And probably grocery shopping, because despite not eating for 2 days, we do need food.

11 thoughts on “I Didn’t Die

  1. Is it possible to get the stomach bug over the interwebs? If so, I’m really sorry for passing it along to you. Both my kids had it and I narrowly escaped it myself. Glad you and MM are feeling better.


  2. I did call you out of worry! And I’m glad I did. Marc and I are going to go on a date alone but we will NOT be seeing Yes Man. Instead we will go to our second movie choice. Hopefully we can do our doubles another time soon.


  3. I thought maybe my feed wasn’t updating right. It does that for whatever reason. I also thought that you probably weren’t well.
    Nothing going around my part of the world. I was fairly scarce this week myself.


  4. I was beginning to wonder… Oh I feel so badly for you all. What a crazy week. I hope it’s all over and done with and you all are starting to feeling like yourselves again. I’ve been there on both sides (caring and patient) and it’s no fun. Stay rested and hydrated.


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