Baby Blueberry’s Birth Story

I thought I’d attempt writing out Baby Blueberry’s birth story now while it’s still fresh in my memory. I’m only going to write about the actual birth for now because although I have a lot of possible tales to tell, this whole blogging thing takes a much longer time than it used to! If I tried to tell you guys about everything that’s happened in the past week, well, I don’t think I’d ever finish. So for now…

Tuesday morning Dan and I woke up around 5am – we showered, got dressed, he ate breakfast and then we headed to the hospital. Pretty much the only things on my mind were, “I’m tired, I’m hungry and I’m about to have a baby.” But mostly, “I’m hungry.” I wasn’t allowed to eat anything after midnight the night before and my stomach was not pleased with being woken up and then ignored. I tried not to be envious while Dan ate his breakfast.

We arrived at the hospital for 6:30am, found our way to the birth center where we were quickly checked in – I think we were their only appointment that morning and they were all kind of gathered around the nurses station waiting for us. We went in to the first little room where we signed some papers, talked to loads of people and got prepped for surgery. Everything was fairly pleasant until it got around time to put in the catheter. For some reason I didn’t realize it was time for the catheter until it was time for the catheter so I never really got to prep myself for Oh My Goodness. Just so you all know how huge of a baby I am, when they finished inserting it, I basically told Dan I was done having children and at the time I was completely serious. I’d already had an epidural when they gave me one for MM’s birth so I never got to feel that awful feeling, but seriously. It was awful.

Luckily not long after the Catheter instance (or Foley as they began referring to it after insertion, like by calling it another name I might forget what they were talking about or like when you are talking to your spouse about bed time in front of your children and you spell it out “B-E-D T-I-M-E” so as not to cause a premature temper tantrum from your kiddos but then eventually they learn to spell so you have to start calling it by another name like “period of dormancy” or “foley“… Well it didn’t work – I totally remembered what they’d done and I was not likely to forget anytime soon) I got my spinal block and the dreaded Foley was eventually not the most pressing matter of the moment. I’ll admit that after the spinal kicked in, the baby was born, etc. I couldn’t feel the foley at all. But I didn’t forget. Just so we’re clear.

Anyway, back to the birth story. It was very different in the operating room this time around since I hadn’t been in an unnatural overly medicated labor all day –  I had my awesome spinal block to avoid feeling anything but I was still totally present and aware of the situation. I loved that. They also were able to give me a medication to control nausea which I didn’t get when MM was born. Not puking is so much better than puking, I’m just saying. The people in the OR talked me through the whole experience and even managed to find time for small talk, not that we were in there long.

They started the surgery at 8:30am and little BB was born at 8:39am. Now that’s fast! She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 18 inches long – thick, dark blonde hair and eyes so dark that the color was and still is terribly difficult to distinguish – she was everything we expected and nothing we could have guessed – probably like all babies she was immediately perfect for us in a way we hadn’t imagined.

After some stitching and such, we were all wheeled back to the recovery room where I spent a few hours before being moved into the main hospital room (I apologize, I cannot remember the official names for any of these rooms). By lunchtime Dan headed back to the apartment to pick up MM and my grandmother so they could meet little Baby Blueberry and I ordered a light lunch of I can’t even remember. It’s funny, I was starving all morning but by the time I was allowed to eat my appetite was surprisingly small. I couldn’t even finish the celebratory cheesecake Dan bought me that night – seriously.

And that’s how little Baby Blueberry made her entrance into this world and I became a proud mother of two…

Bump Report: Week Nineteen: Now With Extra Bumpy Gender-Like Details and my ultrasound technician agree,
BB Kumquat is now 6 inches long, roughly the size of an heirloom tomato.

BB’s sensory development is exploding! Their brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch and he or she may be able to hear my voice now, which makes me wonder what they think about their future mother whose most common dialog consists of “Put that down!” “Take that out of your mouth!” and “Don’t jump on that!” And of course the constant, sometimes effective “NO!” I’ll have to remember to balance that out by saying nice soothing sweet things occasionally.

And now I’ll stop boring you with details of BB’s kidneys and how their arms are now in proportion to their body and tell you about my ultrasound this past Monday. You’re welcome. So on Monday I scarfed down half my lunch before shoving the boy and I into our respective coats, drove to dh’s office and left MM with him, then drove to my ultrasound appointment, where I arrived about 25 minutes early, and thought, “Geeze, I probably could have finished my lunch after all.”

The ultrasound technician was a total sweetie. I confided in her that I am nuts and was half convinced I’d get there and the baby would mysteriously be gone. I think I might have actually said, “Oh look, I’m still pregnant.” BB was all sorts of curled up on their back with their legs folded right on top of them which didn’t look at all comfortable to me, but the technician seemed to think it was fine, if a bit funny looking. Next she checked the heart beat, probably knowing that I needed to hear it like stat. Good and strong at like 152 or something. She went on to check the baby’s length (6 inches) and showed me a picture of the foot and all sorts of other cute / boring things, then asked if I wanted to know the gender.

To which, I proceeded to tell her about my Poor Cousin Krista who had been told she was having a girl and bought and received a mountain of pretty pink girly things, only to have a boy on her day of delivery, with no warning whatsoever. Point is, chick needed to know that I was a skeptic. I asked her what the odds were if she saw a girl that it was actually a girl – 95%, 85%, 35%? It’s important, you know. So she checked three times for me and I’m telling you, BB has a vagina. Chick’s legs were wide open. She had “three white lines” which my ultrasound technician said was a pretty sure fire sign that BB Kumquat Etc. is a little girl. A little Baby Blueberry The Awesomest Girl. I’m trying to refrain from being totally 100% convinced, because you know, thou shalt not forget Poor Cousin Krista and all, but seriously – legs wide open people. So I ordered the pig blanket, as a sign of good faith – and it was free.

Oh and after I found out that BB is a girl and you all probably stopped reading by now, but anyway, afterwards I had to run back to dh’s office where I was planning to have Dan drive MM and I to my other appointment which for some screwy reason was in a different town than my first one, but apparently a disaster had happened of the Work Persuasion and I had to take MM to that appointment by my lonesome, which meant driving in the city and parking in a terrible parking lot, and lugging around a 2 year old who really should have been napping, but instead was asked to sit quietly and read books and please stop asking all the strangers in the waiting room their life stories, and then sit in the exam room with me and wait while my doctor delivered some other woman’s baby, then finally came and confirmed that BB was a girl and wasn’t that wonderful and then left and I was like, “Seriously, I could have sent you a letter,” but then I had to get blood drawn anyway which MM thought was fascinating and boring all that the same time and we finally got home at 3:30pm at which point MM was pretty much ape shit and tried to tell me he didn’t need a nap and I laughed and said something like, “Sucks to be you.” And then he napped. And I had a baby girl growing inside of me. And it was awesome. And I was starving. I really should have finished my lunch before I left that morning.

I Didn’t Die

I know you were probably all about to call and have me listed as a Missing Person – since when do I go three weekdays without posting, right? So Monday night MM had the stomach bug, which lingered around until Wednesday night. For awhile Wednesday morning we thought he had Fifths Disease, but I’m pretty sure he was just dehydrated and a little wind blown from our trip to the doctor that morning. We went because MM woke up a complete zombie. He wouldn’t eat or drink or even talk. Just sat at the kitchen table like a lump and didn’t move for over an hour. Cause for concern, no? The doctor saw that his cheeks were flushed and that his arms and legs were pinker than his body which he thought was abnormal for the winter. But it never developed into a real Fifths Disease rash and by that night he was ALL BETTER.

But before you clap and cheer and say hurray, not an hour after he miraculously became a normal two year old boy, I got the pukes. I’m pregnant so at first I thought it might just be morning sickness, even though I haven’t had morning sickness in over a week probably – and I’ve never had it at night. Then I thought, “Well it could be stress induced – I’ve certainly had my fair share of stress the past couple of days, mixed with barely sleeping. But it only took a couple of hours of constant puking to confirm the worst – I’d caught the bug. My husband came home from work as quickly as he could, and tried to by sympathetic. But at 10pm he came down with it, too. Seriously. And let me tell you – I feel for poor MM because this bug knocked both dh and I off our feet – we were wrecked. I’ve never had anything this bad – it was awful. 36 hours at least of pure awful. The zombie thing? I totally get it now.

So I woke up this morning feeling remarkable all things considered but HUNGRY. And I’m not sure how strong my stomach is so I’ve just been scarfing down toast and tea (breakfast of nauseous pregnant mother champions) like my life depends on it (and after not eating for over 24 hours, it pretty much does). And I thought I’d post now and let you know I’m still here and although not feeling my best, I’m okay. I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be completely mended, but I am cancelling all my Saturday plans because I’m worried I might still be contagious or that that much activity might do me in. So no book club. No fun double dates. Just rest and missing out. And probably grocery shopping, because despite not eating for 2 days, we do need food.