From The Monkey’s Mouth: An Intimate Interview With MM, Age 2

I kept seeing this fun idea for a New Years / Yearly Interview with your kids, a fun way to keep track of their favorites and see how they change over the ages. First I saw it @ Small Notebook, then again in a similar vein @ Blissfully Domestic and Let’s Explore. It looked really fun, but I thought, “Is my two year old even old enough to get this? Will he answer me?” So I decided to try just to see how much he’d comprehend. I have to admit, I was impressed. I mean, yeah I fed him some answers (like making it multiple choice), but not all of them – and I was impressed with myself for finding ways to ask him the questions that he’d understand and maybe even answer (i.e. for favorite book, “What book do you like to read?”). And some of his answers were just hilarious (see – “What do you love about mommy?”). DH got a kick out of it when he stumbled across my paper the other day and I’ve been meaning to share my results with you guys, too, not to mention get it scanned in and saved in digital form. I will definitely be doing this next year and can’t wait to compare his 2 almost 3 year old answers with his 3 almost 4 year old ones.

Anyway here is a scanned image of our interview with his answers, transcribed by me, the mom:

This was so much fun! Have any of you done this before? If you do it this year, definitely let me know how your kids do, too.

5 responses to “From The Monkey’s Mouth: An Intimate Interview With MM, Age 2”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    Loved it! I need to do this with mine. Though my 2 year old’s answers may not be so coherent. I like the self portrait idea too.


  2. jonarablu Avatar

    Oh my goodness I am cracking up! That is so funny! I wish I could have done that w/ mine..but he’s 17 now! I’ll just have to grab some nephews here and some friends kids lol!

    Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my blog!!


  3. Rachel Avatar

    These are cute answers. I love Jen’s idea for a self-portrait.


  4. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I definitely planning to doing something like this on the boys birthdays. Love MM’s cute answers.
    He probably heard “change” in the name change question and associated it with changing diaper. Just my guess though! 🙂


  5. Jen@OurDailyBigTop Avatar

    I did the same interview with my 3 monkeys. I was planning to post it. You should have MM do a self-portrait too. What a great capture of his life at this time. I hope I can remember to do this next year.