auf Wiedersehen, Blog Roll

Mrs. Newlywed has just made the fabulous executive decision to nix her blog roll. Maybe some of you wouldn’t agree with this decision, but I can’t help eyeing my own blog roll in all it’s beastly form – knowing full well it’s out of date and out of control long. And then I think, “What does my blog roll mean?” I don’t use it to read any of your blogs – I have my Google RSS feed for that (never leave home without it). Do you guys actually check it? Does anybody care? I’m starting to think, maybe not. I’ve even got some of your buttons down at the bottom of my sidebar – are buttons the new blog roll? It’s certainly more fun!

So as Heidi Klum would say, As you know in fashion blogging, one day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out. Blog Roll? You’re out. I encourage you all to join me – we don’t need a blog roll to tell each other we love one another. Mrs. Newlywed has another great idea to replace her blog roll for good:

Instead I am going to try to do a much better job linking over to blogs when I see something interesting or funny or whatever. I am going to do a better job of pointing out new bloggers and bloggers who are just extraordinary.

Now who can argue with that?

7 responses to “auf Wiedersehen, Blog Roll”

  1. Susie Avatar

    I use my blogroll to visit other sites… I get the purpose of losing it… I’m just lazy… like I *finally* updated your link and it’s only been… what…4 months.??


  2. Andrea McMann Avatar

    I don’t have an official blogroll, but I do have buttons. Sometimes, I think they take up too much room, but I can’t really ask someone to post my button if I don’t post anyone else’s, and I only post ones to blogs I really like, so I guess I’ll just leave ’em.


  3. vivienne Avatar

    I do use my blog roll and I am more likely to check that instead of my google reader.


  4. Patrice Avatar

    I don’t do the buttons thing… there would just be too many to put all of them! I don’t use my blog roll to read blogs, but I do occasionally check people’s blog rolls for my name when I click over to blogs! I like the idea of being better about linking over to blogs, though, that’s a good replacement I guess. I don’t know I’m on the fence. I don’t keep up with my blog roll very well, though, so it’s really not an accurate portrayal of the blogs I read. Hmm…


  5. Scrappy Girl Avatar

    I must be one to disagree with ya…I use mine to check the blogs I read…of course I still have a cd player and no ipod…LOL! I also use blog rolls on the blogs I read to check out other blogs I feel I might like too!


  6. Jenni Jiggety Avatar

    Hmmm! I hadn’t thought of that! I would like to get rid of my badges though!


  7. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I have to agree. When I first started reading blogs though, that was my way of finding new ones. Seems like my links are always clicked on though…which it may be my rlbff using my blog as her “feed reader” if that makes sense. She doesn’t have a blog and explaining feed readers would be almost complicated.