Giving Thanks: Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving (or just a wonderful Thursday to my international visitors)! I’ll be off today visiting family, family and more family, then taking the kiddo to see Bolt which looks soooo cute! In celebration of this Thankful Thursday here are thirteen things I am thankful for this year: Having a strongContinue reading “Giving Thanks: Happy Turkey Day!”

Thursday Thunks: Pumpkin Pie, Natural Disasters & Ducks That “Moo” – Oh My?

This week we will answer some strange, off the wall questions, thought up by Berleen’s daughters demons (ages 12 & 14). Brought to you by Berleen, the color green and the number 147. 1. Do you like potatoes? What kind? Sure – just about anyway you’ll give them to me, except I’m not really aContinue reading “Thursday Thunks: Pumpkin Pie, Natural Disasters & Ducks That “Moo” – Oh My?”

It’s Real Life: A Day In The Life

It’s time for It’s Real Life! This week we’re dealing with ordinary – I’m going to show you a semi-ordinary Tuesday in our life. I say, semi because normally on Tuesdays I don’t take pictures of what I’m doing every thirty minutes or so and there were a few things slightly out of the normContinue reading “It’s Real Life: A Day In The Life”

Oh Right, That Thursday 13 Thing

Normally Thursday 13 is like one of the highlights of my week and I get all geeked out trying to think of a good theme. But this week? This week I’m still on a Hotness High from being nominated for entering the NQHE fake calendar (you sick of my linkage yet? Hold onto your horses).Continue reading “Oh Right, That Thursday 13 Thing”

Thursday 13: Strangest Search Terms

I’ve seen a couple of people do this for a T13 or just a random fun blog post. I’ve held off on doing it until I felt I had some truly strange search terms come up. I don’t know that these are really the strangest ever, but I am absolutely stumped on what to blogContinue reading “Thursday 13: Strangest Search Terms”

13 Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now

For this week’s edition of Thursday 13 I’m taking a break from the alphabet – I’m mixing things up a bit, and beating a dead horse down, down into the ground* – and by dead horse I mean topic – and by that I mean I’m going to devote this post to BOOKS just soContinue reading “13 Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now”

It’s Real Life and my .Mac Account Really Hates Me

I’m not sure what’s up with big beautiful today (or what else is new, lately) but I can’t get my It’s Real Life pictures online for now (I may break down and head over to photobucket or something, but on normal days letting iPhoto and .Mac handle things is much easier and more effecient) soContinue reading “It’s Real Life and my .Mac Account Really Hates Me”