Thank You For Being A Friend

It’s no secret that in the blogging world comments are a precious commodity. We covet them, crave them and seriously appreciate every little one that we get. A sign of a well loved post is often the comment count. So it makes sense that the sign of a well loved blogging buddy might be the number of times they comment on your blog. I have a large handful of regular readers and commenters but there are some special blogging pals who consistently send me comments on a regular basis – sometimes on nearly every post I write (and that is an accomplishment in a half). So I was super excited when Jen @ Daily Mish Mash awared me with the Star Commenter award, not only because it’s fun winning awards and being appreciated, but because I was super excited to pass the award along to some of my truly fabulous readers / commenters. So with all that said, I’d like to award the following:

To the following:

I’m sure there are more of you that I’m forgetting, but seriously look at that list – it’s humongous! I’m feeling all proud and sentimental and girly just looking at it. You guys (and all my other readers, too) seriously rock my socks off. ::meep::

todays post #4, I’ll be brief…

…But I just wanted to say I really hate going to blogs at places like blogger and leaving a comment and having to admit, “no I don’t use blogger” and they are all like, “well that’s fine, you can leave your comment, but we’re going to put a random question mark next to you, so everyone will know you don’t belong and that therefore your thoughts and comments are of the truly questionable variety – YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!!!!!!

It just…. makes me sad. Can’t we all just get along and have cute pre-made we love you anyway icons like what jill @ the diaper diaries uses? She rocks. She makes me feel like I belong. And of course, fellow wordpress bloggers, I can always feel at home on your blogs. Thank you. Thank you wordpress for saying nice things like, “Welcome back, Jen E” everyime I visit your website. I ❤ you.

The end.

Dear Anonymous,

Today I received my first comment on this new blog, from you, dear anonymous, but unfortunately it was lacking in certain elements that I deemed necessary for approval of content, that being, content. I spent several long moments staring at my computer screen with contempt, hoping that the words you had intended for me to read would load momentarily, but alas, nothing changed.

Perhaps you wrote to me in a secret invisible type that I did not have the proper instruments to read, or maybe it was a much deeper meaning than that – could your comment have symbolized the sounds of crickets chirping in the night breeze, so as to inform me that nobody cares? Or that in the end, none of this will matter and words will simply be irrelevant.

Or maybe your computer’s mouse went on the fritz this evening (maybe even at the same time that my mouse, too, decided to play games with me) and while attempting to change it’s batteries it clicked the reply button that you never intended to click, but thus the comment was sent to intrigue me for hours on end…

Regardless of your reasons, dear anonymous, your comment will remain forever in my thoughts and loving memory as I think back upon the early days of this blog – you will always be remembered as the first – the strong silent type who was here in the beginning, although you never did say much, you will still be appreciated. For, sometimes it would seem, that what you do not say, is more powerful than what you do say.

With Sincere Thanks,