todays post #4, I’ll be brief…

…But I just wanted to say I really hate going to blogs at places like blogger and leaving a comment and having to admit, “no I don’t use blogger” and they are all like, “well that’s fine, you can leave your comment, but we’re going to put a random question mark next to you, so everyone will know you don’t belong and that therefore your thoughts and comments are of the truly questionable variety – YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!!!!!!

It just…. makes me sad. Can’t we all just get along and have cute pre-made we love you anyway icons like what jill @ the diaper diaries uses? She rocks. She makes me feel like I belong. And of course, fellow wordpress bloggers, I can always feel at home on your blogs. Thank you. Thank you wordpress for saying nice things like, “Welcome back, Jen E” everyime I visit your website. I ❤ you.

The end.

4 responses to “todays post #4, I’ll be brief…”

  1. Jen E Avatar

    The open ID isn’t much better – you just get a sqiggle next to your comment but no “user pic” or anything and they get all snooty and ask you for your real name like “are you sure you’re REALLY you?” seriously. no joke.


  2. Jen Avatar

    I wish I had a good solution for you, Jen! I don’t notice much until I do Thursday Thirteen and visit so many different blogs, and then it’s really annoying. Can you get an OpenID? Will that help with Blogger’s snottiness?


  3. Jen E Avatar

    Just for you, I added a “tag cloud” which does just that! ::sticks out tongue because wordpress is still better!::


  4. Patrice Avatar

    While we’re ranting… I really don’t like the fact that your tags go to like a worldwide wordpress thingy… I just want to link 2 all your posts on a certain topic, but I can’t and I don’t like it! Ok, I’m done…