todays post #3: Why I Love To Blog, Revisited, in Top 5 Style

Supernanny Where Are You? wants to know – why do you LOVE to blog – name your Top 5 Reasons for extra credit, and by that I mean, just do it already, I don’t really have to explain how to list your Top 5 Reasons you LOVE to blog, do I? Really? Okay, well : read my post, then write a similar post on your own blog, but with your OWN answers (nobody likes a plagerist) , then link up at Supernanny Where Are You?, THEN read the other blogs who did the same – it’s like, awesome, dude. Do it.

Oh right, my own answers:

  1. I love to blog because I love talking about myself. I won’t lie, it’s true – give me a survey to fill out and I’ll have a really hard time NOT filling it out, even if it’s one I’ve done before, even if there are other things I should be doing instead. Ditto with memes, quizzes, etc. galore.
  2. I love the blogging community – I love the comments, I love reading other blogs and posting my own comments, I love talking about blogging for the umpteenth time and watching my husband’s eyes slowly rolling into the back of his head. I love insisting to my two year old that “mommy is working” when mommy is blogging. It’s fun!
  3. I love writing – whether it’s writing something of real true value and worth, or writing a fluffy bit of humor just for myself. Whether it’s for a job who may or may not be paying me, or for a class who may or may not be grading me, or just for me – I love it. You couldn’t pay me not to write, in fact. Sorry.
  4. I love hearing the wisdom of fellow bloggers and sharing the few things I’ve learned myself throughout my short time here on Earth. I love knowing if I don’t know something, you might and that you might not know something I do know and we can all SHARE that wisdom together, like the awesome sharers that we are – it’s a great example for our children, yes?
  5. I just love it – quit nagging me, geez. Gosh. [insert witty Napolean Dynamite quote here]


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