It Certainly Doesn’t Smell Like Roses

I’ve been cloth diapering for a few weeks now and we’ve officially made the decision to continue with it. This means a trip to the store soon to pick up some more pre-folds because I’d really rather not be doing laundry every day for the next three years. Dan is pretty stoked with the wholeContinue reading “It Certainly Doesn’t Smell Like Roses”

A Closer Look

I love the picture I posted in my Wordless Wednesday this week – the expression on MM’s face takes my breath away and I think the colors came out beautifully (then the sepia and black and white versions added their own charms), but there is one thing I don’t love about it and I haven’tContinue reading “A Closer Look”

The Post That Isn’t The Post

Still nothing. I’ll just get that out there right away since I’m sure many of my regular readers were hoping this would be The Post. I know I was hoping this would be The Post. I have been kind of avoidy lately – not wanting to answer the phone just to say, “No, nothing yet.”Continue reading “The Post That Isn’t The Post”

People You May Wish You’d Never Met

I’ve got a (not uncommon) bone to pick with Facebook‘s People You May Know. When you first join Facebook this little tool can be helpful – by connecting the dots between your friends and their friends, you can quickly assemble your friends list, take a stroll down memory lane and get connected. I get it.Continue reading “People You May Wish You’d Never Met”

He’s Leaving On a Jet Plane…

This morning my husband woke up at the butt crack of dawn (or like 6am or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t really awake) and left for his business trip, on the other side of the country in warm, sunny San Diego. Which I told him about 800 times is where The Zoo is, becauseContinue reading “He’s Leaving On a Jet Plane…”

Please Don’t Troll Me, Because I Hate Her

I just watched about fifteen minutes of the VP Debate (I know, I’m surprised, too, but they canceled Grey’s Anatomy for this and a little whisper in my ear kept saying I should care more and pay more attention). This was the first time I’d heard Sarah Palin actually speak (you know, instead of TinaContinue reading “Please Don’t Troll Me, Because I Hate Her”

todays post #4, I’ll be brief…

…But I just wanted to say I really hate going to blogs at places like blogger and leaving a comment and having to admit, “no I don’t use blogger” and they are all like, “well that’s fine, you can leave your comment, but we’re going to put a random question mark next to you, soContinue reading “todays post #4, I’ll be brief…”

It’s Real Life and my .Mac Account Really Hates Me

I’m not sure what’s up with big beautiful today (or what else is new, lately) but I can’t get my It’s Real Life pictures online for now (I may break down and head over to photobucket or something, but on normal days letting iPhoto and .Mac handle things is much easier and more effecient) soContinue reading “It’s Real Life and my .Mac Account Really Hates Me”