turning poetry into flash, magnets into macromedia

Badass Geek is doing Magnetic Poetry on his blog – his poem is WAY better than mine and way funnier, but I did spend a lot of time making this poem make sense (to me anyway) and even more time learning how to do a screen shot on my Mac, so that should count for something right? Anyway, here’s my poem:

And you can go here to make your own!

Let me know what fun poems you come up with, k?

I’m Not a Pirate, But I Play One In My Imagination

Avast ye mateys! I just learn’d it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That’s why all t’ best buccanearBloggers I know be suddenly donnin’ their very best swagger. I’ll not keep ye long mates, I know yer all anxious t’ get aft t’ your lunches, but please, if you do nothin’ else t’ celebrate this auspicious event, at least check out this website:


Then when your sprogs wake up from their naps, be aye t’ give them a hearty, “ARGH, ahoy!” And when they ask you if you’ve gone crazy, you can say, “Belay matey, you must be dreamin’ still.” And maybe they’ll even go aft t’ bed.

That’s Called Extendin’ Naptime Like a Champ.

Favorite Things Swap!!!

I sooo wanted to do one of these swaps – I kept hearing about it and seeing the pictures and thinking, “Oh I want to play!” and now The Pink Potpourri is hosting one and I signed up!

My Favorite Things Swap (Hosted By The Pink Potpourri) - Click here to join!

See? So if you have favorite things (and I know you do!) you should definitely click the pretty pink button or this link and sign up, too! Maybe we can be swap partners and sing songs from the ‘Sound of Music’ together and it’ll be awesome! aka Be there or be squarely left out of the fun. You have until August 25 to sign up!

Fancy Headgear: More Things My Son Likes to Wear on His Head

Hes jumping for joy - hes just so proud of himself - but how will he get that thing off?
He's jumping for joy - he's just so proud of himself - but how will he get that thing off? (it's a small yellow bag, btw, if that isn't obvious)

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