I’m Not a Pirate, But I Play One In My Imagination

Avast ye mateys! I just learn’d it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That’s why all t’ best buccanearBloggers I know be suddenly donnin’ their very best swagger. I’ll not keep ye long mates, I know yer all anxious t’ get aft t’ your lunches, but please, if you do nothin’ else t’ celebrate this auspicious event, at least check out this website:


Then when your sprogs wake up from their naps, be aye t’ give them a hearty, “ARGH, ahoy!” And when they ask you if you’ve gone crazy, you can say, “Belay matey, you must be dreamin’ still.” And maybe they’ll even go aft t’ bed.

That’s Called Extendin’ Naptime Like a Champ.

2 responses to “I’m Not a Pirate, But I Play One In My Imagination”

  1. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jean : lmao – thank you – that made my night 🙂


  2. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    You know what I always do on talk like a pirate day? I go to Arr by’s. 🙂