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Help Support Ovarian Cancer: Drink [Virtual] Lemonade

So I was reading this article at MOMformation and was like, “Okay – I’ll bite – what’s all this about virtual lemonade?” Have you been hearing the hype too in like a way over there way? Well if you aren’t in the loop yet, here’s the good word, according to MOMformation: Electrolux is doling out approximately half a million dollars to help fight ovarian cancer, the fifith leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women. Along with its spokeswoman Kelly Ripa, they have launched a Virtual Lemonade Stand campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). According to the OCRF, ovarian cancer is “an insidious disease that can strike without warning or cause. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often vague and subtle, making it difficult to diagnose. There is no effective screening test for ovarian cancer but there are tests which can detect ovarian cancer when patients are at high risk or have early symptoms.”

Here’s how you can help: Visit the Electrolux site here and open a virtual lemonade stand – you can find mine here. For each stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to open a virtual stand – which you even get to decorate and pick the flavors for sale – it’s strangely fun and you are doing something awesome. Then if you are feeling generous, you can continue to help the cause by buying and selling virtual glasses to your family and friends through a secure donation site. You can spend as little as a $1, or as much as you’d like. Every dollar helps.

Another reward for entering is a chance to win a new French Door Refrigerator by Electrolux. The slick, stainless steel appliance retails for more than $3,000 and offers cool amenities such as the Perfect Temp Drawer, which offers storage for items that need to be kept at an ideal temperature. The refrigerator also has double the ice capacity, and  is wide enough to accommodate party trays, everyday products and, of course, big pitchers of lemonade.

For another chance to win an Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, visit Mom Central, which is also giving one away. All you have to do is click here and 1) Tell Mom Central about the virtual lemonade stand you created and what flavors you are selling; 2) Share your own summer entertaining tips and ideas.

Thanks to MOMformation for the excellent information!

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What Makes You Happy?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room is giving away a $100 gift certificate that can be used towards any of the items in the Life Is Full collection at DaySpring. All you have to do to enter is write a post about 20 little things which make you happy. Which sounds easy, but I’m going to guess it will be harder than I think and then maybe miraculously easy? Let’s see…

20 Things That Make Me Happy…

  1. Sitting down to read a good book.
  2. Having a healthy, normal pregnancy with healthy, normal weight gain!
  3. Watching my son grow and learn new things.
  4. His laughter, his jokes, his silliness…
  5. 100 calorie lattes made by my very dear husband
  6. Taking long walks with husband and son (and getting in shape while we do it!)
  7. When the stains come out easily – gotta love Spray ‘n’ Wash!
  8. Indulging in a chai tea latte or frappucino – especially the ones at Starbucks – yum!
  9. Flowers & plants finally in bloom after a harsh winter!
  10. Watching my son begin to learn how to spell words! Amazing!
  11. Having good friends over for dinner and / or games.
  12. Capturing beautiful and memorable moments with pictures
  13. When old clothes fit again!
  14. Decluttering our apartment finally – seeing counter space that has been long hidden!
  15. Change, even the unexpected and unplanned changes, which lead to new, exciting adventures in life.
  16. John Mayer’s music. You know, all of it.
  17. Baking cookies, the smell filling the kitchen, the end result delicious.
  18. New episodes of our favorite tv shows
  19. The end of jacket season!
  20. The beginning of flip flop season!

Your turn. What makes you happy? Make sure you tell Melissa all about it!

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Giveaway Alert: Vera Bradley Baby Bags!

We’re giving away two adorable, sensible, stylish Vera Bradley diaper bags at Mommas Review this week – there are numerous ways to enter but only two weeks until the drawing closes. Want to be one of two very lucky readers? Head over to Mommas Review stat!

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Giveaway Alert: Meeup Baby Carrier

4 Little Men is giving away a gorgeous Meeup pouch style baby carrier to one lucky winner! Head to her blog stat for a chance to win!

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Giveaway Alert: SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

We’re giving away a SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer @ Momma’s Review today.

For a review on this nifty little gadget and how to enter, be sure to check out Momma’s Review today!

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Giveaway Alert @ Momma’s Review: Walk At Home with Leslie Sansone

We’re giving away two of Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home exercise DVDs @ Momma’s Review. For a rundown on what’s up for grabs and how to enter, be sure to check out Momma’s Review today!

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Giveaway Alert: Starbucks Gift Card, Anyone?

I know a lot of people do a big thang for their 100th post – take for instance Feather @ Yes It’s My Real Name – she’s giving away a $25 gift card to Starbucks! That’s a lot of Peppermint Mocha Twists (or you know hot chocolate since I’m all prego and off coffee for now) or Chai Lattes – Starbucks makes THE BEST chai lattes by the way.

Anyway so I totally entered to win her giveaway and congratulate her on her 100th post because I think milestones like this are so fun and it’s always fun to celebrate things. Me? I passed 100 so quickly I never thought to notice (it happens fast when you post almost 5 times a day, so I guess it’s my own fault). BUT my 500th post is coming up and I’m thinking I should do it up and celebrate and whatnot. So be waiting. In the meantime, go congratulate Feather and sign yourself up for a chance to win butt loads of yummy Starbucks beverages.

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Giveaway Alert: LOST in the WEEDS

This week Kat @ Sunshine and Lemonade is giving away the first seasons of two great tv shows: Lost and Weeds for her Weekly Winners giveaway.

I’ve never seen either of these shows (not having a DVR kind of stinks) but I’ve always wanted to! To enter this fabulous DVD giveaway, head over to Sunshine and Lemonade and dish on your favorite tv shows – you can also blog about the giveaway or follow her on blogger for extra entries. Good luck!

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Giveaway Alert: Six Chances To Win Reusable Shopping Bags

Do you use reusable bags when shopping? Do you want to start? Head over to Simple Mom asap for a chance to win one of the six reusable bags she’s giving away! Bag brands include:

Shop Wise Bags

• Perks – These durable oilcloth bags are shaped just like traditional grocery sacks, so they fold up nicely and stand up well. I’ve been using mine lately to cart around diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for my kids in the car. And I love all their great patterns and colors.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of three high-quality Shop Wise bags!


Perks – These bags are much bigger than they seem. They hold so much stuff, and they’re easy to fold up and secure with the velcro tabs. They’re pretty, too.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of five Envirosax bags!

B. Happybags

• Perks – These high-quality, durable canvas bags can hold a lot of stuff, and their wide openings mean I can toss big things along with no problem. Plus, they’re adorable.

• Giveaway – One reader will win four B. Happybags!


• Perks – These are mesh bags, which are perfect for produce. They fold up tiny, so you can hold multiple in your purse no problem. I’m so impressed with how durable they are – for as lightweight as they are, they can really hold some heavy stuff.

• Giveaway – One reader will win three ACME mesh bags from!


Perks – I love how this micro bag folds up securely and easily, and its medium-sized shape holds things neatly. We use ours to tote books and crayons to and from the car.

Giveaway – One reader will win a micro RuMe, a 13 ounce Earthlust bottle, and a Wrap-n-Mat from Mama Goes Green – all things I use and love!

Flip & Tumble

• Perks – These bags scrunch up nicely, and the colors are great, too. The 24-7 bags wads up into a ball, which means you’re carrying an instant toy for small children – and I love the felt shoulder pad, because normally bags and purses are always falling off my shoulder.

• Giveaway – One reader will win one 24-7 bag and two Loopt bags!

Interested? Head over to Simple Mom to enter the contest today!