(The Last) Weekend Diversions (For Now)

Lately I’ve been feeling like this ship has run it’s course. It started out fun and then it started to feel like work and then I thought, “Woah – this is a blog – not a job!” I don’t think it should ever, ever feel like work around here – this is my hobby! So I’m bidding Weekend Diversions farewell for now. That doesn’t mean I’ll never post another funny video or game – I just won’t post all of them at once on a weekly basis – let’s divert our attention any day of the week!

Anyway – for old times’ sake – here are four of the diversions I’d had lined up, the four things I’ve been wasting my time with the most and / or consider worthy of mention:

  • Awesome New Facebook App: Who doesn’t need another way to kill time on Facebook? UNO has been all the rage in my circle lately – I’m not proud to admit that the first couple times I played it I could not figure it out! Word of advice – make sure you are trying to play UNO and not, say, Phase 10 or Rummy. They aren’t the same. At all. Thanks to Jean @ Working Momma 247 for turning me on to this seriously addictive game. My husband and son might not be so thankful.
  • Awesome Ryan Gosling Fan Page NOT Run By Daily Mish Mash: Check out F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling if you are into all things Gos’ or just like a good laugh combined with a good swoon. Obviously Jen pointed this one out to me, as a joke actually, but I thought – god forbid some poor Gosling fan out there not get her fix of all that goodness. Consider this my act of community service for the day.
  • Awesome SNL Video Where Justin Timberlake Basically Makes Fun Of Himself And It’s Awesome: My husband showed me this video this morning and it was too good to not share with you all. I’m betting you’ve all already seen it and I’m jumping on a bandwagon like way after the fact, but what else is new? Seriously, check this one out.
  • Awesomely Uplifiting Website That Makes This Economy Seem Less Sucktastic Or At Least Points Out The Silver Lining: Cards of Change is this great little collection of old business cards and notes written by the people who formerly held the job titles printed on them. It really kind of shows how life goes on and gets better and that all endings are really just new beginnings…

And on that note, have a great weekend!

Screw German Engineering, I Want Une Petite Fille

Once upon a time… from Capucha on Vimeo.

When (if) I get pregnant next, can I pretty please have an adorable pinch her cheeks she’s so cute inexplicably French daughter? I will consider moving to France or Canada to arrange for this possibility. I’ve already looked into the requirements for immigrating to Canada and I can at least commit to those regulations IF they will give me her or, okay, really just someone almost exactly like her but mine (I’m not a baby snatcher or anything like that, I want one of my own, not yours) and you know, if hubby says okay. It’s his sperm after all.

If you are this close to birthing French speaking babies after seeing this video, too, you can get another temporary fix (or several) at Capucha on Vimeo – she even has an RSS feed.

And yes, I’m aware that the story she’s telling in this video is like five shades of crazy. I happen to find it endearing. The accent helps with that.

Oh and thanks to Amy @ Knitty for posting this in her blog and giving me one more reason to wish I was pregnant.

It’s About Freaking Time

I’ve only been waiting for freaking forever for this.

I feel like this was more important than MerDer.

I know that’s a lie but it was a close second.

Now will Booth and Brennan please get the memo?

Than I can be completely satiated. 🙂 Or okay…

Lexie and George, too.

And Cristina & McSoldier.

Okay… I’ll admit. It will never be enough.

But I’m still thrilled!!!