It’s About Freaking Time

I’ve only been waiting for freaking forever for this.

I feel like this was more important than MerDer.

I know that’s a lie but it was a close second.

Now will Booth and Brennan please get the memo?

Than I can be completely satiated. šŸ™‚ Or okay…

Lexie and George, too.

And Cristina & McSoldier.

Okay… I’ll admit. It will never be enough.

But I’m still thrilled!!!


  1. @ Sues2u2: Yeah my husband laughed at me a lot on Thursday, I’m only a teensy bit obsessed. šŸ˜›


  2. Yes, I was actually cheering so loudly @ 1am that I woke up my visiting parents who came running out thinking something was wrong & I had to sheepishly admit that it was only a tv show & I was in heaven! (try making a sentence like that, I dare you! mwa, ha, ha). AND I was so encouraged to see McSoldier too. (I really liked that show he had last year called “Journeyman” but apparently I was the only one who watched!)

    I am TOTALLY loving this new fall season. Well, except for “The Unit”. And “Heroes”. Both have gotten a little odd. Still likable but odd.


  3. @ Nancy : Part of me thinks Lexie would be cute with McSteamy but then I can’t really see it happening and I love the idea of her with George.

    I’d be really happy if Booth and Bones could hurry it up already! haha


  4. I LOVE Alex and Izzie together. They have such great chemistry. Unlike that other pairing that will not be named, which made my skin crawl when they were together. But Alex and Izzie? Perfect together.

    George and Lexie together would be cute, I like her.

    We may get satisfaction with Booth and Bones this season, if what I read in TV Guide is to be believed.


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