6 things I’m loving in September.

I am feeling pretty deep into the throes of September right now. School has been back in session for almost a month now (!!!) and life is starting to fill up with all of the things. Homework, school lunches, after school clubs, school day volunteering (because I have to protect my Super Mom Reputation andContinue reading “6 things I’m loving in September.”

Reminding Myself Why It’s Important To Remember

I debated whether to do this. I wasn’t going to. I did a “serious post” yesterday, as if that should be an excuse. But that’s not the reason, it’s just what I told myself this morning to make myself feel better. Then I read all your wonderful posts about 9/11 and temporarily reconfirmed that IContinue reading “Reminding Myself Why It’s Important To Remember”

A Month of Menu Planning: September

So not only is it Monday, the start of the week, but it’s also September 1, the start of the month. That means a few things: Rent is due, vacation is in FOUR days, and it’s time to put up my menu plan for the month of September. I’ve made a few revisions since myContinue reading “A Month of Menu Planning: September”