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Top 5 Tuesday: Places I’ve Got To Check Out, Before I Check Out…

This week’s theme is places you want to see before you die, or as John Mayer and I would so eloquently put it, “these are the last things I’ve got to check out, before I check out…” or something like that anyway. So you know my wanderlust knows no limits and I’m sure I won’t do this list justice, but regardless, here they are folks – the top five locations on my To Be Seen list in likely no particular order:

  1. Canada – let’s start small, right? I think it’s absurd that I’ve moved over ten times in my life and have gone as far as Germany, but I’ve never been to Canada. I’m a New Englander for Pete’s Sake! I’m hoping to remedy that next summer with a camping trip to Jellystone Park.
  2. Paris – I want to travel throughout as much of Europe as possible but Paris seems like the most logical place for me to consider a Must See in Europe – after all, I’ve taken ten years of French lessons and though I wouldn’t claim to speak the language, I think I’d fare better there than anywhere. And it’s the city of love! And desserts!
  3. Washington State – My mother lives there. I’d like to meet her before I die (the last time I saw her I was too young to remember it, so I’m thinking it doesn’t count). It just doesn’t seem right that I can’t claim to have met my own mother while she is living and breathing and I know where she is. If it weren’t for the cost of gas / air fare / time, I’d be remedying this pronto. And I hope to do it sooner than later.
  4. A Cruise Ship – I really don’t care which one, except I’d like for the cost to be reasonable, the amenities to be nice and also reasonably priced and for it to be fun with plenty of layovers and sight seeing. I’d love to go on a European River Cruise or this other fun one that goes from Maine to somewhere in Canada and looks all quaint and actually interests my husband. DH says we have to test the extent of my sea sickness before he’ll pay for a real cruise. I guess that makes sense.
  5. Washington DC – Why not round it out there? I want to see the White House and all those other important places where important decisions are made. I can’t help it, I’m a nerd.

I know this list doesn’t look terribly exciting. I mean, I also want to see Japan, India, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, whatever. But those are all, “Wouldn’t it be funs?” as opposed to my top 5 which are more, “Really, if I can’t even accomplish these things, what can I really say about the quality of my life?” They are the more likely to happen and important to me as opposed to the dreamer side of me.

What 5 places would you most like to see before you die? To see other bloggers’ bucket list checking out to check out posts, just head over to Supernanny Where Are You.


I’d Like To Thank My Parents, Caffeine, and RSS Feeds

I’m an award winner! My lovely bloggy friend Patrice @ Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just awarded me with my very first ever bloggy award – how cool is that? So here’s it is, The Diamond Award:

Pretty huh? So the rules for accepting this award are pretty simple – first I mention it on my blog (check) then I award it to seven other bloggers! That should be both easy and hard at the same time – easy to think of seven brilliant bloggers, but HARD to narrow it down. But I’ll do my best.

  1. Jen @ Daily Mish Mash will be my first awardee. I am some kind of addicted to her Friday Eye Candy and love her blog in general. Brilliant blogger, yeah that would be her.
  2. Jenni @ Jiggety Jigg always cracks me up and has shown me at least one GOOD thing about Sarah Palin (which isn’t easy) – her SHOES. We can all appreciate good shoes, and Jenni is superb at things like that – you know, seeing the good in everyone and having fabulous taste in shoes. Brilliant.
  3. Karen @ Write From Karen hosts this weekly meme, Monday Mornings, which I always look forward to. She is funny and witty and so smart. She’s been very vocal lately about fact checking where this election is concerned which is so important. Karen is one of my very favorite bloggers and so deserving of The Diamond Award.
  4. Andrea @ Chocolate Fingerprints (formerly Simple Things): Andrea recently hosted this excellent Babywearing Carnival where she interviewed the makers of several fabulous baby carriers, charities involved in babywearing and even did giveaways! She also just got her own self hosted blog with her own domain name – which kind of inspired me to do the same. What better way to say thank you than give her this Diamond Award which she is so deserving of.
  5. Dana @ Supernanny Where Are You? is another of my favorite bloggers – you might know her weekly meme, Top 5 Tuesday – a few weeks ago she even let me choose the theme for that week’s meme which was so much fun if not completely nerve wrecking trying to pick a good one! She’s also always telling the best stories about her family and her job as a mail carrier – which is always always amusing, if you don’t believe me just check out this post. She recently switched to cloth diapers which I’m so planning to do with our next baby, so I’ve been loving all her posts about the transition.
  6. Kat @ Sunshine and Lemonade is one of my favorite blogs to peruse – she writes about everything and it’s always fun, hilarious and a general good time. Also, little known secret, I love her blog style. Sooooo fun and simple. Someday I hope my blog can be half as pretty as hers.
  7. Jennifer @ Snapshot runs one of my favorite blogs (in addition to her own) she’s the editor of 5 Minutes For Books. So everytime Tuesday when I’m blogging about kids books or classic books or what’s on my bookshelf, she’s basically the mastermind. And another Jennifer – seriously I think half my blogroll is comprised of Jennifers of some variety. Great minds have the same name?

So, in closing, thank you Patrice for this wonderful award. And thank you to my readers – you are my inspiration, my reason for blogging, and I couldn’t do it without you! (Well okay, I could, but it wouldn’t be as much fun…)

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Top 5 Tuesday on Blogging

Thanks to Rachel for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday questions, a meme hosted by Dana @ Supernanny Where Are You? This week, Dana wants to know…

1.) How long have you been blogging?

I’ve kept a livejournal since 1997, but I didn’t start publicly blogging until March of this year, on the blog I currently use, so I’ll say 6 months.

2.) Link to your first blog post ever?

It’s entitled, “oMop, Oh You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! a.k.a. Hi!” I was going for that, rather than introduce myself, I’ll just start talking spiel, but really, there was still kind of an introduction, in which I tell you I won’t be introducing myself. Because I’m clever. Or something.

3.)What is the one driving force that actually made you create that blog account?

I felt like I wasn’t writing anything of importance, wasting a perfectly good English degree, and ultimately I was bored. I don’t know that this blog will win me any awards or earn me money, but it lets me use my creativity as I see fit and I love the blogging community so I’m thrilled I went for it. Oh also, reading about Dooce and her whole awesomeness, really made me want to give it a try – I should mention that – she inspired me. < / cheesiness >

4.)How did you come up with your blog name and what were other names you considered?

Um well they say write what you know and I know I am a mother and that I write a lot, or blog a lot. It sounded nice a ring to it you could say, but I frequently consider changing it. My first “attempt” at a blog was actually called bookstorebetty, but I didn’t want my blog to be solely about books – I really did want a mommy blog. And I haven’t found anything better than mommablogsalot yet, so it’ll do for now…

Hmm I just found a post I wrote on my old elJay about contemplating starting a blog and here’s what I said:

“So I keep thinking about this idea of “professional blog” and the more I think about it, the more it intrigues me. I could do it. I have seen the good blogs and I think I could come close, but then I am biased. Am I really a good enough, interesting enough blogger for this? Would anyone read it, or would it be an endless sea of crickets (could crickets even survive in the sea?)? I honestly don’t know. The easiest way to find out, I suppose, would be to try it out and find a good means of tracking who visits.

Some name ideas:
-Momma Blogs Alot ( Could have sections like Momma Reviews Alot, Momma Reads Alot, Momma Surfs the Web Alot…. And if it’s taken I can try name variations like mama, mommy, mother, etc.
-Oh Baby – probably already taken and again, at some point my kids are gonna grow up and there will be no babies really… But I’ll always be a mother, right?

Any other ideas? Does anyone think this is a terrible idea and that I’m terribly boring and shouldn’t waste my time? Crickets?”

And yeah, I still have no better ideas, but if anyone thinks of the perfect name for my blog, let me know. 🙂

5.) Post a link to your favorite blog post ever.

This is a post I still get excited about when I think of it – it never got the big following I thought it deserved, indeed other posts got much more fanfare. But I’m very proud of this one in particular.

So yeah that’s all for Top 5 Tuesday – be sure to link up at Dana’s blog if you play along on your own.

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Pet Peeves: What Are Your Top 5?

Supernanny Where Are You wants to know your Top 5 Pet Peeves – I know you are all probably getting a little sick of me and my crazy obsessive need to post 5 or 6 times a day (maybe it’s a pet peeve of yours), but I promise this will be my last post of the day.

So what really annoys you? What gets you piping hit annoyed in this world? Head over to Supernanny Where Are You and play along!

  1. People, who, feel, the, the, need, to, put, commas, everywhere, for, no, good, reason, (me, included)
  2. When the bagger at the grocery store puts my things into 30 bags that could easily have fit into 5
  3. People who park like an a**hole. We call them a**hats in our family – at least, when the kiddos aren’t listening we do. (i.e. you parked in the fire lane; you parked your car in the middle of two spaces for no apparent reason; you aren’t even parked in a space at all, etc.)
  4. When the media uses our emotions to try and create political scandal over nothing – scare tactics, smear campaigns – anytime they assume we are too ignorant to do the research and will just read the headline and go “OMG, how could HE/SHE/IT/THEY?” and of course the sad thing, is that most people will only do that, but it doesn’t make it right.
  5. Killing people over peace. Religious Wars. Mothers, Sisters, Daughters fighting over the right to stay at home or the right to work; the right to nurse, the right to bottle feed – people thinking their opinion is the end all, and that other people are just ignorant if they don’t believe what you believe. We’re all different – and we all deserve a chance to make our own choices. And going to war over which Religious Figure you believe in is just stupid. Sorry. (okay this could have easily been 3 different pet peeves but I ran out of numbers…)

What are your Top 5 Pet Peeves?