Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 4th

Outside My Window: It’s been nice and cool and cloudy. The heat wave seems to be over and I’m content as I can still get by with my summer-ish wardrobe and maybe a light sweater. We’ve had a bit of rain but nothing remarkable. I am hearing: Curious George on tv – we’re headed toContinue reading “Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 4th”

In My Opinion: April 22

This week’s questions for the In My Opinion video meme are: One of mom’s traits I admired is/was … I remember getting into trouble with my parents on this occasion. Are you more of a rule keeper, or a rule breaker? Why? And here is my video response: Your turn.

Three Small Words

This meme In Three Words is published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but for this week at least I’m planning to answer all three at once, if only because Karen did. Respond to the pictures below using just three words. 1. The very first impression you had when you met originally uploaded by katiebate. MyContinue reading “Three Small Words”

What’s The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Seen?

One of the questions I answered in this week’s In My Opinion was “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?” My answer was Wurzburg, Germany and I mentioned having pictures, but I think, did a terrible job describing Germany to you and how beautiful Wurzburg truly is so I went digging through my albums,Continue reading “What’s The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Seen?”

In My Opinion: April 1

This week’s questions for the In My Opinion Video Meme hosted by Write From Karen are: 1. Should the individual or society be of primary importance? 2. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? 3. If you could spend tomorrow doing anything you desired, what would you do? Here’s my video response: more aboutContinue reading “In My Opinion: April 1”

In My Opinion: March 11th on Vimeo

more about “In My Opinion: March 11th on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod This week’s In My Opinion video meme asked you to answer one or all of the following questions: If you had to spend one year living alone in a remote cabin, what would you spend your time doing? When you were young, whatContinue reading “In My Opinion: March 11th on Vimeo”

Weekend Diversions: Kid-Safe YouTube, Mad Eyeballing Geography Skillz & Harlequin Mad-Libs

I’ve got three fun goodies for you for this week’s Weekend Diversions, a little bit of everything per usual. The first is a website called Kideo Player! which plays only kid-friendly videos that might be found on YouTube. You can watch old school Sesame Street clips, goodies from Noggin and a lot of other neatContinue reading “Weekend Diversions: Kid-Safe YouTube, Mad Eyeballing Geography Skillz & Harlequin Mad-Libs”

Honest To Blog?

I’ve been waiting to use that line ever since first seeing the movie Juno. The loverly Jen @ Our Daily Big Top has finally given me the chance to fulfill that goal – because she awarded me with the Honest Award yesterday! How great is she? So here are the award’s rules: Write a postContinue reading “Honest To Blog?”

Thank You: and Happy Veterans Day

Thanks to Karen for posting this cute comic first! It’s Veterans Day! Do you have a special veteran to thank today? Or any family or friends serving our country RIGHT NOW? My family is blessed with many former and current soldiers, from the Marines, Army, Navy & Air Force and I have a very, veryContinue reading “Thank You: and Happy Veterans Day”