weekend link love: 10.24.2014


Can you believe the weekend is here again? I’m currently procrastinating making dinner so let’s talk about all the great things we can read online right now instead of being responsible grownups.

Let’s play… Right Now I’d Rather Be:

Making a DIY Halloween Puppet Theater via Made By Joel

Donating 10 Things Food Banks Need But Won’t Ask For via 1027KORD.com

Devouring a Giant Skillet Brownie via A Beautiful Mess

Or 130 calorie chocolate pumpkin spice muffins via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Learning to Code with help from The Doctor via Entertainment Weekly

And if you still also need to figure out what to make for dinner, I’m loving Dude Mom‘s latest Dude Food recipes both for super easy weeknight grub ideas and for her comical writing style – I’m trying her Roasted Potatoes with Sausage & Broccoli tonight. I want to try her Chicken Tortilla Soup soon also!


What’s for dinner at your house tonight?

What would you rather be doing instead?

A few of my favorite things.

old school blogging

My current hectic schedule does not seem to lend itself nicely to blogging. Even on the days when I might have time to sit down and devote myself to a real blog post (i.e. more than a picture of my kids being adorable) I feel the motivation to really delve deep harder to find. My mind just doesn’t want to focus on anything unless it has to, you know?

Days like these I think are Days for the Meme. Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious is doing a series of Old School Blogging posts right now that seem like just what the doctor ordered. Today I’m going to link up and share a few of my favorite things besides girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.

Here is my favorite:

Sit down restaurant: The Great Dane Pub is one of my favorites here. I like the pub style menu with a few different cultural influences. They have fantastic mac and cheese for the kids, lots of different options that will appeal whether you want an upscale meal or down home comfort food and a dessert menu to die for.

Cookie: Lately I’ve been all about the classic chocolate chip. I really am an equal opportunity cookie lover but there is something about a chocolate chip cookie that has just that right divide between crunchy and chewy with chocolate chunks that are juuuust melty enough. Nothing is better than that.

Bath product scent: Vanilla is a sure thing for me. I like sweet, desserty scents with a feeling of warmth to them like vanilla, almond or brown sugar.

Tv shows: Lately I have been binge watching old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. I have loved comparing the old seasons to the current ones and trying to guess who will win. As an amateur photographer, I really enjoy watching that process. The drama is occasionally border line ridiculous but I am hooked. I also like Project Runway, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Castle, and a new favorite that doesn’t seem to be getting much ratings love is Selfie – I think it’s brilliant and laugh out loud funny.

Flower/ Plant: I like lilies and daisies and I love to photograph interesting flowers at the botanical garden, preferably smaller ones hidden in the corner or ones with beautiful interiors to take macro shots of.

Bad-for-me snack: Yes. :OP Seriously, I’m basically a walking sweet tooth. Give me cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, a piece of dark chocolate, bread pudding, warm chocolate pudding, marzipan, I could go on.

Magazine: I’m not really reading many magazines these days. I do enjoy Family Circle and Entertainment Weekly but I never have time to sit and read them. I do have fond memories of my teenage years reading any magazine with a quiz in it that would tell me who my perfect boyfriend was or what style nail polish I should wear. We have buzzfeed for that now.

Hobby (besides blogging): Probably reading. I’m always reading something. Or playing dumb games on Facebook.


Holiday: I like a lot of holidays. Christmas, for the holiday music and twinkling lights and baking with the family; Easter for decorating eggs and taking pictures of the kids in gorgeous outfits that my mother in law sends them; Halloween for finding / making the kids the perfect costume. Fourth of July for my old hometown’s corny parades and mini cherry cheesecakes.

Favorite thing to do for Girls Night Out: I love to go play Team Trivia at local pubs with my friends. I also love getting together for a game night or our book club.

Favorite thing to do on a Date Night Out (yes, out because some people call it date night at home, and that’s not what I mean!): Some of our favorite date nights have been going to see a play or musical together, going bowling or to play billiards or even just a movie night.

What are some of your favorite things?

If you are playing along, let me know!

Kindergarten Looks Like: Paper Craft Extreme

10680030_10100511092833076_7920319199901681155_o (1)

Can we talk about BB’s new craft obsession? Every day she painstakingly cuts out little shapes from bits of paper and then assembles them into pictures, coloring in all the little pieces. This is a self portrait of hers that she gave me recently and it’s just one in an ever growing collection of patchwork pictures.

Is this a common hobby? Because MM – who frequently gets lost in making intricate diagrams and charts – has not inundated me with anything similar. I mean sure he’s done his fair share of cutting and pasting different things together, but never on this level and I can’t recall having done it myself as a kid.

I don’t want to be that braggy parent that we all hate but I’m kind of blown away by this. The level of creativity, concentration and organization needed to do stuff like this? It seems like it wouldn’t be an ordinary hobby for a 5 year old but maybe I’m just underestimating all the five year olds in the world. Maybe we’re all much more brilliant than we give ourselves credit for.

Any other five year old future quilters out there? What has your kid done recently that just blew you away with Momma Pride?