Link Love 2015: Volume 3


I don’t have a lot of links to share this week unless you are a geeky momma like me. Then you might be interested in my new bloggy project The Critic and The Fangirl. I’m writing there with a good geeky friend of mine about all the things I fangirl over and all the things she criticizes and occasionally vice versa.

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5 Years Ago: Life Then and Now

2014-06-06 20.04.34

For the Writer’s Workshop this week, Mama Kat asked:

5. If you could have given yourself a snapshot five years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?

When I think back to my life five years ago the most obvious big difference was that I had just had BB six month ago and was still a little nervous about life as a mom of two – would the kids get along? Would they resent me for having to split my attention in two? Was I completely in over my head? I was also knee deep in diapers, breast feeding, strollers and all the baby things.

Five years later and there is no breastfeeding in my life, no diaper bags, no diapers, no strollers, no baby carriers, no boppies, no changing tables, no potty training timers: NO BABIES at all. Unless you count me first thing in the morning.

And those two kids I was worried about? Yeah sure they fight, probably every day. But they also laugh together every day and play super intricate make believe games together every day. They cuddle and wrestle and pick on their mother every day. They ignore bed time together every day and ask to watch tv or have a snack together every day. They are like the world’s cutest crime fighting duo if “crime” meant “bed time” or “that thing mom wants us to do” and it’s fantastic.

Sometimes I feel stretched thin in this busy life of mine – we all do – but stretched too far? Incapable of loving two wonderful children? Heart divided? Never. By now the knowledge that your heart will always stretch to accommodate the people in your life that need your love is common, fantastic, reassuring fact. It’s the best lesson I ever learned.

What did your life look like 5 years ago? How would “5 Years Ago You” feel about your life today?


Our Weekend With Tacky the Penguin


Story time with Tacky

Last weekend Tacky the Penguin, the Kindergarten Class Penguin, came to spend the long weekend with us; a real treat as the other kids in her class only got to spend one night with Tacky, she got four!

Her teacher asked me to take pictures and if you know me, you know that was a dangerous thing to ask of me. I took at least a dozen. I sent her the best four and I’m sharing my favorite five here – a glimpse at Tacky’s very busy weekend with our family.


music lessons

BB taught Tacky all of her favorite princess songs on the keyboard my SIL got her for Christmas. You know Tacky will be humming that Beauty and the Beast song for days now – it’s just so catchy!


karate lessons

Tacky insisted on coming to see MM’s karate lessons that weekend. He was very impressed with MM’s sparring skills and cheered from the sidelines with gusto. I think he’ll be signing up for lessons soon – he’s a very well rounded Penguin.


snack time

Of course when it comes to manners, Tacky is no novice. He knew that the best house guests always bring a gift, preferably an edible one. He brought along some delicious penguin colored cookies to share with the family – one for everyone!



After a busy day of playing and learning, these two were tuckered out. BB built a “fort” for them to sleep in together and they rested up for another day of fun.

Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Tacky, you were a delight to host: you tidied up after yourself, barely made a peep and never spoke back when we asked you to do chores with the kids. Come back anytime!

Daybook: January 19, 2015


Outside My Window: This was taken several days ago but the mood of the picture still mostly applies, except, except guys - the SUN is out. The other day it was almost 40 degrees. I wore a light jacket to work the other day. I’m trying not to get in over my head and start digging out bikinis because it’s still for sure January and you know actual factual Spring is still a long ways off. But I’ll take it.

I Am Thinking: about all the things. About hopes for upcoming vacations, about laundry I should be folding but am not folding because *yawn*, about what to make the kids for lunch and whether to go pick up some groceries or put it off until tomorrow. I’m thinking about the projects I need to work on and the things that need to be cleaned, about the various interactions at work yesterday and the things I will need to do this week. All the things.

I Am Reading: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan at night before bed. I love his sense of humor and a funny book all about parenting is right up my alley, really. I think celeb memoirs written by comics might be my new favorite genre. I also really appreciate the short short chapters style because I feel more accomplished when I bust through 5 chapters or more in a night even if that only means like 15 pages or so. It’s much more satisfying than barely making it through one chapter of a meatier book. Also I think I tend to end up reading more this way because “just one more chapter” isn’t a big commitment.

I Just Watched: Boyhood which just won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture among other awards. The hype about Boyhood is that it was shot on and off over the course of twelve years, showing the story of Mason Jr.’s life from age 6 to 18. This was not a fast paced movie, nor a short one – it was almost 3 hours long. It was a kind of quiet movie that doesn’t have one big plot so much as a long, leisurely foray through all the small and large things that happen as you grow up with a few over arching themes to be sure. My husband watched it on and off while watching The Walking Dead on his phone – he liked what he saw but couldn’t keep interested enough to just sit and watch it. I actually really liked it, but I can understand not being in the mood to take on a movie like that. You definitely need to go in with patience and an avid interest in the movie and its characters. I thought the cast did an excellent job and I’m still just fascinated that the whole cast took twelve years together to create this and finished.

I Am Hearing: children digging noisily through a box of LEGOS, looking for just the right piece and chattering with each other about the things they are going to create. #bliss

Weekend Wrap Up: This weekend my husband took apart part of my dash board and replaced some of the lights which had burnt out on most of the buttons. He took the lights to Auto Zone and was told “Oh the only place you’ll be able to find those is from the dealer” so instead of doing that we went to Radio Shack (amazingly still in business) and bought and sautered and wired and created his own using electrical engineering, sorcery and gumption. The end result: more lights! Yay! This weekend also involved working, shopping, not getting a new car stereo, strength training, being in pain from strength training, strength training some more and a bottle of wine.

Plans For The Week: Parent teacher conferences at 1, working a bunch and Team Trivia on Wednesday night. MM is finishing up his Pinewood Derby car for the race on Saturday and Emily has a field trip at the Children’s Museum on Thursday.

Picture Thoughts: 


The cold never bothered her anyway.

Link Love 2015: Volume Two


I’m gonna try doing the wordy thing today where I add a bit of narrative to my weekend links. You know I don’t want you to feel like everything is changing and your beloved weekend link love post is not the veritable copy and paste deal it usually resembles so insert your own witty statement here about how crazy the weather is (mild 20-30’s – whaaat?) and how ridonkulously busy I am cause like life, motherhood, work, it’s hard guys. Still true.

I made these slow cooker taco chicken bowls yesterday and it came out deeeelicious. I love when a slow cooker literally saves the day on those busy “but when the heck am I supposed to cook??” kind of days and it actually tastes good, too. Bonus points: It was pretty darn quick to throw together that morning, too.

My local Starbucks Barista (love her) made me a cinnamon dolce steamer yesterday when I said “I kinda want to try a steamer but I have no idea what to order.” I’m still craving more. I’ve tried making steamers at home and have had less than exciting results. I might try this recipe I found online to make your own cinnamon dolce syrup (it’s actually a recipe for the latte, but you can just skip the espresso and bam you’ve got a steamer).

Everyone is talking about how you can now mail your enemies glitter. This is quite possibly one of the meanest things I can imagine. Not exactly painful but not exactly not painful. Tell your hubbies they’d better not forget your anniversary this year.

I hate to be that person who talks about Valentine’s Day too early but Mommy Shorts did share four really cute reasonably easy ideas for Heart Day Treats that are worth checking out. Or we can get all 1987 this Valentines Day and buy the preboxed packages of Valentines (with no crafty additions – who’s with me???) and supermarket cookies that we eat three weeks before Valentines Day and accidentally forget to share with the kids.

Lastly I leave you with this picture from the Porch Sitting Union of America that keeps making me giggle.