6 Things I Learned in September.


I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that today is the last day of September. This month flew by in a flurry storm of new and exciting mixed with the same old same old. To celebrate the end of another month, I’m linking up with Emily @ chatting with the sky to share things I learned over the last month. Wanna play along? Just share things you learned this month, silly or serious and link up with Emily.

  1. This month my youngest started kindergarten and I started a new job. It is my first time working in eight years and you can imagine I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned more than I think I ever imagined about the world of optical sales (which I’m not going to write about because I assume it would bore the pants off you) and a lot about myself as I embrace this new journey. I’ve learned that when I find myself outside of my comfort zone, it’s easy to want to throw in the towel and run back to a more familiar world but I decided that challenging myself to learn something new that seems daunting is important and every day on the job gets a little easier and little less scary. I learned that I’m not immediately good at everything but that that’s okay.
  2. I’ve relearned again that I can quell my nerves and anxiety some by just talking through the issue. Say it out loud and the problem gets smaller.
  3. I learned that my daughter is capable of much more than I give her credit for. Kindergarten has been all about learning to be more self sufficient and it’s been hard to step back and let her do things on her own – but so rewarding to see what’s she’s made of! BB has had a great first month of kindergarten and is learning a lot! And her hand writing is quickly becoming neater than her brother’s!
  4. I’ve learned that my son is crazy smart and has a huge imagination. Sometimes he talks for hours about things like “What if you could see sound waves?” or “What if airplane windows had smart screens so you could play crossword puzzles on them or draw pictures?”
  5. I learned to be careful what you wish for! It seems like just yesterday I was complaining that my 2nd grader wasn’t being challenged enough and should have more homework - wait, did I seriously say that? Yep I did. This year my 3rd grader has so much homework some nights that he has to stay up late to finish it all. We’ve learned a lot of methods to help keep him organized and I’ve learned to let go of my expectations of how my afternoons are going to look and accept that it will be different every day.
  6. I learned from taking this quiz that I can read an average of 22 books a year if I read 30 minutes a night. And that when I’m reading a book I don’t enjoy very much that I can spend 30 minutes playing Diamond Digger Saga or some other dumb Facebook game instead.

What did you learn this month?

Weekend Link Love: September 26, 2014

link love

The kids have no school today! I’ve got big plans to take them out for lunch and ice cream, then burn off all that sugar at the playground with friends. While we enjoy a long weekend of beautiful early autumn weather, here are some great things I’ve read or seen online recently.

Links I’m Loving

Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas wants to know: Why do we still love Jane Austen?

Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy wants you to practice saying these five words out loud.

Amber at Illustrated with Crappy Pictures has the same problem with cleaning the bathroom that I do. Anyone else?

NBC is going to re-air classic Saturday Night Live episodes starting this Saturday before this season’s premier. EW is celebrating by sharing their favorite sketch from each season – no easy task! What’s your favorite sketch?

We’ve all heard and become enamored with Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. Check out this jazzy cover by Kate Davis and Postmodern Jukebox:

Have a great weekend!

Ingredients for a Perfect Tea Party


BB got quite the surprise last week when my aunt sent her a gorgeous tea party set complete with a pretty floral tablecloth. Call it a belated birthday present if you must, but for us it was just the best Wednesday ever. We got to work immediately setting up a perfect tea party.

Want to have your own perfect tea party? Here’s what you need:


A Hostess Who’s the Mostest: All tea parties need a gracious host to make sure everyone is seated comfortably and enjoys the perfect cup of tea. BB made sure that each tea cup had the perfect mixture of tea, chocolate and white milk mixed together, sugar (1 scoop or 2) and maybe more tea just to be safe. Make sure to stir!


A Great Guest List: No tea party is complete without wonderful friends. Tell your guests to put on their favorite dress (whether they are IRL friends or Stuffed Lovies) and be ready to have fun! Shoes are optional.


A Tea Set: Of course you’ll need a tea set to serve your guests with. If your aunt didn’t just give you a beautiful pink set with gorgeous leaf coasters, any tea pot and cups will do the trick. Use your favorite tea cups to make it extra special!


Final step: Enjoy! Make sure you take the time to enjoy a delicious cup of tea – the hostess is part of the party, too!

Weekend Link Love: September 19th

weekend link love

It’s starting to feel like autumn outside. Our mornings have been cooler and sweatshirts are becoming a common layering device most mornings. It seems crazy that a few weeks ago it was crazy hot and now I’m turning the house upside down looking for gloves for the kids – but I guess that’s how it goes. While I look for mittens and winter hats, here are some cool things I found online this week – some things to read and some great images found on Facebook this week.

Three Things To Read:

The Future of the Future of Books at Buzzfeed

How Long It Takes to Read the World’s Most Popular Books at Shortlist.com

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Three Things To See:





Have a great weekend!