What’s Saving My Life Right Now.


Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy wrote about how this time of the year can be the hardest for many people, especially February. We’re all knee deep in Winter and Christmas is far behind us – and Spring so far ahead. Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight. So for the second year in a row she is sharing a list of the things saving her life right now in the throes of these dark days – and asking us to do the same.

I’ve been journaling some of the bright moments to my days – the lifesavers that keep this engine going even when it would rather stay in the shed. Here are the things which made it to my list:

  • I finally let myself get a new coffee maker once I had enough Amazon points to justify my purchase and, you guys, it’s the stuff of dreams. I got the Nespresso Inissa with the Aeroccino when it was on sale and it’s kind of like a coffee shop moved into my kitchen.
  • A husband who talks my anxiety back down the walls when it starts climbing over random sad news stories or the notion of my soon to be ten year old baby going to sleep away camp by himself this summer. Wah!
  • After getting slightly irritated with our 1 DVD at a time Netflix plan which we’ve been using to veeeerrrrry slowly binge watch Game of Thrones with friends (would it kill them to put more than two episdoes on a disc?), we jumped at a three month free upgrade to HBO and downloaded HBO Go so that we now have access to all five seasons immediately anytime we want to binge. That coffee maker is going to come in handy now!
  • Claritin D – which makes me human again when my regular allergy pills don’t quite take me there. Claritin D = saving my life right now. Brought to you by my smelly dog.
  • The life savers of winter: a handy husband who wakes up early to shovel me out of our driveaway; the snow tires and traction control which allow me to get back up my driveway when I get home. Parking on a hill is serious business, y’all. Honorable mentions to: rock salt for melting the bottom of my driveway and the spray bottle of deicing windshield wiper fluid that I squirt on my windows many mornings to clear my windows of frost at lightning fast speeds. Just don’t use it on the SERIOUSLY cold mornings or it will freeze instantly and leave you with a bigger mess to clean.
  • My dog who is crazy and slightly loses his mind over doorbells and mailmen and rouge squirrels, will willingly run into the basement if someone rings the doorbell unexpectedly which allows me to answer the door without trying to hold back a 75 lb barking idiot or try to chase him around the house. I’ll take what I can get with that one.
  • Girls Night Out! Good friends who laugh at my jokes and commiserate over the tough times and share their tough times and jokes with me as well. They let me be a person instead of just a mother. Love them.
  • My bullet journal which has become a source of relaxation in journaling, a second reminder that seems brilliantly effective in me getting the things done that somehow slip through the cracks without it, and an excellent resource in remembering the funny, sweet, memorable, important moments that I want to share with all of you.

What’s saving your life right now?

-edit- I just thought about the heated mattress pad that my husband got me for my birthday in December and felt I’d be remiss not to include it on this list. Not climbing into a freezing cold bed at night has been a godsend and because it’s dual zone – he doesn’t have to deal with sweating all night to keep me from freezing. Score!

9 Things I Learned in January


I started Bullet  Journaling again this year after reading this post at The Lazy Genius (possibly the longest post she’s ever written) and this time around I find I’m actually picking it up almost every day to write in it – one of perks to this new trend is that I’ve written down notes on thing that I found interesting  throughout the day and this means that I have actual stuff to write about for the Things I Learned link up hosted by the lovely Emily P. Freeman.

  1. I learned that there are people out there who genuinely actually believe that the world is flat and that there is a giant clear impenetrable dome covering the world which has prevented us from actually going into space which for some reason led to us faking all accounts of space exploration.
  2. I learned that if you show up at Olive Garden with a reservation for four and a fifth person joins your party at the last moment – that the servers won’t even bat an eyelash and will just pull up a fifth chair like it ain’t no thang. My husband says this is because – science – rectangular table = easy solution. Also more money for them.
  3. I learned that Rutherford B. Hayes was a total  hottie. Ditto to James Garfield and Richard Nixon.
  4. I learned that a Buick Encore probably won’t be my next vehicle. Despite loving the height advantage and the satellite radio and backup camera, the SUV felt smaller and tinier in just about every way compared to my Le Sabre. I want my next vehicle to be smaller in length, but that’s about it. Taller – good leg room and shoulder room, decent trunk. These things are non-negotiable. But it sure was pretty (I had a rental car this month while the service department repaired my parking brake).
  5. I learned that my children are competitive at least with each other and that you can use this fact to accomplish the impossible. This month my husband invented the Adventurous Eaters Club – one night a month, in theory, we’re going to go to a restaurant that is either new to the kids or serves a cuisine they aren’t typically game for. Whoever tries the most new foods without complaint gets to pick dessert. We gave this idea a trial run at PF Changs and my children (the world’s pickiest eaters) tried white rice, lo mein noodles, crispy honey chicken, mongolian beef, egg  drop soup and crab rangoons – and pretty much liked everything. It’s a small victory perhaps but it feels monumental. We’ve carried the concept into more meals since then and even if they don’t love it all, they are suddenly motivated to try. Huzzah!
  6. mayflowerI learned that the state flower of Massachusetts is actually the mayflower – because that is a real plant and Massachusetts is super sentimental. Digging up a mayflower in Massachusetts is punishable with a $50 fine.
  7. I learned that nail art pens are not as easy as they look and that my daughter is very forgiving of my sloppy attempts at painting her nails. I also learned that my husband is awesome at painting nails which should be unsurprising as he has steady hands that make him great at woodworking, knitting, working with tiny electrical device innards and anything else Dan has decided to be good at that day. My husband might be a cyborg. But I read The Lunar Chronicles, so I’m okay with that.
  8. At Team Trivia this month I learned that on the television show, Married with Children, the Bundy family name was apparently inspired by a professional wrestler. I’m guessing it was King Kong Bundy who even had a couple guest appearances on the show, but the host at Team Trivia didn’t specify.
  9. I also learned at Team Trivia this month that President Woodrow Wilson disliked automobiles and considered them a symbol of the arrogance of wealth. Haters gonna walk.

What did you learn this month?

What kind of car do you drive? Is there room in the front seat for you and your sig. other and maybe an elbow or two?

Which of the former presidents (or the current one if that’s your cup of tea) would you like to go back in time and grab a drink with? What are you drinking?

Where should I take my kids to eat next now that I can trick them into eating new foods?


Daybook: 01.25.2016

Outside My Window: It’s another cold Monday in January, though admittedly not as cold as it has been on other January mornings. ::knock on wood::

I Am Thinking: about the laundry I need to fold and pretending to be blissfully ignorant. I’m researching Girl Scout troops in the area because BB asked me at the Pinewood Derby yesterday why she couldn’t be a cub scout, too. Or ‘scubscout’ as she still sometimes calls it. In my imagination. Because I still think she’s four sometimes. On the one hand, I don’t know how our schedule could possibly withstand me adding anything to it. On the other hand. Cookies. Also, she’s totally at that age where I’d like to get her involved in something and she’s been waiting patiently. MM will be in the Arrow of Light den next year which means it will be his last year of Cub Scouts – I’m not sure if he’s planning to continue onto Boy Scouts or not but it’s feeling like the end of an era. Perfect time to start a new one, right?

I Just Watched: The Martian last night with the hubby. I’d been planning to read the book first but I got impatient and when I suggested renting it, he jumped at the opportunity. He loved the book and had a great time letting me know what things stayed true to the book and what was better or worse and which actors were perfectly cast. He says Kristin Wiig was a perfect casting choice for her character. We both loved the movie and now I really want to read the book.

We also started Season Four of Game of Thrones this weekend and we were starting to feel the burn of waiting for each disc to slowly make it’s way to us via netflix DVD and somehow ended up signing up for a three month free trial subscription to HBO so that we could get the HBO Go app and have access to all five seasons so that we can binge more efficiently. Or something. Game of Thrones may bring out the worst in us. It is known. To help justify the eventual cost, we cancelled our netflix DVD plan again and we’ll probably cut something else out as well so the guilt doesn’t eat me alive.

24384702I Am Reading: The Royal We by Heather Cocks which is living up to it’s hype of being surprisingly well written and fleshed out despite it’s super dorky premise of being, seriously, pretty much Kate Middleton fanfiction if you will. It’s a massive book and a little bit of an undertaking but also quite bingeable so I’m making steady progress when I have time to sit down with it. I’m about 60% of the way through. I’ve also been perusing The Martian by Andy Weir and have serious plans to stop being a giant baby and cracking into Winter by Marissa Meyer already even though the twelve year old in me is pouting about now wanting the story to end yet.

I Am Hearing: Nothing. Blissful silence. This means the kids are at school, the dog is sleeping peacefully next to me and the dishwasher is in between loads. Which probably means I need to do the dishes. Shhhh….

Weekend Wrap Up: Watched Dogma with the husband and friends also. Forgot to mention that up there ^. Somehow none of those heathens had seen it and I had to rectify the situation. As I mentioned, it was also the Pinewood Derby yesterday. Both of the kids entered cars. No award winners in our household this year, but they had a blast and I enjoyed not volunteering the event for a change so I could just sit with my family and enjoy the event.

We also drank copious amounts of coffee (new coffee maker so we’re all experimental right now, trying new coffee flavors) and ate our weight in cheesecake because The Cheesecake Factory just opened up a location in our town which is dangerous, dangerous news. Luckily they are insanely crowded and for sure overpriced, so we can only do so much damage so often.

Plans For The Week: My book club is discussing Bellweather Rhapsody on Wednesday. I liked the book a lot, especially the further into it I read. The first couple of chapters took awhile to grab me but once the mystery truly unfolded I was in.

Picture Thoughts: A snapshot from the weekend…


More to come soon!