One Step Forward, and Then Another…

Went to the mall with DH and MLM to get daddy’s new camera (the Nikon D40 he’s been lusting over for almost a year now). It took long enough, but we finally saved up enough money to buy him the camera of his dreams and he is in hog heaven, so to speak.

We also got new glasses. We had gone to Lenscrafters yesterday, got our eye’s examined and found we both needed a new prescription, but when they quoted us over $300 each for lenses alone, we decided to take out business elsewhere. And a good thing, too, because at the mall today we found a store selling glasses for $99 (frames AND lenses) – um, hello. So, yeah, I won’t bore you with all those details about picking out a new style and getting used to my new prescription, but just say that Lenscrafters is an overly expensive jerk face and I may never go there AGAIN. And you shouldn’t either. 🙂

This mall, btw, that we went to today is our new favorite mall in the world. Their bathrooms are comparable to what I’d picture in the lobby of the most expensive hotel in the world (with nursing rooms and several places to change your baby’s diaper, that feel cozier and cushier than anything you even have at home – they even have training potties! What? And stores and stores galore all seemingly employing the friendliest smartest people ever. I think it may be the miracle mall.
Other exciting moments included glancing at a cute baby across from us at Friendly’s and ogling her ah-mazing place mat. Her mother was kind enough to tell me that she purchased them via the One Step Ahead catalog which I am in the process of signing up for as we speak (type? read?). All in all, it was a good day for parents and toddlers everywhere, and by that I mean, for me, my husband and my son.

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