*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* T13: Thirteen Pieces of ASSvice, Tips and Formulas*

This is Jean @ workingmomma247 – Jen’s favorite Texan. Jen wanted us to share our birth story or parenting advice of how to handle more than 1 small child. I bring you 13 mom of multiple kid survival assvice tips and formulas. You can cry on my shoulder or thank me later – which everContinue reading “*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* T13: Thirteen Pieces of ASSvice, Tips and Formulas*”

love thursday: mother love

I don’t think I understood what love was before him – what it truly meant and how powerful the emotion really was. It can be all consuming and blow you over like a leaf in the wind – but it can also just wash over you like a cool breeze, making all the crazy aroundContinue reading “love thursday: mother love”

Food For Thought

I just watched the latest video at momversation entitled “Are your kids bad eaters?” Talk about food for thought! I swear MM has two different eating personalities, or else something has changed so recently that it still hasn’t sunk in for me yet. It seems like just the other day, I commented gloated that MMContinue reading “Food For Thought”

Homemade Baby Food, Here I Come

I’ve been thinking about homemade baby food for awhile now. We’re planning to nurse for the first year, which will help save some money but what about baby food? It does get kind of expensive and I am home all day – but how do you go about it? What foods are good when andContinue reading “Homemade Baby Food, Here I Come”

The Things I Want To Teach Her

Apparently I’m having a baby. I mean, I know I’m having a baby but you know sometimes it just sort of occurs to you like you maybe hadn’t really really realized it before? That comes in waves for me, this understanding that in a couple months I will be a mother of two. That I’llContinue reading “The Things I Want To Teach Her”

What Kind Of Parent Are You?

Can you tell I’ve been missing you guys like crazy? Just wanted to post my results from this cute parenting quiz at T Mobile’s website which I saw at Karen‘s blog while trying to weed through my google reader. It’s seriously geared towards teenagers so I kind of had to guess at what my responsesContinue reading “What Kind Of Parent Are You?”

Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 4th

Outside My Window: It’s been nice and cool and cloudy. The heat wave seems to be over and I’m content as I can still get by with my summer-ish wardrobe and maybe a light sweater. We’ve had a bit of rain but nothing remarkable. I am hearing: Curious George on tv – we’re headed toContinue reading “Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 4th”

There Really Should Be A Separate Rating System For That

Since becoming a parent a little less than three years ago (and maybe during that pregnancy) I’ve had a problem with movies and tv shows where children or parents die. This can be a problem if you consider that on some level all people are either the child or parent of someone – but IContinue reading “There Really Should Be A Separate Rating System For That”

Aloha Friday: Pick A Name, Any Name

It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blog land anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for youContinue reading “Aloha Friday: Pick A Name, Any Name”